Online Course Ielts Preparation

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Online Course Ielts Preparation – Join today for online IELTS courses @ Greens Academy, the best IELTS and OET training center in Kerala. Start your live lessons at GREENS IELTS Online and prepare for the IELTS exam. Our unique IELTS exam preparation strategy has helped over 10,000 students pass the IELTS exam with a score of 7+ on the first try. The carefully designed course syllabus and experienced faculty undoubtedly make the IELTS exam easy for academic and general education modules.

3 Saturdays + 3 Sundays x 2 hours every day online coaching + 2 full simulated tests + practice

Online Course Ielts Preparation

Online Course Ielts Preparation

2 task 1 + 2 task 2 (academic or general training) + 2 simulated lectures with corrections for improvement

Ielts Preparation Course (general / Academic)

One-on-one interaction ensures 100% tutor attention. Solve your doubts in a targeted way and increase your confidence.

Study online and save money. Free yourself from the cost of commuting and improve the key skills that will bring you high scores.

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of IELTS trainers. Learn and follow the best strategies to improve performance.

Access comprehensively designed IELTS practice materials to enhance your preparation and focus on the actual test.

The Best Way To Prepare For The Ielts Exam

Group coaching is a 15-day online IELTS coaching course with an experienced IELTS Master Trainer in a limited number of students in a batch. For 15 days, the schedule of lessons will be determined in advance.

IELTS Trainer will cover tips and strategies for all 4 modules. There is a proper schedule of 15 days where you will also get a chance to ask your doubts.

Exam for those looking for focused learning and have commuting issues. Also, if you are appearing for the test again, this is the best way to understand the much needed tips.

Online Course Ielts Preparation

Accelerated learning tips and strategies for all 4 IELTS modules. In addition, you will also get 2 full mock tests scored by our IELTS Expert and provide tips for improvement.

British Council Free Online Ielts Preparation Classes

Individual coaching is more Personalized coaching lasting 5 days (2 hours per day) with an IELTS Expert. You can ask your doubts or get more tips from an expert.

IELTS Trainer will cover tips and strategies for all 4 modules. There is a proper schedule of 5 days where you will also have an opportunity to ask your doubts.

Our weekend online IELTS coaching has batches that only run on weekends. Such benefits are for those who do not have time during the working days due to their busy schedule.

The sessions last two hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday. It’s a three-week batch, which means you’ll study three Saturdays and three Sundays (two hours each).

Ielts Self Learn

We want to keep exclusive weekend benefits. We would not allow more than 5 students in one batch.

IELTS Trainer will cover tips and strategies for all 4 modules. There is a proper schedule of 5 days where you will also have an opportunity to ask your doubts. You will get a detailed overview

Well, we do not allow course extensions in most cases. Nevertheless, we are not rigid! In some special unavoidable events or consequences, we may consider letting you sit out the next batch. However, you must inform us in advance to avoid last-minute problems.

Online Course Ielts Preparation

The best part about weekend benefits is that they are on the weekends! You can study comfortably without bothering yourself with working hours.

Best Ielts Preparation Classes In Nepal

Are you looking for online support to master the most challenging IELTS Writing & Speaking Module?

Here is the solution. Opt for our combined IELTS Writing+Speaking package and get insight and strategies to crack IELTS Writing and Speaking with our experienced IELTS trainers.

Note: Those who want to buy the package a second time will get a discount. For more information send an Inquiry. Virtual online IELTS courses are all the rage these days. Web-based education is a pragmatic and rational approach to IELTS preparation during a terrible pandemic. British Career Group promptly understood the need of the hour and helped students worldwide by offering digital courses (online ielts coaching courses). The idea of ​​digital education creates the epicenter of our learning cycle and acclimation.

Web-based preparation can be useful in several ways, as someone from home can take it with incredible comfort in learning that eats up a lot of time or suits someone who works and cannot take the opportunity to attend classes in person.

Jual Tiket Ielts Online Preparation Course

The pandemic has shown that conditions can be fleeting, but we assure you that the digital courses from our institute will not let the difficult situation stop your plan to fly to the desired country. Coaching from our institute allows you to get the best of both worlds as we have skilled and experienced teachers who are well versed in the inadequacies of the students and help them with their acumen.

All in all, British Career Group offers the best online IELTS coaching courses for IELTS students. We are happy to help individuals achieve their goals. Due to our diligent efforts and teaching process, we GUARANTEE RESULTS.

The session begins with a reading module. The reading test is uploaded to the portal by the trainer and the participant then attempts the test at the prescribed time. The test is then discussed and all doubts of the student are cleared by the coach and the bands are also discussed.

Online Course Ielts Preparation

After the reading doubts are cleared, the writing tasks are shared with the students on the digital portal and the discussion of the writing tasks is conducted by the coaches so that the students understand the strategies to answer the questions to reach the desired band. After writing a one-hour assignment, the teacher will provide feedback on students’ writing to eliminate the possibility of mistakes in subsequent classes. The IELTS review format is taken care of when providing feedback.

Online Ielts Coaching

After uploading the task to the portal, the listening will be played to the students in class, and later the doubts will be cleared by the relevant teacher.

In our institute, you can get the freedom to experience a one-on-one spoken conversation with a trainer. Speaking tips in terms of lexical resources are given after the oral test and mistakes are also advocated for your improvement.

IELTS – the International English Language Testing System – is the most common English language test worldwide. Created by the University of Cambridge’s world-class language management specialists in language assessment, it assesses all English skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. The test is carried out by two organizations, the IDP and the British Council.

It assesses whether your level of knowledge of the English language is suitable for the school climate. The test reflects parts of the instructional language and measures whether you have the necessary English language capacity to concentrate effectively in an English-speaking environment.

Best Ielts Exam Course Online

It assesses the competitor’s English language level to function viable under normal circumstances. The questions in the test are identified with working and social conditions.

You can book your seats with us, instead of booking directly, we will provide you with the right assistance. You can check the availability of spaces for academic and general openings for CD-IELTS and pen and paper. IELTS Coach is designed to develop the key language skills and key exam strategies that will ensure success in the IELTS exam with a score of no less than 6.5*. IELTS 6.5 will meet the requirements for the vast majority of undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as student visa requirements**. The British Council co-owns the IELTS exam, so we are ideally placed to help you achieve the result you need. You will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers who are IELTS specialists.

You will also have access to a set of free internal materials and services designed specifically for IELTS Coach students. These resources, together with our expert support, are an excellent way to review your lessons and extend your learning, improve your academic performance in the test and ensure you achieve IELTS success. If you don’t score 6.5 or higher, you can even take the course for free!

Online Course Ielts Preparation

Prepare for the IELTS test at your own pace. Choose the day, time and lesson teacher that best suits your needs, with the freedom to choose whether to take the class online or at the language center in Jakarta. You can easily manage the booking and management of your lessons using our online booking system.

Free Online Ielts Preparation Classes From British Council

Learn various listening techniques and strategies, such as predicting information, identifying synonyms and antonyms, and dealing with distracting information, to answer all types of IELTS listening questions correctly and be sure to score high.

You will learn how to apply reading skills such as skimming and scanning and techniques such as identifying synonyms and antonyms to score high in this part of the exam and be confident in all types of IELTS Reading questions.

Maximize your scoring potential in IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2 through a comprehensive set of activities and tasks. You will learn to identify the key features and completely

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