Online Course Organic Farming

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Online Course Organic Farming – The free beginning farmer training program for organic specialty crop farmers in California is now available. This online training program is for beginning farmers, existing organic farmers and farmers transitioning to organic production. While it was developed for California specialty crop farmers, the content is based on basic principles that are important to all organic farmers, and our hope is that growers across the US will find it a useful resource. The self-directed nature of the training program allows you to move through the readings and resources, visual and written content, and demonstration videos at your own pace.

The online training program contains six learning modules: 1) soil health, 2) weed management, 3) irrigation and water management, 4) insect and bug and mite management, 5) disease management, and 6) business management and marketing.

Online Course Organic Farming

Online Course Organic Farming

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This open educational resource is a joint effort between the University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (UC SAREP) and California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, with funding from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The self-paced program combines descriptive essays, video lectures from university faculty, and virtual field trips to demonstrate organic principles and practices.

Based on our Guide: Building Healthy Livelihood Soils for Successful Organic Farming in the Southern Region, this self-guided course dives into the application of organic soil health principles through a series of practical modules with concepts and strategies, illustrated by innovative farmer stories. Course participants will also find resources for deeper dives into soil health topics, descriptions of the inherent properties of soil types commonly found in the South, and photographs of the latest soil health research being conducted in the region. .

Healthy and vibrant soils provide the basis for successful and profitable organic farming and livestock farming. The goal of this new course is to help the region’s current and aspiring organic producers develop effective, site-specific soil health management strategies that support successful and resilient enterprises. Soil Health Strategies for the Southern Region builds on the popular series of guides and webinars focused on organic farming and soil health.

Want to hear about the latest organic research, learn about new educational resources, and stay on top of other organic farming news? Organic farming is essential because it supports and improves the health of agro-ecosystems, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. Numerous studies have shown that organic farming methods offer even better yields than traditional farming methods.

How To Become An Organic Farmer

Organic farming offers various advantages, such as maintaining the organic content of the soil. Organic farmers use strategies to maintain and increase fertility, soil composition and biodiversity, as well as to minimize erosion. Reduce the risks of exposure to hazardous materials to humans, animals and the environment.

Organic farming is undoubtedly the best way to build a safe, healthy and clean environment, and using biofertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers offers farmers economic and environmental benefits with soil health and fertility. This is the basis of the subject “Practices and Certification of Organic Agriculture”.

It begins with an explanation of organic farming and container gardening, then moves on to a list of things to consider before starting a garden. Beginners usually ignore these garden design standards, resulting in catastrophic failures later on. Then, one learns everything there is to know about gardening, such as how to prepare containers, mix potting soils and produce organic fertilizers, as well as compost, pest management and proper watering.

Online Course Organic Farming

This program was developed with the help of APEDA, Government of India. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides reduce the health, vitality and strength of the soil, resulting in nutritionally inadequate crops. These crops also contain hazardous chemical residues that are harmful to human health. Organic farming is gaining popularity because it uses only on-farm resources and preserves agricultural diversity for long-term production.

Organic Farming Online Courses, Books & Articles

Organic agriculture is an integrative approach to agricultural production based on ecological principles, promotion of diversity, biogeochemical cycling and recycling of organic matter to maintain and increase soil fertility and environmental sustainability. Chemosynthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers and genetically engineered organisms are prohibited in organic farming. The uncontrolled use of these pesticides in traditional agriculture poses a significant risk to both crop quality and the environment.

The center is located in the beautiful and peaceful campus of Art of Living, Bangalore ashram, which covers 100 acres and is also a popular tourist attraction. It is the Center of Knowledge and Spirituality, and its quiet and peaceful nature makes it a great backdrop for any academic activity.

Everyone interested in promoting safe food should attend the course. The training will be especially valuable for rural youth, graduates and future organic farmers.

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Ioia Organic Crop Inspection Training 2022 (online)

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Sign up to our newsletter. You choose the topics of your interest and we will send you carefully selected news and latest updates based on your selection. As organic farming is gaining popularity day by day, the government is also encouraging the youth to take it up for farming and quality chemical free crops. In the above context, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare is offering training on organic farming.

National Center for Organic Agriculture, a nodal organization for the promotion of organic agriculture under the INM Division, Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India under the Soil Health Management component of the National Agriculture Mission Sustainable (NMSA) offers 30-day training with certificate on organic agriculture.

Online Course Organic Farming

The course will be open to candidates with intermediate pass preferably rural youth including female candidates (reservation policies as per GOI norms- .

Rodale Institute’s Farmer Training (rift)

Eligible candidates can download the application form by clicking on the link given below. The duly completed application form, together with the required documentation, must be submitted to the official e-mail address of the respective National or Regional Centers.

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Dear Patron, Thank you for being our reader. Readers like you are an inspiration to us to move Agri journalism forward. We need your support to continue delivering quality agriculture journalism and reach farmers and people in every corner of rural India.

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