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A new e-learning course catalog will make it easier for users to find and enroll in online courses. These free educational materials, covering all areas of peaceful use of nuclear technology through the Cyber ​​Learning Platform for Network Education and Training (CLP4NET), have seen increased use during the COVID-19 pandemic. CLP4NET now has 58,000 users.

Online Course Training

Online Course Training

“The CLP4Net has always been important to the organization, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been instrumental in helping it continue to fulfill its mandate despite restrictions on travel and in-person interactions,” Electronic Tools Coordination said. said officer Yus Renaud Berrios. at the . “This important role is to help our members to develop their skills related to nuclear science and technology, including safety and security. Our mission is through publications, scientific visits, workshops, technical cooperation projects, and, more recently, This is achieved through a combination of distance-based learning. We’ve always had online courses, but over the last 18 months, we’ve seen an increase in demand.

Live, Instructor Led Online Training

On average, around 1000 new users are registered on the platform every month. Due to the shift towards more virtual and distance-based methods, the number of leader webinars has increased significantly and this trend is predicted to continue in the next few years.

The new e-learning course catalog allows users to search and find content online more than ever before, with keyword, topical area, and content type searches and filters enabling easy browsing among 482 courses and webinars. does

Some e-learning materials have also been translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Course details are accessed via a link on the course catalog page, which redirects the user to a page with more course information, such as major topics, course length, and available languages.

CLP4NET is an external face-to-face learning management system that supports capacity building and knowledge transfer through web-based development and distribution of learning resources in an affordable, scalable, and user-friendly manner.

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To access all content on CLP4NET, new users need to register. The first step is to create a user account on the NUCLEUS single sign-on system (click the link to sign up).

Any NUCLEUS user can enroll in all free, open, self-directed, e-learning courses. In the case of instructor-led training courses, an invitation letter and an enrollment check are required from the course manager. Such training events usually require an official invitation to participate.

Anyone who wants to find out more or view the e-learning resources available on CLP4NET can easily access the course catalog and course detail pages here. Offers live interactive online training for those who want to upgrade their skills step by step. A unique approach where you are in full control of your training, you can choose your training days/times and then a trainer will be assigned to you, enabling you to achieve your learning goals.

Online Course Training

This interactive online training program gives you the advantage of learning according to your learning curve and with your learning goals in mind. Contact us to schedule a free demo of the interactive online training program.

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Online Training is an online interactive portal that offers various courses in the field of multimedia as well as a wide variety of designing courses including web designing courses, fashion/textile designing courses as well as jewelery designing (CAD CAM) courses. . These creative courses nurture budding designers with the passion and passion to succeed in their careers.The training provided by Online Training is a highly interactive, self-paced learning approach that offers both introductory and advanced training.

Education technology has changed from local classroom forms to online-based portals with flexible time schedules and the answer to this metamorphosis is online training, a division of Compfield ( an ISO certified 9001:2008 Computer Training Institute 1985. Education is a critical success factor. Women who are self-employed and financially successful often have an education that increases their competence and self-esteem in a highly competitive society. New Savvy discusses education in the context of overall financial planning because women often ask if the cost and time commitment of higher education pays off in the long term. New Savvy explores the possibilities for Masters and MBA students as well as alternative education opportunities that can develop marketable skills for the job market. Enrolling in post-secondary education is not a decision to be taken lightly. The cost of tuition can vary greatly. A rigorous course schedule and assignments may require you to advance to a money-making job or even abandon a career course you’ve already started. The time investment required to work for a Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. This may mean that you will not have an income for several years. Add to that the fact that there is the potential to pay back student loans once you have that degree. One of the most valuable exercises a woman can do is to consider what higher education means. New Savvy reveals a range of thoughts on this topic, both from the mathematical side of income, and from the personal side in which women ask themselves what they want out of life. Some women go straight to work after high school because of economic necessity or because they need more time before deciding to go to university. New Savvy describes the considerations a woman needs to make before deciding to go to school. Be it BA, BS, MA, MBA or Ph.D. For you going, there are many pros and cons to think about. While a university degree can be a prerequisite for a better income, money cannot be the only determining factor. It is important that your vision for your future matches the opportunities that a degree will afford you. An important step in deciding on your course of action is to identify and honor your own life goals. That course may or may not involve higher education. Many ambitious women have started their careers thanks in large part to the opportunities offered by the Internet. This guide to education illuminates alternatives to traditional degrees that perfectly align with your life and career goals. We’ll help you get started, no matter where you find yourself in your educational journey.

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Online Course Training

Education plays a huge role in an individual’s life, whichever path she takes. From age 7 to your early 20s, going to school is a way for you to learn, make friends, and understand…

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Online Course Training

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