Classroom Management

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Classroom Management – In my first year of teaching, I quickly realized that I couldn’t teach any curriculum without taking control of my classroom. Classroom management is the key to a successful school year! It seems that every year I change my strategies for classroom management. What works one year won’t work next year. But in the meantime, I’ve learned that classroom management doesn’t have to be complicated. Actually, I think it should be the other way around. It needs to be something simple enough to stick with but also motivating enough for your students to stick with it.

I also think it’s very important to set high, reasonable expectations for students! If you keep it consistent, students will meet expectations.

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Now of course throughout the year you will need to implement new classroom management strategies and tricks to motivate your students. These times include Fall break, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring break, quizzes, full moon, not full moon, rainy weather, sunny weather… basically ANY time during the year. It’s the only way. Today, I’m going to share with you how I set expectations for my students and some of my favorite strategies for classroom management!

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3 of a Kind is my favorite strategy for classroom management! ! 3 of a Kind is a fun way to encourage positive behavior for the whole class! My students loved it.

That’s how it works! As students exhibit positive behavior, I have a student flip the rewards card. When the class gets 3 of a kind, they are rewarded with the prize shown!

I usually choose a student I see showing an expectation of turning a card. You can also have students get 2, 4, 5 or 6 of the same type. I put the cards in Target’s clear adhesive pockets for easy flipping! I usually find these neat pockets in the Target dollar section during back to school. Stock up! I promise you will use them for everything!

4 in a Row is a great tool to use when you want your class to focus on certain behaviors. This is one of my favorite strategies to use when classroom management is back from a hiatus or when I realize that some behavior really needs some improvement.

Classroom Management And Lesson Planning

First, I find a wall cavity where I can place the clear adhesive pockets. Again during the back to school period, I bought mine from Target. You can easily use this with a pocket chart too!

I choose 3-4 class behaviors and place them at the bottom to focus. I’ve found that if I select more than 4 behaviors, it’s not that effective. Then I place the stars face down in the remaining pockets. When I see the class exhibit one of the behaviors, I recognize the class and turn over a star card. I start from the bottom and work all the way home.

When we get 4 in a row for an act, I reward the class with a small reward like 5 extra minutes of recess or tech time. You can wait until you have 4 of all behaviors in a row to reward your class. It’s totally up to you! You can buy 4 in a row from my TpT store HERE.

Classroom Management

This is one of the classroom management strategies I found when we were more than ready for a change! It was just before the break and I needed something to keep my students on track. We are AMAZING is a classroom management tool that focuses on the positive choices students make.

Strategies For Classroom Management

My students are having so much fun finding their way through the maze! When my students show a positive choice, they choose a card to flip. they start

On (indicating that they went the wrong way). When my students find their way through the maze, a reward of your choice is given! This classroom management tool will not only recognize positive choices, it will also encourage critical thinking! This is a WIN-WIN! You can find the board We are AMAZING HERE.

This is one of the classroom management strategies I’ve been using all year! My students love it and never seem to get tired of it. These classroom expectation posters are a great tool to use with your positive classroom management plan. The posters relate to my classroom’s three expectations: Be Kind, Respect Others, and Work Hard. You can hang these posters in your classroom as a reminder to your students. You can find the posters for FREE HERE! I place clear pockets under the posters. I found these pockets in the Target dollar section during back to school, but I also found similar ones HERE on Amazon. In my class, when students show an expectation, they win a ticket and put it in the corresponding pocket. For example, if I see a student focused on classwork, I give him a ticket and tell him to put it in his “study hard” pocket.

At the weekend I have a prize draw for every prospect. I buy the tickets after the prize draw and we start again the next week. All tickets are added to my students’ total. At the end of the semester, our school celebrates the students who have won 100 tickets. This is a BIG deal!

Classroom Management: 4 Keys To Starting The Year Off Right

At the beginning of the year, we exceed these expectations by a ton! We created a table for each expectation that shows the ways we can show the expectation. For example, we can be polite by complimenting others. We write and illustrate ways to demonstrate these expectations in a booklet we have put together. You can reach the expectations screen and booklet HERE.

In addition to our three main classroom expectations, we have additional expectations for all areas in our classroom. At the beginning of the year, we create circle maps for our other expectations. We create circle maps for arrival, meeting time, literacy workshop, math workshop, lunch, hallway, checkout…for almost EVERYTHING! It is very important to exceed these expectations at the beginning of the year. I will never forget the time I forgot to make one with my classroom for the hallway. It wasn’t very pleasant to go out in the hallway for the first time. As soon as we get back to class, you can guess what we did 🙂

I keep these posters because we have to go back a few times and reread our expectations. Circle maps can be found for free HERE!

Classroom Management

Yes, we expect more! I have high expectations..especially for the materials I bought. As teachers, we are constantly buying things for our classrooms and I want them to last a long time. To be permanent, students must respect the materials. That’s why we spend time talking about our expectations from math and literacy manipulatives and materials.

Keys To Successful Classroom Management In Kindergarten

Throughout the year, especially at the beginning, I give my students time to play with our manipulatives. We talk about why we love them and what we hope to use them for.

In our mini-lessons, I give my students time to turn around and talk to a partner. This gives students time to process their thoughts, share ideas, develop a better understanding, and deepen their understanding. After my students talk to their spouses, we share our ideas and thoughts with the rest of the class. I teach my students to turn around and speak at the beginning of the year.

I use these resources to set turn-and-speak expectations and to help students understand why we turn around and speak. You can find Turn and Talk Prospects HERE.

Many times during the week my students work with a partner or in a small group. The truth is, I thought students knew how to communicate and work with a partner or a small group. The truth is, most of my students didn’t. This is one of the classroom management strategies I realized I should add to my start of the year routine.

Classroom Management Tips For An Amazing School Year!

I realized that I needed to teach my students how to work with a partner or in a small group. At the beginning of the year, we spend a lot of time reviewing our collaborative learning prospects. I did this using the abbreviations “GROUPS” and “PARTNERS”. Together we prepared posters, prepared student handouts and practiced discussion cards.

This is another one of the classroom management strategies that should be done at the beginning of the year. How many times a day do your students come to you arguing with a friend? I have a lot! Conflicts are usually short-lived and can resolve on their own.

First, I introduce bookmarks to my class. We discuss when and why bookmarks might need to be used. Thank you MODEL then! MODEL! MODEL! We model how to use these bookmarks with friends. Finally, I place the bookmarks

Classroom Management

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