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Online Course Leadership – In this new era of unrelenting uncertainty, many of the business and leadership skills you rely on no longer work. It’s time to upgrade your response strategies and improve your leadership team with the navigation tools for a world where disruption and uncertainty are our new reality.

This is not your typical leadership and management course. In this online leadership course, Bobbie’s science-based lessons will help you learn to make uncertainty part of your success strategy with the targeted outcomes:

Online Course Leadership

Online Course Leadership

Redefine what it looks like to lead in an uncertain world and address the internal challenges that uncertainty brings.

Leadership And Management Micro Credentials

Learn to implement and balance your plans in the heat of the moment with the support of new mindset skills from positive psychology and neuroscience.

The pace of change is accelerating, unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past—it’s broad, structural, and ever-shifting—and it’s not going to slow down.

Business leaders and their teams can still navigate effectively, even when they have no idea what’s coming next or how to plan for tomorrow, by learning to use new skills built for this unpredictable environment.

In this impressive interactive course, you will find the guidance, answers and reassurance to successfully navigate through ongoing change, disruption and uncertainty.

Servant Leadership Training Course Online

After this course, you will be prepared to shift your approach to confidently and competently set your new plan of action when you get hit by a curveball.

The course includes four modules of approximately 12 short lessons that take you from a fundamental understanding of today’s uncertain business landscape to practical approaches and techniques specific to your organization.

Bobbie LaPorte is the founder and CEO of Bobbie LaPorte & Associates, a Bay Area consulting firm providing leadership and organizational development services to Fortune 500 companies, global organizations and promising startups.

Online Course Leadership

Prior to founding her consultancy, Ms. LaPorte served in CEO, COO, and CMO roles at several Fortune 50 companies and also led two healthcare technology startups.

E Learning: Exploring My Leadership

She has an MBA from Harvard and a master’s degree in positive leadership and strategy from IE in Madrid. Her current focus is on helping leaders and organizations manage through change and uncertainty.

Drawing on positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science, she provides a practical approach to building the confidence and personal resilience leaders need to navigate our new landscape.

Bobbi offers organizational leadership consulting, one-on-one executive coaching, leadership team workshops, online courses and weekly leadership tips, as well as her new book, “When the Curveballs Keep Coming: A Leadership Playbook for an Uncertain World.”

Having invited Bobbi to present two workshops to our West Region sales team, she brings her experience as a successful sales executive together with a science-based approach to developing a possibilities mindset, which has helped our team consistently exceed our sales targets. Thank you, Bobby, for giving us the competitive edge we need.

Disruption Leadership Matters

Bobby’s training on the skills and mindset necessary for today’s leaders to successfully lead through uncertainty was right on target for our leadership team. We were able to carry the ideas that Bobbie shared when we had our future vision discussions and brainstorming sessions. If you are looking for an expert to support your leadership team in uncertain times, we recommend Bobbie to your organization.

The science-based approach and practices to help professionals navigate through challenging times have definitely benefited my team. People were glued to her presentation, and left with real, practical ideas to help them deal with the many challenges we are facing in a hyper-growth, uncertain and constantly changing environment.

She explains how you can adopt a possibilities mindset to get ahead of the curve—and your peers—and always find the next win for you and your team.

Online Course Leadership

Blending real-world scenarios with scalable, science-based solutions, pragmatic, actionable, science-based methodology, this leadership playbook will help you normalize the unexpected—and

The Developmental Leadership Online Pack

Make leading through uncertainty part of your success strategy in this online leadership course with Bobbie LaPorte’s science-based approach. Expertise and communication. Apply by September 1, 2020: Application form.

You will work with real case studies and be able to set your own development plan, making your organization more efficient, sustainable and strong!

The course is divided into four different compulsory modules and one optional module, which takes you step by step from a better understanding of your individual leadership style to developing your negotiation skills and building confidence:

Our course brings together different experienced professionals from the area to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Online Training Course: Introduction To Leading And Advanced Agile Leadership For Customer Service Teams — The Agile Contact Centre / Transform Your Customer Experience

Maryna Korzh (Belarus / Georgia) is an experienced facilitator, trainer and coach. Marina leads the campaign “March, babe!” Advocating for the law on combating domestic violence in Belarus, runs empowerment and leadership courses for young women from civil society organizations, political parties, grassroots movements and underrepresented groups. Maryna co-created the learning playlists “Self-Leadership” and “Songs of Local Community” integrated into the online women’s playlists launched on the platform.

Yulia Stankevich (Belarus) is a non-formal education trainer, facilitator and consultant. Yuliya has been active in civil society since 2000 (NGO “Youth Education Center “Fialta”), working with Belarusian CSOs and in international projects. Yuliya has been involved in online courses for civil society since 2018.

Laimonas Ragauskas (Lithuania) lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and works as a facilitator, supervisor and coach, mainly in the area of ​​non-formal learning and training for various youth work organizations as well as local and European institutions. Laimonas has recently been working a lot with various online solutions for the youth work field, as well as building and facilitating online courses.

Online Course Leadership

Ekaterina Sherer (Spain) is a trainer, facilitator and designer of non-formal education programs (offline, online and blended courses), with a long experience of coordinating local, national and international projects in the fields of leadership, volunteering, human rights. Education, conflict transformation, intercultural dialogue, anti-discrimination and global education. Ekaterina has been active in civil society since 1998, first as a trainer and program coordinator of leadership programs in Russia, and also as the head of the interregional NGO “Association of Young Leaders”. Since then she delivered more than 40 training courses in the area. In 2011, Ekaterina moved to Spain where she continued her work as a trainer and project coordinator.

You’ve Got The Power: Newly Enhanced 9 Leadership Power Tools Course Arrives March 8 Because Now Is Best Time For You — Take The Lead

The course is scheduled to start on the 14th of September 2020 and will last until the 19th of November 2020 (when the final assignments will be due). The estimated weekly study time is 6 hours for the core materials.

Please make sure you are available for all these activities! Please note that the indicated dates may change slightly.

To apply, please fill in the registration form before September 1, 2020. Participants will be selected based on their experience and motivation to participate in the course.

Apply now for our online course on Leadership for Civil Society Organizations! We are accepting applications until September 1, 2020. Even in today’s digital world, live instructor-led training remains the gold standard for development. That being said, online learning can offer exceptional benefits when traveling for training is not an option.

Upcoming Online Course: Leadership And Management In Early Years & Montessori 14th Jan 10am 2pm

Thanks to improvements in technology, online leadership training can be an effective tool to help leaders continue to develop skills without leaving their office or home. It can also connect geographically dispersed teams and allow participants to collaborate and grow together.

The ability to learn-from-anywhere is especially important during the current coronavirus pandemic when travel is limited, budgets are tight and social distancing is a reality for most.

The average number of hours worked in a week continues to rise every year. Leaders are also experiencing more change at a faster rate than ever before, which usually means spending even more time on the clock, both in the office and at home. Squeezing in time for development is difficult, and organizations often skimp on investing in training for managers, supervisors, and individual contributors at the lower leadership levels.

Online Course Leadership

But first-level managers are typically the largest group of leaders in an organization, often almost 40% of the leadership population. In fact, fully 60% of frontline managers report that they have never received one

The Business Analysis Thought Leadership Accelerator Program

Investing in leaders from the start is critical to setting them up for success, and by extension, to paving the way for the success of your entire organization.

We’ve found that leaders who are able to harness and develop these skills are more effective, less likely to derail in times of crisis, and more likely to advance to middle and even upper management jobs. They are the foundation of your organization’s day-to-day operations and fill your leadership pipeline for the future.

Watch our webinar, Leading Remote Teams When the Stakes Are High, which covers the mindset, skills and tools needed to effectively lead remote teams.

Time and resources are both precious commodities. That’s why we developed our Frontline Leader Impact Program as a way to provide scalable, powerful leadership development for this population of leaders in just 30 minutes a day. Over the course of 6 weeks, participants can focus on building the most critical leadership skills they need to succeed, without having to leave their office, home or daily responsibilities.

Maxwell Leadership Online Academy

This digital learning initiative can help you

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