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In this short class, I will introduce you to my course planning system in Notion that has helped me consistently publish high quality classes!

Online Course Notion

Online Course Notion

Hi, I’m Janosch, a computer science student & tech enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. I help individuals and small business to organize and automate their work with modern technical tools!

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1. Intro Video: Welcome to this short skill share class. My name is Ganesh and in this class I will teach you how to use the concept of productivity software to plan your online courses in an easy and intuitive way. I am a web designer and online marketer. And now I have created a few online courses, all of which I plan to use with the concept of software. If you’ve never heard of the concept, it’s an all-in-one organization and productivity tool that combines all the features of tools like Google Drive XL, Ever Note, and all these other productivity note-taking tools into one software. So it allows you to have one cohesive system that you use for pretty much every productivity need is used and loved by millions of users around the world because it lets you skip the headache of having all these different tools for different purposes and productivity aspects . And instead of one tool that combines them all to make notes in Evernote. Well, you can delete veil exact thing in motion. You can also do things that you use to do normally with Trello like project planning and project management and also things like tables and databases and rose and calculations like you would do in Google sheets or Excel can also be done easily in version. You can use understanding as a replacement for just about any other productivity tool you use. So you can combine all your efforts and all your thought processes and do all that differently in one software. So if you wanted an easy and intuitive way to plan your online courses, this course is for you. Please note that I will not cover everything that the concept has to offer. This would just be too much for these little cores, but I also have a 4.5 hour long class on skills part that covers a lot more of the basics, pretty much everything you need to know about it. So if that sounds interesting to you, just click the link below this video or go to my profile. And there you will find the concept of one-on-one calls, which is the extended version that covered all the basics. That said, you can still take this course without any knowledge of prior concepts. I will cover some of the absolute basics. So you can start immediately and plan your online courses. You also get access to the resource guide for this course, which means you can actually download all the templates we’ll be creating together in this course. You can import them directly into your workspace idea and use the exact same templates that I have used to plan my latest online courses. That said So without further ado, let’s just jump right into the course. 2. What makes a good class?: When it comes to creating your own skill share class, there are a few best practices that you should take into consideration. They will generally help you achieve a higher quality rating, which in turn will lead to more students and also help you make more money on the platform. Summaries, more, the recommendation type. These are best practices that you should do or should implement in your course, while others are actually required by still sharing. So you need to implement them in your planning as well as in your actual video class. Skill share has an actual official handbook teachers covered for this. We will go over some of the most important aspects of this manual. All the things I believe are most important. But if you want to actually read all the guidelines, recommendations, and requirements, I recommend you check out the handbook I’ll link below this course. You will also find the handbook in the resource guide. Now let’s start with a video. The first and most important aspect is both the video and the audio quality. Now you don’t need fancy equipment. You don’t need a $1 thousand camera or a high-end microphone. What I would recommend that you have as the bare minimum would be something that records HD images, some kind of camera, maybe even your phone. Although I would recommend that you actually get a real camera, Some of the phone camera may be enough, but gas January speaking, if you can afford two, I would recommend you buy some kind of low-level digital camera that you can use for you, for your courses. Also, the audio is something that is really important and that is most often overlooked. So some people think that video quality is actually more important. But if you have a certain video quality, I think the audio quality is much more important than if you have really terrible audio that can really ruin your case and make it so that no one really wants to watch it. So I would rather invest a few dollars more in your audio equipment. Buy a cheap range microphone, something like B. What is called The Road Video Mike probe from Go is like a really solid beginners, beginners microphone. Of course, if you have more money for you, you can think about buying something more high end, so that you have something that has really good quality. But you don’t need this to sort out your own online courses and classes. Well, something that skills part recommends that you do is the kind of course about class length. So Skill Share usually wants the lessons to be between 2060 minutes long. Now this is not a requirement. You can have shorter courses than this as well as longer courses. I have two courses that are much longer than this and they have done pretty well on the skills part. But a lot of the really, really successful courses are more in the 20 to 60 minute range. So this is something to keep in mind, because on other platforms like Udemy are often caused as five to ten hours long or even longer than that. And this is something you wouldn’t normally try to do and try to do if you were just creating for Skill Share. So what that means is trying to be really precise in your videos to be on point and make them really visual and engaging so people actually want to watch them. That you can really capture someone’s interests so that they can see all the way through. The next thing is pretty much common sense, which is to have a well-planned course or class, which means that the content should be really well thought out. So it should be from beginner to advanced. It should go from low level to high level. There should be some kind of hierarchy in the coast so that it makes sense for the user going through a class to see one video and then the next. And kind of how bound flow goes where, for example, they first introduce them, their first introduction to a subject, and then they gradually get better and you expose them to more and more aspects of that subject, just like I do now in this course. This is the way to go and this is something that is really important. Well, one more thing that is exclusive to skill share there is project-based learning, which is that they really tried to encourage the skill share users to directly implement what they learned in their classes that they have taken . So this means that you are required to include a, some kind of project in your classes. So for example, in this case, in my case at this time, what the project is is a kind of drawing up your course schedule in understanding. And because this is what I’m talking about in this course and kill Shia really want

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