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Online Course Language – Applications are open for courses running in the first semester of the next academic year 2022-2023

EUNICE – A European university for personalized learning has for the first time launched extensive language courses aimed at improving the communication skills of students, faculty and staff. Online applications are now open for 12 language courses for members of the seven partner universities in the EUNICE Union: (Poznan University of Technology – Poland – Brandenburg University of Technology – Germany – University of Cantabria – Spain – University of Mons – Belgium-, University of Catania -Italy-, University Polytechnique Hautes-de-France – France and University of Vasa – Finland-).

Online Course Language

Online Course Language

All are taught in English, and some courses are open to all, while others are designed for specific profiles (students, PhDs, academics, etc.) or have a limited number of participants (English courses).

Online French Language Course In India With Free Demo Classes

By promoting multilingualism, the fellowship aims to promote the European values ​​of multiculturalism and openness, and for those who wish to have an experience abroad, such as the Erasmus program, this is an opportunity to meet European students and destinations for the first time. On the other hand, participation in English courses enables students, teachers and staff to achieve what is essential for professional success: English fluency.

According to each university’s own procedure, the participants may be recognized by the 2 ECTS (students) certification upon completion of the course or by activating a system that recognizes additional training for staff locally. Applicants who wish to be acknowledged for participation are invited to tick the appropriate box on the registration form.

A detailed catalog of language courses, including study guides and online application forms, is available on the EUNICE website (https:///courses/).The business world is constantly expanding, making international connections rare anymore. Being in the international market means that certain requirements need to be met. First of all, it is the ability to speak the correct foreign language. Do you also want to learn a new language and prepare yourself professionally for work and everyday situations? KERN training provides perfect support.

In addition to the popular English, Spanish, French and Russian languages, we also offer a selection of courses in many other languages. We use an online placement test to assess your language level and determine your knowledge level. This allows us to advise you accordingly and put you on the right track. There are many different types of training. You can take individual or group training. We can also organize workshops and seminars where you can further expand your knowledge of specific content. Whatever language you choose, there are many different training formats available.

Indonesian Language Online Course

Want to learn English, take a Spanish course or complete an online language course? We are happy to advise you on possible training formats, and recommend the right language course for you. Simply use the contact form below to send us your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!

English is essential for economic success in the international market as well as on your own holidays. With KERN AG’s training courses, you can achieve your desired language goals in English using qualified trainers and our many years of experience in the field of foreign language training. All our courses are based around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We divide our language courses into categories, which allows us to offer a variety of services. We offer the following subjects in all languages:

Online Course Language

German as a foreign language is a topic of conversation for organizations and companies operating internationally in Germany. It is very important for companies to train their foreign employees in the German language. Our German as a foreign language courses teach not only the normal needs of everyday life, but also professional and business language skills so that your employees can complete their work tasks efficiently. For example, participating in a conference call, reading technical articles or giving presentations. To enable us to meet different daily situations in the workplace, our offers include a variety of courses and training formats as well as workshop themes.

German Online Language Courses, German Online Classes Iifls

Do you want to complete an online language course? You can complete your language course anytime, anywhere in the virtual classroom. Here you will have a personal linguist as a direct point of contact. Whether individual or group lessons, we design the course to fully meet your needs. Dressed classes and a large amount of lecture are the keys to success in an online course. Real-time communication via webcam and headset ensures good communication with other course participants and trainers.

Blended learning offers you a combination of online and classroom training. Success is achieved through the combination of a self-learning platform and lessons with an instructor. Using modern learning methods, we help you reach your personal educational goals, ensuring the most suitable solutions for each type of student.

Teaching in a way you understand: We equip you with strategies and tips that you can use and integrate.

There is no general theory: our training is based on real-life situations and we are happy to include your concrete examples to adapt our support to your own situation!

Online Global Language Courses

We are also happy to provide in-house training on your premises. Find out more now or ask for our free consultation!

Discover our additional training options and offers and learn more about KERN AG training and our references!This 100% video online course is a complete program for anyone who wants to quickly and easily share their passion for teaching with the world. The course will help you understand all the technologies, break down any barriers you may feel and give you all the tips and tricks you need to plan and deliver engaging language lessons.

In each lesson, we explore and apply conceptual skills for communication and teaching, and train you to create and deliver more concise and clear lessons through digital media.

Online Course Language

We’ll take your hand through every step of the process, from basic and minimal setup to advanced setup and starting your own online business.

Thai Online Course

It is led by Andrew James Ambrosius Gibney, who brings over 10 years of business English coaching experience to the course. Andrew has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer, running his own English language school since 2008. He is also the founder of the Business English podcast series and has been teaching online for 5 years. He brings his wealth of knowledge to the course so you can learn without making all the common mistakes.

If you want a fast track system without making all the common mistakes and wasting time and precious money, this course is 100% for you.

This results-oriented training is for individuals who want to take back control of their lives and schedules and gain the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere in the world.

Please login again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in, you can close and return to this page. Strict entrance requirements and increases have made traditional education difficult for most students. Over the past decade, the amount of student debt, as well as the cost of attending a public university, has risen to alarming levels. Thus, people are wary of investing in expensive college courses for fear of a lack of choices or limiting their potential or being underemployed.

Online Language Courses To Get The Most From The Virtual Classroom

The same goes for learning a language. Many people want to expand their knowledge by learning a second, or third (or fourth) language. And lately, there are many ways how to do it. Many times, however, they are seen struggling with online translations and listening to fruitless pronunciations. Thankfully, the answer has presented itself in the form of some premium massive open online courses (MOOCs), such as Coursera and edX, which offer excellent online language courses.

All courses are not the same and naturally, some are better than others. While one platform may offer a handful of languages, others have dozens of languages ​​to choose from. Let’s take a look at how Coursera and edX fare when it comes to learning online language courses.

These are the best online courses for language learners, all thoroughly reviewed to ensure you find the perfect one for your needs and skill level.

Online Course Language

Let’s start with the online language courses offered by the Coursera platform. Among MOOC providers, Coursera has emerged as a leader. It provides a list of courses offered by renowned universities around the world. Coursera offers a wide variety of courses and places great emphasis on professional training in each course they offer. Coursera is proud to say that all courses are taught by top institutes and universities and aims to teach students new skills in 2-4 weeks. Coursera offers one of the best online language courses.

Italian Language Online Group Courses

Coursera offers several languages, mainly Chinese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish,

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