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Online Course Psychology – Start date: April 2023 July 2023 September 2023 November 2023 Tuition fee: £18,500 Tuition fee: £18,500 Tuition fee: £TBC Tuition fee: £TBC For questions: Call +44 (0) 1206 489 358 Provided by: Kaplan Open Learning

For the curious and brave, this BSc (Hons) Psychology challenges your thinking and explores the way our minds work. It is one of the few 100% programs accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Online Course Psychology

Online Course Psychology

On this degree, you learn about the scientific and theoretical foundations of psychology and delve into several specialized areas. You also have optional modules to choose from so you can tailor your own path and give yourself an insight into an area you might want to pursue in the future.

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Finally, you will be able to build on your research skills acquired during the program through your final project on a psychology topic of personal interest to you.

The course contains content relevant to meeting BPS’ requirements in the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership Curriculum (GBC). This is an important step towards becoming a Chartered Member of the Society. If you hope to continue studying psychology after your degree, it is recommended that you choose an accredited course to open up your options for your future career.

Graduate membership is an essential starting point for your career as a qualified psychologist and is a prerequisite for many BPS-accredited postgraduate and PhD programmes. Without eligibility for the GBC, you will not be able to undertake society-accredited postgraduate and professional study.

BSc (Hons) Psychology consists of the following modules and corresponds to a total of 360 points after completion.

Introduction To Psychology

This engaging module encourages you to develop the skills required for higher education, such as academic writing styles. You will also critically reflect on your personal development while learning about key psychological areas – including cognitive psychology’s theory of learning styles.

This defining module gives you the toolset to analyze how we process, store and use information about ourselves and others. You will learn about the role of social psychologists and explore the ethical principles for research and conduct set out by the British Psychological Society.

By studying this thought-provoking module, you will understand why people are different from each other and explore opportunities to critically evaluate and measure these differences. You learn the basics of psychometrics and take the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and present a theory-based personality assessment.

Online Course Psychology

Ready to discover more about brain behavior, human memory and cognition? This exciting module will expand your knowledge by introducing you to the history and science behind cognitive psychology. You will learn how to apply cognitive psychology to other disciplines and find out more about relevant research and theories in this fascinating field.

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What makes you unique? Could it be your behavior and attitudes? Find out in this exciting module. You will explore individual differences to help you identify how attitudes are formed and changed in relation to issues such as climate change, politics and gender equality.

Mental health is becoming more prominent in everyday life, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to identify the cause and understand how to treat various mental disorders. This insightful module will help you examine scientific principles behind a spectrum of mental disorders and assess treatment options for different needs.

Gain practical and transferable research skills and strengthen your knowledge of data collection and analysis. In this valuable module, you will develop a capacity to select appropriate analytical techniques and test hypotheses. You will also complete a literature review to further deepen your understanding of relevant theory within social science research.

Biological psychology is an intricately complex field that covers functions of the human brain and physiological processes. In this exciting module, you will explore cutting-edge advances and current debates in the field, as well as gain an understanding of the science behind human thought, emotion and behaviour.

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Have you ever wondered why people differ from each other? Discover the answers in this thought-provoking module. You start by studying personality and intelligence and explore the topics of mood, motivation and how these constructs influence behaviour. Throughout the module you will also build a strong understanding of the principles of psychometrics.

If you are a curious person, this module is for you. Get ready to explore the processes involved in reasoning, decision making and critical thinking. Uncover the answers to questions such as what is the impact of emotions in our thought processes and what role does commercialization play in compromising our thinking?

Statistics are at the heart of psychology as they help us summarize data and quickly identify trends. Indeed, psychologists use data for objective, systematic description and interpretation of research findings. This defining module teaches you about the most commonly used statistical techniques so that you can demonstrate your knowledge in future practice.

Online Course Psychology

Ready to explore major developmental milestones from a variety of theoretical perspectives? On this fascinating module you will examine the principles of cognitive, social, biological and emotional psychology with the aim of understanding the impact of developmental stages on human behaviour.

Confidence, Motivation, Letting Go Of Fear & Stress

Have you considered how offenders with mental disorders are handled and assessed? This module will help you examine the role that forensic psychology plays within the criminal justice system – including the origins of criminal behaviour, psychopathology and regulations set out under current mental health law. Finally, you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge to offending behavior in multiple settings.

What psychological factors affect our health? Find out in this exciting module. You will discuss the role of psychology in promoting various health behaviors – including diet, physical activity and sleep. The module also helps you understand the common problems that health psychologists face in the workplace and how to overcome them.

Build on your critical thinking and research skills in this useful module. You will explore a range of paradigms used within applied psychologies and analyze key debates within educational psychology. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the different stakeholders that educational psychologists can work with.

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods? Find out in this fascinating module, which builds on your understanding of how qualitative data can be collected and analyzed using a variety of approaches. It is an ideal progression from the Research Methods module, helping you to expand your knowledge and develop your key research skills.

Psychology Online Course

The field of cognitive neuropsychology offers you an exciting opportunity to further explore the biological processes that determine human behavior. In this in-depth module, you will make connections between the history of cognitive psychology, your previous studies and our current understanding of the mechanisms surrounding brain dysfunction and mental processes.

Like many subjects, psychology has its critics. In this insightful module, you will discover how taking psychological research and studies at face value can lead to false assumptions and flawed understanding. You will explore how seeing psychology as a political tool that serves some more than others makes critical social psychology an integral part of a real-world view of this fascinating subject.

What are the unique abilities people have? Find out in this stimulating module. You will discover the fascinating areas of human development – including neuroscience, perception, cognition, emotion and social interaction. In this way, you will be sure to assess human development from several perspectives.

Online Course Psychology

Does the work environment affect performance? Through this engaging module you will discover how organisations, individuals and groups of people learn, perform, function and thrive. You will then have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in your own workplace and that of others.

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Psychology even extends into sport and exercise – and in this exciting module you will examine the cognitive and emotional influences of performance management in these areas. From motivation, self-regulation and goal setting to personal development and recovery after injury, you will explore a range of topics to understand the psychological factors that influence them.

Interested in the investigative aspects of abusive behavior? This thought-provoking module will introduce you to common psychological and geographic principles and interviewing techniques used in the criminal justice system. Upon completion, you will understand how psychological and social factors influence criminal behavior while having strong knowledge of the practical applications of forensic psychology.

When people are facing mental health challenges, talking to others can often be the best way to deal with their problems. In this thought-provoking module, you will examine the issues facing people with mental ill health and begin to critically evaluate interventions designed to enhance mental wellbeing.

This defining module allows you to demonstrate the skills you have learned throughout your studies. With the support of your supervisor, you will undertake a final project on a topic of your interest – giving you an ideal opportunity to expand your core research skills and apply the research, knowledge and analytical skills you already possess.

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Studying gives you the freedom to study when and where it suits you – at home, in your lunch hour or wherever

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