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Online Course Bersertifikat – Two female college students study online at home using laptop to prevent covid-19 virus outbreak.

Recently, many online course applications have come up which can be accessed for free due to the corona virus. Life goes on as usual due to corona virus. You must stay at home and do not go out unless it is very important.

Online Course Bersertifikat

Online Course Bersertifikat

Not only this, some industries have also been affected by Corona. Due to this, some people may have to be laid off due to Corona. Therefore, there is a need for activities that will not only increase time but also increase skills. Don’t worry, Glints will provide course recommendations here

Jual Tiket Pelatihan Pejabat Pelindungan Data Pribadi Bersertifikat, Online Course #4

With the development of cyberspace in Indonesia, many things such as shopping and finding transportation can be done without meeting face to face. This transition has also attracted other sectors of the digital world, including education. Now, more and more online course platforms are available on the internet. Here is a certified online course application that gives you room to study to develop your talents and abilities as well as enrich your resume.

Skill Academy is an innovation-proven online course application from Indonesia’s largest and most comprehensive technology company, Ruang Guru, which focuses on education-based services and has more than 15 million users in 100 subject areas. This application is developed by the best team who have made the application successful in the past.

Arkademi is a certified online course application and calls itself a massive open online course (MOOC) platform created by Indonesian kids. Education at Arkademi is dedicated to skill-based learning or skill-based learning delivered through classroom and online courses through the mobile app and web-based Arkademi application. At Arkademi every individual and course institution can open and commercialize their online classes and reach students all over Indonesia. (PT. Mega Harapan Mulia) is an online course start-up company engaged in the field of educational technology (edu-tech). Unlike other edu-tech start-ups, provides an online learning platform where anyone can learn the learning materials they want, not only from someone who does well in a field, but from experts, i.e. the best mentors in Indonesia. .

Gratis E Sertifikat) Seminar Menjaga Kesehatan Fisik Dan Mental Anak Saat Isolasi Mandiri

Along with extensive knowledge in their field, the mentors also have a wealth of experience that is sure to be interesting to learn from. (For example, learning self-makeup from New York Fashion Week makeup artist Ryan Ogilvy. Learning beauty portrait photography from RioMotret. Learning cooking techniques directly from Chef Juna, and of course there are many other guides that we will present here.) .

What is most unique about are the speakers, most of whom are artists, so hopefully many students will join. And after further investigation by the team, at this time, does not have an application on Android or iOS, but you can still visit the website.

Cakap is an online course application and a pioneer of online English learning and online Chinese language learning institutions in Indonesia, which has succeeded in introducing an effective way to learn English and a fast way to master Mandarin. KCAP is aware of a large number of requests for learning basic English and conversational English. Therefore, Cakap provides certified foreign teachers from Asia Pacific countries, who can help students to master English more quickly.

Online Course Bersertifikat

Apart from learning basic English for beginners, Cakap also offers online English lessons for children and young executives who want to become fluent in English. After knowing the importance of learning English and Mandarin for a better future, of course, you want to immediately register on Cakap to learn foreign languages ​​online and also take advantage of our free trial class.

Kursus Online Gratis, Berkualitas, Dan Bersertifikat

Kacup also offers intensive Mandarin courses for beginners to learn basic Mandarin easily, as well as more complex conversational Mandarin and HSK test by experienced teachers in Beijing. In addition, Kakap is aware of the great enthusiasm for learning Japanese for beginners, so in December 2016, Kakap launched an online Japanese language course with professional teachers from Aki no Sora. (PT. Avodah Royal Mulia) is an online course platform that makes it easy for students to find and enroll in teacher-created professional classes.

Born in 2015 as a platform that initially wanted to connect students with private teachers, has become the largest workshop market in Indonesia, working with more than 1,000 teachers (and this number is growing rapidly), offering more than 1,000 each year. workshops and has served over 70,000 students so far.

Dicoding is an online course application specifically for the IT world, such as building web, applications, etc. Decoding was officially launched on January 5, 2015 to help Indonesian developers meet the needs and requirements of an increasingly competitive market. Through three pillars: Challenge, Program, Academy and Jobs. Decoding is looking forward to realizing its mission to grow and develop the IT industry ecosystem in Indonesia by honing the best talents to create excellent technology products and be able to compete in the local and global markets.

Kursus Komputer Online Terbaik

At the beginning of its fifth year, Dekoding has managed to attract more than 215,000 IT developers from 487 cities in Indonesia. Of this number, 850 are startup members who use the Decoding program to promote, support and improve their digital startup creation.

Decoding, a program that operates in the field of application development, has several “Decoding Academy” classes and can be studied online or through an “on-line” education system. Decoding itself also provides “challenges” or challenges, as well as activity events that each member can participate in.

For each challenge or event successfully completed, members are rewarded with decoding points or XP. Coding Points is the term for points that you can earn from developers after participating in “Challenges”, “Events” and “Academies”.

Online Course Bersertifikat

Techinasia Edu is a certified online course application developed by Techinasia Indonesia, a startup and technology news portal. The material presented is about upstream to downstream digital marketing. So there is a lot to talk about. And there are also trainers Techinasia Indonesia executives themselves like the CEO immediately jumped into teaching.

Contoh Sertifikat Advanced Skill Excel

Zenius is well developed. Xenius is now very close to the latest developments in the world of education with technological developments. Zenius is a cool genre. Study online with great content, complete content as well as thousands of questions

What is your favorite certified online course application? If it’s not mentioned above, please leave a comment and the team will update this article.

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