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Online Course Free Indonesia – Knowledge in college cannot guarantee your success in the world of work. So keep learning from other sources including online learning sites.

Currently, there are many websites that offer online courses and webinars. Some are free, some are paid.

Online Course Free Indonesia

Online Course Free Indonesia

Interestingly, these classes are taught by someone who is an expert in their field. Every knowledge given is always updated according to the developing trends.

E Learning Moodle, Lms Gratis Dengan Fitur Mumpuni

Most of these websites actually offer classes to improve skills in the world of work, such as design, marketing, sales, public speaking and IT.

Several classes will be taught in Indonesian. However, there are also international classes taught in English.

You can find online learning at no cost on the Khan Academy website. The courses offered are also varied, some of which are SAT, Math and Arts and Humanities classes.

You can download this site started by Salman Khan on iOS or Android. In addition to studying online, you can also volunteer on this site.

Math Smart Course

One of the strengths of Khan Academy is the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), a test that must be taken if you want to enter a university in America.

When two world elite campuses had the same vision to support the world of education, the online learning site edX was born in 2012.

Harvard University and MIT are seriously working on the online learning site edX, which you can see from the material content that is not necessarily available in public school classes.

Online Course Free Indonesia

One of them is the basic Spanish class in the language section which you can access for free with a study duration of 7 weeks.

Gratis Kursus Online Bahasa Jepang Bersama Abk College

If you want to get a certificate of the results of the online study earlier, you can pay according to the price indicated in the course of your choice.

Alison is an online learning site that was created in 2007. So far, Alison has 11 million users from 195 countries.

Especially for those of you who want to study online or take graphic design courses, there are several types of courses that you can choose from.

This site is quite fun and interactive because you can ask multiple questions that are grouped into various fields of study.

Humanitarian Engineering (humane) 2022

Every question you ask will be answered by students or users from all over the world. Besides adding information, you can also make new friends.

Udemy offers graphic design courses that fall into several categories. You can choose courses on logo design, characters, digital painting and many more.

Each of these categories also has several modules or materials that you can learn by paying for the graphic design program of your choice, starting at $10 or around Rp. 140,000.

Online Course Free Indonesia

In addition, Udemy also opens up opportunities for experts in the design field to become mentors in online graphic design courses on their website.

Kelas Online Oktober Dibuka !

For those of you whose design work is more adept, there is an online learning program prepared by Udemy for graphic design for mobile app development, game development, and software testing.

This online graphic design course is suitable for beginners who are new to the world of graphics and those who are already experts.

On this site you can choose various programs such as tutorials, Ruanguji or Ruangles. Ruangles offers facilities for private teachers that will help you learn by bringing a teacher to the place and time you specified.

That’s right, now finding a private tutor is as easy as that without having to look for recommendations from older siblings or your mom’s school friends. Meanwhile, for those of you who need a tutor when doing work or homework, you can try using the tutoring room.

Jual (free Tria)online Chinese Course Program For Group / Les Mandarin Group Anak

The details that Ruangguru pays attention to even go down to the price range listed on the website, the area of ​​residence coverage and the teacher’s gender preferences for students from kindergarten to university level.

When you enter this site, you will be greeted with shades of blue and turquoise and the slogan “Take the best courses in the world, online.”

Studying online at Coursera allows you to study modules from the best universities in the world. John Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, and Illinois are three major US campuses that also offer online learning materials through Coursera.

Online Course Free Indonesia

The range of fields offered is also quite broad, ranging from algorithm, paleobiology and even taxation in America.

Embassy Of The Republic Of Indonesia, In Bucharest,, Romania

The cost range for online learning in Cozora is between 200 and 700 thousand, the teachers are also young people from the top Indonesian universities. It’s really exciting to learn online with a mature concept like this!

There is still an online graphic design learning site that you can visit, namely Canva. Canva Design School already has more than 9800 students spread over several countries.

Canva is an online learning site that offers graphic design courses and interactive workshops. Study online through Canva, you will also get modules.

For those of you who are new to design, this website will help you get familiar with graphic design. The good news is that Canva already has an official version of the website in Indonesian.

Free Online Webinar “living And Studying In The Netherlands”

This latest online learning site is also based in the Indonesian capital, SquLine. Unlike the various sites discussed above, SquLine focuses on language material, namely Japanese, Mandarin, and English.

All the information you need is perfectly available on the Squline page, from pricing to options for corporate programs.

In this digital age and advanced technology, of course, foreign language skills will also support the performance of employees in the office, SquLine can be an option for your team that wants to learn a foreign language.

Online Course Free Indonesia

However, on the other hand, the Internet can give you positive things like studying in the above 11 online learning sites.

Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia , Di Wina,, Republik Austria

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