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How Sell Online Courses – ELearning is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries with an estimated $325 billion by 2025. eLearning platforms literally change the way we learn and study things that are far beyond the understanding of traditional methods that people have been following for centuries.

While learning on any online learning platform is very beneficial, building and selling an online course on these platforms can ensure a steady stream of passive income.

How Sell Online Courses

How Sell Online Courses

Or someone can opt for daily, weekly, or monthly webinars and courses, or upload a course at once to get the ball rolling. Now, it all boils down to deciding which platform you want to work on. This is because there are dozens of online platforms that you can work with to make money.

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We know that zeroing on a particular platform is a chore as each has its pros and cons. That’s why we scoured the web for the best quality eLearning platforms you can use to create and sell courses in 2021. Follow us to find out more here.

Teachable is one of the most recommended eLearning platforms for both students and creators. In fact, the latter can use it to cash in on their skills by creating and selling online courses and derive a fair share of income from it. Talking about the revenue, the makers of Teachable have earned more than $100 million which reveals its dominance and brand equity.

For those who don’t know what Teachable can do, it’s a pretty savvy learning platform, to be honest. It allows you to create courses, domains with landing pages, and sales pages. If you are tech savvy then you can go ahead with the powerful Power Editor where you can design the page and the courses within or just check out a huge catalog of available templates at your disposal. Choose between a payment plan, a one-time fee or a subscription, Teachable is flexible about it. Creators can boost their sales by offering coupon codes and whatnot.

There is a native email marketing tool available on Teachable that allows creators to leverage an email blast to reach potential users. Sprinkle the course with surveys and forms and you’re done. To summarize, Teachable is all about marketing, branding and selling online courses.

Using Youtube To Sell Online Courses

Unlike other platforms, Skillshare has the upper hand when it comes to creative courses like designer, writer, entrepreneur, etc. The site offers students access to more than 22,000 premium courses on an annual subscription service that will unlock all paid courses. The eLearning platform offers access to video lessons, projects and community discussions that give users depth of field.

It is a great platform for both students and instructors. The latter can check popular topics and niches to create their own courses on such as cooking, marketing, hand painting, among others to keep up with the game and earn good money.

Speaking of creating and selling courses on SkillShare, a creator gets paid $10 for premium membership referrals. Nearly 30-50% of the total revenue generated on SkillShare goes into a pool where teachers receive their compensation which could vary exponentially. A beginning instructor could make $200 a month to over $3,000 a month, though the minimum requirement is that each instructor must have sold 30 premium minutes before they can be paid for it.

How Sell Online Courses

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress LMS tools. It’s actually a WordPress plugin that users can install to get an adrenaline-pumping tool for creating and selling online courses. LearnDash is a comprehensive tool that provides access to a number of features including dropout information, student rewards, and so on. It stands for speed and helps create great online courses, feature sets, and anything else on the go.

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Go to your existing WordPress site, add this plugin and you are in for a treat. The tool lets you tap into the world of elearning where you have access to all the tools you need for single or multilevel courses and more. Its engagement opt-in system has automated website response based on event trigger and same is followed by its email marketing campaign.

This is a great way to integrate online courses into your website, so don’t confuse it with a standalone platform. It offers support for numerous media types, and to be honest, it’s more than just a plugin, but a complete package for your journey of building and selling online courses on your website.

With over 30 million courses taken and over 40,000 creators, Thinkific is one of the largest elearning platforms by any means. It has a foothold in over 164 countries and competes head-on with local and international platforms. It has a drag-and-drop editor for those who want to design a course.

Putting together a course on Thinkific isn’t a tall order once you get the hang of it. As a creator, you basically design two fronts i.e. course material and landing page. Naturally, the platform gives you everything you need, from templates to design and more. You can select the nature of the course such as digital download, webinar replay, flagship course and rest assured that Thinkific will take care of the rest. Add quizzes, instructor posts, downloads, and more to make it stand out from the rest and you’re good to go.

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Thinkific offers unlimited students with the first 3 courses free, there are no transaction fees either. There are three plans that users can select under which they will be able to interact with your and other content.

Undoubtedly, Udemy is a well-known e-learning platform that is available on iOS and Android apps and web. It uses an enhanced marketing strategy that allows prospective students to reach out to it while creators/instructors get paid instead of it after Udemy takes their cut. The platform is super simple to use and offers many features such as offline learning for those who cannot stay online. It is customized and allows users to view, pause, play and repeat it whenever they want.

Udemy offers ratings that users can use to gauge their opinion on any topic. For creators, Udemy offers a number of tools like StudioU, Facebook group, which they can use to bounce off their ideas on the topic. The Teach Hub provides all the resources you need, including how to plan and create online courses.

How Sell Online Courses

There’s also a market analysis feature that gives creators lots of potential courses they can choose from, keywords, high-paying courses, and whatnot. Earned earnings are credited to the creator’s PayPal or Payoneer monthly after Udemy takes its share.

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Podia is a great learning tool that has its following, to be honest. Create an online store where creators can publish their digital content and courses. There is no limit to the number of courses you upload and no specific file type is required. Creators can host large videos with increased storage space and bandwidth.

Podia offers different subscription plans that users can use. The platform also allows creators to create landing pages for specific parts of courses that would appeal to users. You can submit all digital content through the subscription platform or pre-launch it via email blasts. Creators can upload audio, text, video, ebooks, cheat sheets, checklists, and other content that would give them a personalized experience for their user base.

Sure, Podia isn’t the best with everything you should have on board, it has a few shortcomings. It lacks analytic features like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics which make it easy for creators to target an audience, find the best and highest grossing courses and keywords. Its subscription plans have different features like 24/7 support, free migration, zero transaction fees, email marketing and more.

Ruzuku offers a video streaming and webinar option that content creators can schedule and conduct for their users. It offers students a great place to interact with each other and form communities that only a few other platforms offer. There is a conference call service where students can connect with their creators. The platform supports various file types including PDF, audio, video among others.

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There is a live chat option which users can use to interact with the creators and seek solutions to any query or query. Ruzuku offers a bootstrapper plan for $99/month for its instructor. It supports everything from unlimited courses, coupons, payment gateways, and students alike. Overall, Ruzuku has a simple, easy to use yet powerful course management system that you can control.

Certainly, one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen with online learning platforms, LearnWorlds offers a world-class course creation and selling experience. The platform allows creators to create their own school solutions with well-crafted and choreographed courses, quizzes and other tests, branded certificate of completion, and more. There is no limit to the number of courses you have on board and no limit to your earning potential.

You as the creator are the administrator and can control the workflow on the platform. Add courses, add numerous instructors and

How Sell Online Courses

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