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Educational Technology – Equipping classrooms with digital educational tools and using smart boards does not imply digital pedagogy!

The “Digital Tools in the Context of Digital Teaching: A Panel on Curriculum Design and Content Development” organized by the Coordinating Agency for Educational Technology and Informatics at the Near East University discussed the proper use of technology in education.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology

The more frequent use of digital technologies in our daily lives continues to change lives. One of the most important areas of these transformations is education. The use of contemporary digital technologies in the teaching process is defined as digital pedagogy. Digital pedagogy means creating environments for dialogue and discussion, opportunities for self-reflection for students, and the use of digital tools to create the most appropriate learning experience for target audience, quality, and educational purpose. In short, the fact that classrooms are equipped with digital educational tools and smart whiteboards does not mean that digital teaching methods are implemented by themselves.

Types Of Educational Technology Most Prominent In Nigeria

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Educational Technology and Informatics, Near Eastern University. Prof. Dr. Gülsüm Aşıksoy said that their goal is to openly discuss this issue through organized events, thereby contributing to the correct understanding and application of digital pedagogy. One of the events organized in this context, “Digital Tools in the Context of Digital Teaching: Lesson Design and Content Development Panel”, was also held online. Panel, of which Yıldız Technical University Department of Educational Sciences Lecturer Associate Professor. Prof. Ahmet Başal was present as a speaker, with the active participation of lecturers from Near Eastern University.

In discussing the concept of digital pedagogy, which we have heard so often during the course of the pandemic, the panel discussed the use of contemporary digital technologies in the teaching and learning process, as well as information on which digital tools will be used for which learning experiences and which tools Which student group is suitable.

Emphasizes that equipping classrooms with digital educational tools and using smart boards does not imply implementation of digital pedagogy, Assoc. According to Professor Dr. Ahmet Başal, digital pedagogy can be applied by designing courses according to the digital tools used.

Assoc points out that new educational technology tools are emerging every day. Prof. Dr. Başal said, “When only technology-oriented methods are used in education, it can have many negative pedagogical effects. Technology needs to be combined with appropriate pedagogical methods and used in a teaching-oriented framework rather than a tool. Otherwise, no technological tool, hardware or software, can replace traditional lectures that are given to each other in the classroom. If technology is to be used in any course, its decision must meet many factors, such as the goals and needs of the course, the learning equipment, the school and the students opportunity. If the learning process of a course is going well, unnecessary use of technology will only disrupt the flow of the course and thus the learning process. The world of technology has changed a lot in the past few years. The increasing use of digital media The ubiquity has made it necessary for teachers to employ the latest tools in their work to keep students engaged and entertained. Engaging students requires the creative introduction of novel ideas so that students are excited about the subjects they are learning. Due to the prevalence of educational technology in today’s education industry Importance, technological tools have become essential in the student learning system.

The Five Biggest Education And Training Technology Trends In 2022

Technological advancements over the years have had a major impact on every aspect of human life. Our lives are increasingly technology-centric, so from the youngest member of the family to the oldest who is less tech-savvy, we want every device to be as technologically advanced as possible, including light bulbs. So why should educational institutions be immune to the latest technology?

Hence, schools also use technology as a fundamental part of their educational process. This has led them to offer computer science programs from an early age, where young minds are taught to code and use them in their academics to shape their futures.

The use of online technology in education has become even more important in today’s classroom. This is because it provides a way for students to learn faster than if they were not able to use these tools and programs.

Educational Technology

The variety of educational technology options available today provides students with a variety of options. Among these options, they can choose the one that best suits their educational requirements. As a result, they are able to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their fields. Also, they can get latest and relevant information on any topic. For example, writing a class assignment with reference to a paper published online can get you more points and keep you on track than if you were to flip through a bunch of encyclopedias at home.

Education Technology Presentation Template

Students who can communicate effectively through technology do better than their non-technical peers in the workplace and academia. Communication skills are very important when trying to convey a message clearly.

Learning today requires more than just getting work done. It also needs to be fun to learn. Students are easily distracted. Especially now that social media is so powerful. Learning through the use of educational technology will also keep students engaged and motivated.

Our lives have become so intertwined with the internet that there are very few of us who do not use it on a daily basis. For today’s students, anytime, anywhere access to the Internet is essential. They need access to information to complete assignments and research anytime without traveling or waiting for a specific moment. Edtech helps them in this. Students can use educational technology to connect to the Internet at home, in the classroom, or at school.

Pursuing new skills and knowledge is one of the most important aspects of life that anyone should be able to enjoy. Technology can help you develop these skills and also develop their knowledge through various online courses. They provide opportunities for people to learn about different topics that interest them and are useful for their career or academic field. Even people who want to try out a new career path can access online courses that allow them to learn relevant skills.

Education Technology Vectors & Illustrations For Free Download

The use of educational technology also has an impact on human health. It can improve the physical and mental health of learners. Using these tools, individuals are able to strengthen their learning skills and cognitive abilities, which is reflected in their academic performance and physical health.

Advances in technology allow students to increase their knowledge in different fields and acquire new skills that can be used in the future. Students who keep up with the latest technological advancements will benefit in enhancing their knowledge in different fields. In addition to having a very solid understanding of new technologies, these students will be prepared to find jobs faster. They can help companies become more efficient by understanding how and why these technologies are used.

The education system of the past could not adequately accommodate the concept of a personalized learning experience for each individual due to too many constraints. Educational technology allows us to create customized teaching methods and experiences in current educational institutions. Modern gadgets and interfaces allow anyone to start learning, regardless of their needs, preferences or availability.

Educational Technology

The development of mobile and web applications for education ushers in an era of needs-based learning, rather than the one-size-fits-all thinking of classroom education. For example, a shoe salesperson can become a data scientist by accessing related programs through a mobile app.

Education Technology Day

As high technology becomes more pervasive in the education system, educational data is becoming an increasingly important driver and decision-making tool. With so much educational information and data available, it is increasingly important to measure student engagement, engagement, and academic output. Ultimately, learning analytics will be able to alert teachers to problems and help them be proactive. It can also inform students about their progress and assignment due dates, among other things. Teachers and students will be guided in how the learning system delivers and experiences education. Data analytics will maximize learner engagement in education.

With cloud computing, high-tech education is possible like never before. Information stored in the app’s remote cloud servers makes it possible to access courseware and educational materials from any mobile device or any location, globally. You can collaborate with your peers and easily share your coursework with your tutors via the cloud. In addition, cloud-based educational applications can also solve the problem of data storage.

Virtual assistants and voice recognition software are now standard on most devices and application platforms. Voice-activated smart assistants make learning easier for students. Most mobile devices offer speech-to-text functionality, making note-taking and writing easier and faster, enabling

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