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Online Course Research – Malang – To strengthen its collaboration with the Instituto Superior Cristal, Timor Leste, Universitas Negeri Malang is holding the International Online Course (IOC) 2021 from September 27 to December 27, 2021. Monday, September 27, 2021, the opening ceremony it was at 1 p.m. (GMT+7). It was attended by the representatives of the UM, composed by the Rector of the Universitas Negeri Malang, Prof. AH. Rofi’uddin; the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Bambang Budi Wiyono; the Head of the Department of Educational Technology, Dr. Henry Praherdhiono; the Magister Program Coordinator, Dr. Dedi Kuswandi; the Director of the Office of International Affairs, Dr. Evi Eliyanah; and also the representatives of the ISC, composed of the Rector of the ISC, Dr. Sebastiao Pereira; and the Executive Director of Fundação Cristal, Dr. Agostinho dos Santos Gonçalves.

The Chief Executive of the event gave a report regarding the IOC 2021. This program provided two options for participants, in which they could join the credit or non-credit program. It also received a warm welcome from the ISC, tested by more than 300 registered participants. After that, Dr. Sebastiao Pereira and Dr. Agostinho dos Santos Gonçalves gave their opening remarks. Both welcomed the collaboration with UM, with the hope that it could increase the quality of human resources in Timor Leste. Finally, Professor Bambang Budi Wiyono gave the closing speech and officially opened the online course.

Online Course Research

Online Course Research

The opening ceremony was followed by two conferences. The first came from Professor I Nyoman Sudana Degeng. He gave a lecture entitled “Statistical Analysis in Education”. To facilitate communication, he chose Indonesian as the main language of the conference. First of all, he explained that statistics is very important in educational research, since many experimental designs will be necessary in the field. With the existence of statistics, data processing would be much easier. He then proceeded to explain that scientific research is systematic, which means that it takes a thorough process before coming to a discovery. Even before that, many steps need to be taken, such as reviewing previous research, research design and data collection.

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“We don’t need to count big data now, thanks to SPSS,” said Professor Degeng in the middle of his explanation.

With the existence of a software called SPSS, researchers do not need to count the data manually. Instead, they just need to focus on how to interpret the data. After that, he showed the participants some types of data, which are nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. He also gave some examples of those.

The first conference ended without any questions from the participants. It was then continued by the second lesson, entitled “Descriptive Statistics”. It was sent by Professor Bambang Budi Wiyono. To begin his lecture, Professor Wiyono explained the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. In descriptive statistics, the objective is to present data through graphs, while in inferential statistics, the objective is to draw a conclusion from a sample. Moving on, he presented three types of descriptive statistics: frequency distribution, central tendency and dispersion.

In explaining the three, Professor Wiyono directly used SPSS. He showed the participants the components of the software, and how to use them. For example, he used the data of the results of students in some school subjects. With the help of the software, he was able to process the data quickly. We can also see the final output presented in the bar chart and the pie chart. To close his lecture, he stressed the importance of statistics. Only by understanding that field, we can make a conclusion from the available data and predict the search for a search.

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When the Q&A session was opened by the moderator, two questions were asked. The first question deals with whether we can use manual ways to help the SPSS software. Answering this question, Professor Wiyono explained that it is very possible to process the data manually. However, it takes a long time because the formulas are complicated, so he suggested that everyone switch to SPSS. The second question deals with the difference between two- and three-variable data processing. In response to the question, Professor Wiyono shared some formulas related to the correlation process in two and three variants of data processing. With this, he hoped to remove the confusion of the participants.

In the closing of Moday lessons, the organizers hoped that the situation will be more favorable for the next meetings. Dr. Dedi Kuswandi advised that the participants in the ISC are divided into small classes, so they could focus more on the lesson. Our Online Course allows you to understand each module of the course at your own ease.

The complete duration of the course is 2 months. 3 days in a week. The minimum class duration is 1 hour.

Online Course Research

The study material will be sent on the email ID of the candidates before each online session. Soft copies of reference books will also be shared.

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A one-to-one basis of the interaction of Trainer and Trainee through telephone discussion, Google Meet or convenient discussions based on video sharing application will be mode of education.

My experience at AM Services was really great, Mam was literally supportive and the way she taught me was like mind blowing, I enjoyed every class and got to know great information about every concept.

Clinical research is a vast subject where we have many job opportunities. The Academy and the guides are also very good, they give us good knowledge regarding clinical research, they help us solve the aptitude. To get the knowledge I was placed in Accenture. Everyone will have 100% placement. I would like to thank Dr. Mini Gupta for guiding me and helping me get placed in a reputed company. For any life science student, this is a very good platform to learn new things and put yourself in good company.

This is one of the best training center in bangalore for clinical research course and mam is so kind her teaching method is very good and after completing my course in 2 months I got a job in a of the best CRO companies like covance with bona. package Thanks for the AM service center.

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“In 2019, Lifesciences B.Sc. fresher, who always wanted to work in the branch of medical sciences liked Pharmacovigilance, enrolled in our academy. As for the faculty, the candidate was really dedicated, hardworking and honest. He successfully completed the course with flight. The colors and the offer letter of one of Lifesciences MNC was in his hand. But his destiny led him towards other priorities of life, one after another. And his job aspirations from his personal front could not be realized at that time. But as we all know, Work never goes in vain, the Candidate in 2021 wanted to enter the clinical research industry …. . We at the AM Services Clinical Research Training Academy, again provided all the introduction and guidance towards his career. Healthcare-IT and finally he was selected as Associate of Pharmacovigilance “. This shows that the hard work of the applicant and the passion of the Academy to take every applicant’s interest seriously can do wonders. Guys dream of working in the Clinical Research Industry and We are here to make your dreams come true. Together we can 👍

My name is Arbaz and I am working as clinical data publishing coordinator at Covance Pharmaceuticals, Bangalore. I would like to take this opportunity to express my journey with AM Services Clinical Research Training Academy which helped me to get my dream job in an MNC. First of all, I heartily thank Dr. Mini Gupta ma’am for her support and training procedure. He is an extremely experienced person and his approach in training a candidate is excellent. At AM Services Clinical Research Training Academy, Dr. Mini ma’am is not only trained on the core concepts of clinical research, but also on soft skills such as English grammar to improve communication skills and writing skills to express our knowledge. He also trained on logical reasoning, which helped me clear the interview. One of the nicest things I liked about the AM Services Clinical Research Training Academy is that they conduct regular tests to understand where a candidate stands in terms of clinical research knowledge and also in terms of logical reasoning and ability of writing in English.

“The place of positive communication. I have been with AM services and completed the clinical research course and I was placed in the first interview only. Great institute with supportive faculty. The training module is very effective.”

Online Course Research

“It was a great experience to be a part of the AM Services Clinical Research Training Academy. I am thankful to the trainers who helped me a lot in the preparation of the mock interview, the aptitude training, the development of communication and communication skills. Put in a good CDM profile.”

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“It was an amazing experience at AM Services Pune branch. I got immense training and knowledge about Clinical Research. I was overwhelmed with the support provided by the trainers throughout the training process. The institute prepared me for the interview, it helped to develop soft. skills and communication skills. I strongly recommend the AM Services Clinical Research Training Academy to all students who want to pursue their dreams and start a good

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