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Course Online Indonesia – Are you interested in expanding your knowledge and exploring the beauty of Indonesian nature, culture and heritage? Join the Telkom University Short Course Program!

Telkom University offers courses for both Indonesian and international students to enhance their academic and non-academic experience. Each program lasts 10 (ten) days. You will work in a small interactive group with other international students. Aside from your academics, you will experience Indonesian culture and participate in social events. During the program, you will get to know Bandung, the capital of Asia Africa and visit cities in Indonesia apart from the program.

Course Online Indonesia

Course Online Indonesia

During the program, you can participate in activities that will give you a lifetime experience such as playing the “Angklung” (a traditional musical instrument),

P.t. Nikon Indonesia

The Leadership Program engages in encouraging youth to focus on developing their personal leadership through awakening and joyful activities. Students will encounter a series of challenges to develop their confidence and ability particularly in strategy and problem solving. Students will immerse themselves with the team and advance their leadership all at once. An opportunity for personal story sharing will be provided to provide strategic insight and empowerment to students. Students will also learn more about local community service and the city of Bandung as the capital of Asia Africa.

The Textiles and Crafts Program in Indonesia is an educational program for the study of Indonesian textiles within several techniques such as Waving, Marbling and Silk Dyed. At a glance, students will be introduced to Indonesian culture and Batik as a world-famous traditional Indonesian textile. Learning includes classroom theory and workshops. The workshops encourage students to express themselves in their own creativity.

A challenge for students to create an innovative and useful invention for a community in a rural area of ​​Indonesia.

Community Service Engineering is a creative educational design that involves challenging students to create an innovative and useful invention for a community in a rural area of ​​Indonesia. This is an annual program since 2014 dedicated to a local community in a remote area.

International Online Summer Course Disability And Lifespan Development: Indonesia And Global Perspective

In the program, students will gather with Telkom University students as the Community Service Engineering Team of the Year and then be divided into smaller groups. Each group will take on the challenge of visiting a place in the city center to immerse themselves with the local population and discover their problems. Based on their discovery, students will solve a local problem by taking a new idea into product design through to making the product, including writing the product description. As a result, each group will present and demonstrate their innovative product to the local community. In addition, students will also seize the opportunity to explore the capital of Asia-Africa, the city of Bandung.

The program is designed for students to develop their engineering skills especially in Robots, 3D Animatn and Games applicatn. During the program, students will be paired with Telkom University students. In the robotics class, students get the opportunity to control the robot with their own logic and make the robot race among all participants in the program. Another challenge will be creating a 3D animation and game application. It may seem so hard or difficult at first, but once you get in, it will be easy, exciting and fun.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to mingle with Telkom University students and gain a better understanding of Indonesia, its people, culture, view and cuisine.

Course Online Indonesia

In the program, students will design their own Wayang character by combining Indonesian culture (Wayang) with technology and design.

Buku Massive Open Online Course (mooc), Sebuah Tren Pendidikan Masa Depan

Wayang (krama Javanese: Ringit “Shadow”), also known as Wayang, is a puppet theater art form found in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. In a dramatic story, Wayang tells through the shadows cast by puppets and sometimes combined with human characters. The art form celebrates Indonesian culture and artistic talent; its origin is traced to the spread of Hinduism in the medieval era and the arrival of leather-based puppet arts called ‘Tholu bommalata’ from south India.

Wayang refers to the entire dramatic show. Sometimes the leather doll itself is called Wayang. Shadow puppet theater performances are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra in Java and a traditional weang in Bali. Dramatic stories depict mythologies, such as episodes from the Hindu epics Ramayana, Mahabharata, as well as local adaptations of cultural legends. Traditionally, an artist and spiritual leader called Dalang plays the wayang in a ritualized show from midnight to dawn; people watch the show from both sides of the screen.

UNESCO declared wayang kulit, shadow puppet theater and the most famous of Indonesian wayang, as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 7, 2003. In exchange for recognition, UNESCO asked Indonesians to preserve their heritage.

The main concept of the course is to combine Indonesian culture (wayang) with technology and design. Students will learn about Indonesian culture especially wayang and design their own wayang character, the design they made will be transferred into digital vector (computerized) and made by laser cutting method.

Our Online Summer Course Is Back! Come And Join Us!

A wonderful chance to discover how to use Batik design software and apply it to make your own Batik fabric through the traditional process.

Learn how to use Jbatik software to create batik designs and apply it to make your own batik fabric through the traditional process, well known as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Two main subjects are taught: Batik Basics and Batik Fractal.

An introductory course that introduces students to the history of Batik and its practices in Indonesia. Students will explore the design and production methods required to create batik fabric in both traditional and contemporary ways. In this course students will learn the history and background of batik in Indonesia and other culture that influence the practice and design as a theoretical foundation before starting to work on their batik design.

Course Online Indonesia

Jbatik is a software created by Piksel Indonesia to help designers create batik designs, traditional or contemporary using a fractal formula. Batik and fractal are two different concepts. Batik is in the realm of art, while the fractal concept that discusses repetition and self-similarity. However, batik and fractal merge into a concept in a new kind of batik: Batik Fractal. In Batik Fractal, fractal is used to design and redesign new patterns using Jbatik. The presence of fractal in Batik allows inspirations to create new pattern designs based on traditional patterns and fractal formulas (Hariadi, Lukman, & Destiarmand, 2013).

Online Course Batch Xviii Di Inbio Indonesia (dapatkan Materi, Modul, E Sertifikat, Dan Rekaman Video)

Experience the fusion of tradition and technology in the design process to create your own batik fabric and wear the product.

A short course on Muslim scholarship inspired by the interest of many international guests at Telkom University in Islamic culture in Bandung Indonesia. Often, they wanted to visit some mosques with a unique design, discuss Islamic matters with a local religious figure, or experience some trendy Muslim activities. So why not do it all in one short course that anyone can join in 6 days? The Muslim Scholarship Short Course basically offers you a special and unforgettable experience of the life of a Muslim in Bandung. From character building, calligraphy course, social activities, to horse riding and archery.

A great opportunity to learn Bahasa Indonesia first hand and interact with the locals. In addition, outdoor activities to better understand Indonesian culture will be another wonderful experience not to be missed.

Is designed based on the needs of foreign speakers who seek to use Bahasa Indonesia in various business opportunities. To communicate effectively in Bahasa Indonesia, especially in business sectors, we will provide vocabulary and illustrations based on the relevant social settings.

Asea Uninet Its Surabaya

An exciting opportunity to immerse yourself with the local people while learning and practicing the language with the natives (Bahasa Indonesia for Non-Native Speakers/BIPA). The social culture excursion will become an additional value of the program.

The language programs are suitable for those who would like to learn and gain a better understanding of Bahasa Indonesia, improve students’ conversation with Indonesia, as well as learn Indonesian cultures. The program allows students to receive personalized attention from our experienced instructors to achieve the students’ language proficiency goals.

The fun and interactive learning and practicing of the language, as well as the immersion in social culture excursions will give the additional value of the program.

Course Online Indonesia

This course is designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation, listening and speaking skills. It will also introduce students to English idms and common express. Language programs are suitable for those who would like to improve their language level, especially English.

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