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Online Course Copywriting – Learn how to write truly exceptional copy that drives REAL SALES, excites customers and puts money in your pocket? Learn how to get new clients ON DEMAND while generating a stream of high quality leads that come directly to you? Learn how to run your freelance writing business like a REAL PRO and become a sought-after authority in your niche?

There are tons of freelance translators and copywriting courses out there. There is an almost endless stream of blog posts, podcasts, emails. a collection of books, white papers, memberships, ideas, webinars, workshops and every form of training possible.

Online Course Copywriting

Online Course Copywriting

This question has been on my mind a lot over the past few years, and I’ve talked to hundreds of writers trying to figure out what has helped them the most and what seems to have been left out of the vast amount of training available.

How I Earned Over $1 Million In Passive Income In One Year

That’s what I’ve been looking for when I’ve tried one-on-one mentoring, group coaching, short-form training, a shared membership group, and even one-on-one on-the-job training.

And that’s what I’ve been looking for as I review my journey to six figures, as well as the journeys of friends who have also reached this milestone.

“You can also comment on blog and social media posts and [insert 20 more time-consuming tips that won’t move your business needle]”

Frankly, I’m happy here. In fact, it’s designed to provide so many low-value tips that you’re tricked into thinking you’ve been given a lot of valuable advice.

Copywriting Frameworks Toolkit

For example, saying “Start a blog” may sound like innocent, helpful advice. After all, a blog CAN be very useful for writers.

But this is what happens when a new writer sees “start a blog”. They stop working on things that will actually make them money today and start wasting tons of time figuring out how to blog.

It’s counterproductive, and it’s the biggest problem in training writers today. It is not appropriate or effective. It’s not meant to help you get from $0 to $2,000 per month as quickly as possible, and then from $2,000 per month to $4,000 per month, and so on.

Online Course Copywriting

It is intended to list every possible tip that the author has ever heard, discovered, or created.

Online Copywriting Teacher

Most copywriting courses and training programs focus too much on one area and barely cover other important areas.

That’s why it was nice to call it “comprehensive”. Because really, I haven’t come across any copywriting course that’s really comprehensive.

Instead, many courses do a wonderful, well-rounded job in one area, completely neglecting the other important areas you need to be successful as a freelance copywriter.

Most of the time, the courses are great at teaching you how to write good copy… but that’s about it. Just yesterday someone sent me a link to a course with 8 modules. 7 of these modules covered writing styles. Module 1 focused on business development.

Become A Better Writer With Adschool’s 2022 Copywriting Course

You can be the best copywriter in the world and it won’t make you six figures. If you can’t get customers, you won’t make money, and getting customers is a completely different process and skill set than writing great copy. The same goes for running a freelance business.

There are non-writing courses that are great at teaching you how to get clients, but they aren’t specifically for writers because that’s too small a niche to focus on when teaching lead generation.

After years of seeing writers struggle and not having anything for them to solve all of these problems at once, I decided it was time to solve them myself.

Online Course Copywriting

Get my proven, step-by-step system for starting a freelance copywriting business from scratch and growing it to $100,000 in the next 12 months.

Copywriting Course: How To Become A Copywriter Online Masterclass — Orange Beetle

Learn how to get great clients immediately AND build a stream of high quality, high paying clients that come straight to you.

Learn how to start your own business, run it like a pro, and become a recognized authority in your niche.

I made $80,000 net the first year as a freelancer, $130,000 the next year, and $220,000 the year after that. This income did not come from course sales, Facebook ads, or other tactics that will not be included in this course. Although I added a few additional income streams during that third year, I was able to earn an average of $15,000 per month from writing gigs alone.

But my luck is not that important. What matters is whether I can help YOU succeed, and my own journey and success is not enough to achieve that goal.

Buy Boss Lady Academy Complete Copywriting Course By Blessing Kakawaye On

That’s why I’ve spent the last three years experimenting with ways to help writers succeed. That’s why I’ve looked at tons of training, membership groups, and resources. That’s why every time I make a new friend who makes six figures as a freelance writer, I interview them and find out how they do it.

As a result, I was able to reverse the process that would see anyone with basic writing talent and entrepreneurial ambitions make six figures and beyond.

If you struggle with words, writing as a career is probably not for you. If you are overwhelmed by any obstacle or challenge, then freelancing is definitely not for you. And if you’re not going to invest at least 10 hours a week in your freelance copywriting career, that’s fine, but growth will be much slower and six figures will only be a few years away.

Online Course Copywriting

You know that. Everyone else knows. This type of training makes up the majority of copywriting courses.

Not Great At Copywriting: Part 1

With tips, tricks and techniques in most courses, I provide a complete, comprehensive copywriting framework in three main areas:

These are the three most profitable writing services you can offer online. I walk you through step-by-step how to write each type of copy while offering it as a service. To PROVE how serious I am about step-by-step training, I’ve posted my website copywriting tutorial on my blog for free. Check here.

Another issue that most training doesn’t address is that just writing good copy for the end user isn’t enough. After all, your customer is the one paying your check, not the end users to whom it is written. I’ll show you how to engage your client in a way that gets them excited about what you’re writing, while driving sales and putting money in their pockets.

Learn how to get immediate leads AND generate a stream of high-quality leads that come straight to you every month without the need for cold leads or prospecting.

Copywriting Strategies That Will Improve Your Conversion Rate By 113%

There are only two ways to attract customers. By going out and delivering them or letting them come directly to you.

Setting up a system that provides them takes… like 6-12 months. Pitching brings them NOW.

The problem I see with most freelance training is that it only really focuses on one of these areas. Or you learn how to pitch, make enough money now, and three years from now you still have to keep pitching and make barely more than you did when you started.

Online Course Copywriting

OR you learn how to build a lead system, but in a short period of time you are not making money and you burn out.

Copywriting For Online Course Creators

I’ll show you how to do both. With my system, you’ll be able to get clients NOW AND you’ll invest a small amount of your time each week in building a pipeline that will lead to zero leads in the next 6-12 months.

The channel used for this was SEO. I was able to rank on the first page for things like “website copywriter”, “professional copywriter”, “expert copywriter” etc. You’d be surprised how easy it was, and the opportunity is still HUGE because so few copywriters understand SEO. I’ve gotten so good at this that I now rank on the home page for much more complex search terms like “copywriter” (don’t take my word for it. Check it out).

If I had taught you this earlier in my career, I would have just taught SEO, but I learned that everyone has different strengths and SEO is not for everyone. After surveying all of my six-figure writing friends, I realized that there are actually three different ways to build a six-figure funnel of repeat leads, and what works best for each person will be different.

Learn how to create and launch a freelance writing business, run it like a true professional, and become a recognized, sought-after authority in your niche.

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To be honest, the previous two topics are all you need to make six figures… but they’re not all you need to become a successful freelancer, and this course is all about teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know. .

I’ll show you how to build your business (including branding, website, etc.). I’ll show you all the key processes you need to run your business, engage your customers, and manage your customer relationships. And I’ll show you how to grow your business

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