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Acca-x Online Courses – The ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA) is a course for those who want to pursue a career in the accounting and finance profession as well as graduates who want to pursue a career in the field of accountancy by obtaining a qualification awarded by ACCA, globally. recognized professional accounting bodies.

The ACCA FIA course covers a number of subjects that form the core competencies required to achieve professional qualifications in this industry. It has been specifically designed so that students can earn multiple diplomas and certificates as they progress and complete the required exams as listed below:-

Acca-x Online Courses

Acca-x Online Courses

* In addition to developing strong technical and leadership skills, we believe that it is important for future professionals to understand what it means to behave professionally and ethically in the workplace. Therefore, we have included an online module on professional skills and ethics that must be completed as part of this qualification.

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ACCA FIA is the fastest and most efficient route to the globally recognized world-class ACCA Qualification, designed for SPM graduates.

ACCA FIA graduates progressing to the ACCA qualification are granted an exemption from the Applied Knowledge Module (3 papers) and thus start directly at the Applied Skills level (6 papers).

A rewarding career as a Financial Professional can be yours. Find out how you can save on tuition.

Scholarship options are available from leading institutions of learning. View the terms and conditions to see if you qualify, and find out more about ACCA’s partnership with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), one of Malaysia’s leading public universities.

Acca Vs Accounting Degree: Which Should You Take?

Question? Leave a message and we will try to find out everything you want to know about ACCA FIA. 2 Contents Become a bigger part 1 ACCA-X and partners 2 Our courses 5 Introduction to Finance and 6 Intermediate Financial Management Accounting and 7 Diploma in Management Accounting 8 and Accounting Business Course Business 9 Management Accounting 10 Financial Accounting 11 More information 12

3 Being part of something bigger ACCA-X is a diverse online learning program designed to support learning anywhere interested in accounting and business. Innovative, high-quality digital learning designed for you, whatever your learning style. Free and affordable courses, prepare you for work and exams. Flexible learning that fits your lifestyle is available anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices. Relevant courses to help you achieve your career goals. Go ahead with the skills that make you stand out. What we offer Study 24/7 Interactive content Online tutoring support Online community Tests and quizzes Downloadable content Live tutoring sessions every week Tailored learning for your life Practice questions, videos and graphics Keep you on track Learn from your peers Check your progress Learn offline Expert tutors to help you 1

4 ACCA-X and its partner ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. We aim to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications for people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. Founded in 1904, ACCA remains committed to its core values ​​of opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability. We believe that accountants bring value to the economy at all levels of school development. We aim to develop capacity in the profession and encourage the adoption of consistent global standards. Our values ​​are aligned with the needs of entrepreneurs in all sectors and we ensure that, through our qualifications, we prepare accountants for business. We work to open the profession to people from all backgrounds and remove barriers to entry, ensuring that our qualifications and delivery meet the diverse needs of trainee professionals and employers. Today, we support 178,000 members and 455,000 students in 180 countries, helping them to develop a successful career in accounting and business, with the skills needed by employers. We work with a network of 92 offices and centers and more than 8,500 Approved Employers worldwide, which provide high standards of learning and employee development. Through our public interest posts, we promote appropriate accounting regulation and conduct appropriate research to ensure accounting continues to grow in reputation and influence. 2

Acca-x Online Courses

5 edx is a non-profit open source company that offers online courses from more than 60 member institutions, consisting of global universities and colleges and various groups of important organizations from around the world. Founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, edx is focused on transforming online and on-campus learning through breakthrough methodologies, game-like experiences and cutting-edge research on an open-source platform. Based in Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA, edx focuses on people, not profits. Founded in 2005 as a spin-off from Imperial College London, Epigeum is a leading publisher of online programs designed to support universities in transforming their core activities of teaching, learning and research. Epigeum courses are developed through a global collaboration of experts and partner universities and are shared by subscription – ensuring that high-quality, innovative, peer-reviewed courses are affordable for all. Epigeum courses are used by 250 universities in 28 countries, including 95% of the Russell group and 33 of the top 100 global universities in the QS word ranking, which have partnered with Epigeum to develop world-class online programs. 3

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7 Our courses Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting FA1 / MA1 New to accounting? Start here Financial Accounting and Intermediate Management FA2 / MA2 Have basic knowledge of accounting, business and finance? Start here Diploma in Accounting and Business Courses: Business Accountant FAB / F1 Financial Accounting FFA / F3 Management Accounting FMA / F2 Have a basic understanding of accounting, business and finance and ready to start training for a professional qualification? Start here 5

8 Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting FA1 MA1 About this course Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting is an ideal starting point for future business leaders, accountants and entrepreneurs. You do not need any prior accounting knowledge. Just sign in and start your journey. What you will learn Business transactions, banking systems and double entry bookkeeping Payroll and ledger accounts Reconciliation and preparation of trial balances Nature and purpose of cost accounting and management How to record and classify costs How to use spreadsheets. Entry requirements None – this is an introductory course. 6

9 Financial Accounting and Intermediate Management FA2 MA2 About this course Financial Accounting and Intermediate Management is part of a program designed for anyone just starting their accounting journey. If you have basic knowledge of accounting, business and finance, this is definitely for you. What you will learn Widely accepted accounting principles and concepts How to prepare trial balances, journals and ledger accounts Reconciliation of control accounts and cash books The role of costs and cost classification How to use management accounting to support decision making. Entry requirements There are no entry requirements but a basic knowledge of accounting and business is strongly recommended. If you don’t have one, the Introductory course might be a better starting point. 7

10 Diploma in Accounting and Business Courses You can take the following courses on your own or complete all three to prepare for the Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA, the global body for professional accountants. Entry requirements There are no entry requirements for the course but if you do not have basic knowledge of accounting, business and finance, we recommend taking the free Financial Accounting and Intermediary Management course. 8

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11 Business Accountant FAB / F1 About this course If you want to understand how businesses operate effectively, efficiently and ethically, and the critical role that finance professionals play in this, then this is the course for you. What you will learn When completing this course, you will know: the purpose and type of business and more about how the external environment affects the structure of business organizations, the functions and roles of corporate governance how accounting and auditing support financial management and effective communication leadership. and how people are developed in what business makes a high performance team an important role of professional accountants. Completion of this course will also prepare you for the ACCA Business Accountant (F1/FAB) exam, one of the three exams required to obtain the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business. 9

12 Management Accounting FMA / F2 About this course Learn management accounting techniques to help you support your business in planning, controlling and monitoring performance. What you will learn When completing this course, you will know: how organizations finance their operations how to plan and control cash flow how to make the best use of working capital the principles of making capital investment decisions the nature, sources and purposes of management information. budget techniques cost accounting for planning and control comparisons and variance analysis performance measurement and monitoring business performance. Completion of this course will also prepare you for the ACCA Management Accounting (F2/FMA) exam, one of three required exams

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