Online Course Without Showing Face

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Online Course Without Showing Face – Youtube is one of the most popular and successful video streaming social sites for entertainment and to make money online. I forgot to mention, youtube is also an important part of students life. You can learn Java, HTML, python, or any kind of programming language not only, but youtube is also an open book where you can find any kind of educational videos. It is interesting to watch how people use this social site in many ways.

Today, we’re going to talk about 7 Youtube Video Ideas Without Showing Faces or Voices, Leaving Everyone Behind.

Online Course Without Showing Face

Online Course Without Showing Face

Many of you dream of becoming a successful YouTuber, but for some reason, you don’t want to show your face or voice in your youtube videos. It may sound funny, but it’s true. Millions of people are not confident enough to show their faces online. You can take me as an example. Making youtube videos is one of my hobbies; however, I don’t want to show my face or voice. I’m not comfortable with what I’m doing.

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Youtube is the best platform to earn some money online. Before, there were very few channels on youtube. With less number on the channel, of course, it will have less videos on youtube, but it is made for quality. Recently, the craze of making youtube videos and making money from it is increasing. Now it is very difficult to get what you want. You get thousands of competitors every day. That’s not the only problem here. Youtube policy is also considered as one of them. Google changes its youtube policies from time to time, and you know why.

Youtube channels used to be easy to monetize, but now it’s a dream for startup channels. You will need 4000 hours of watch time and a total number of 1000 channel subscribers. Google can change this policy again if they get impatient.

There are many tech channels on youtube where they teach how to solve a problem. You can find our youtube channel, where we make dozens of youtube videos without showing our faces. If you are interested in things related to technology, this may be your best option to make many YouTube videos without showing your face or voice. All you need is a screen recorder app or software and video editing software. You can use text in videos to guide your viewers.

If you want to use background audio for your youtube videos, the youtube audio library will be useful. Over thousands of copyright-free music can be reused.

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Are you good at photoshop? or are you good at any other apps or software? If yes, then tutorial channel will be a brilliant idea to start your youtube channel. It’s like the tech channel. However, here you can teach them to use your mastered apps or software. You can teach them how to make mouth-watering photos in adobe photoshop. Tutor them to create stunning VFX effects in adobe after effects and more.

The tutorial channel got very high demand on youtube. If it goes well, you can earn not only from youtube but also earn a decent amount by offering online courses.

As you can see, a single Beluga video has garnered over 22 million video views. It’s crazy. A youtube video that does not show the face and voice receives a lot of views and subscribers. Don’t forget to watch their video thumbnail. This is the perfect example of quality. You can also make a beluga-type video for your youtube. This idea may be new to you, but it will work perfectly if you focus on your quality over your quantity.

Online Course Without Showing Face

Grab your notebook and start writing some funny conversations between two or more people. After that, take a screenshot of the message and combine it using a good video editing software. For background music, you can always use the youtube audio library.

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The number of depressed people is increasing every day. Either it was because of a love life or financial problems. People are losing their lives. Can you help them raise their heads again? Can you be their friend in their bad time? Help motivate them by making some quality motivational videos. Either create your own podcast or find a motivational podcast by a famous public figure.

You can find free stock videos for your motivational videos here. After that, add some smooth background music from the youtube audio library. Help people get through their bad days. They will surely appreciate it.

Top 10 channel videos are one of the most trending and in-demand youtube video ideas of all time. Either it’s a top 10 funny video or a top 10 Lionel Messi goal? The hype of this idea will never let you down. One of the best reasons to stay in this niche is, you will never run out of content. It’s like an ocean, endless. Creating a compilation of videos can be difficult and time-consuming. You have to find all those clips, edit them, combine them and upload them. My God, long process.

Have you ever seen a 5 minute craft youtube channel? They haven’t shown their faces or voices but they still got 73 Million subscribers and a million views on the videos. Why don’t you try to do something like that? You can be the Khabe Lame of youtube. To start this niche, you need to buy a camera or a mobile photo with a good camera, bright paper, and your own ideas to make things easier.

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When I can’t sleep at night, I just open my youtube and search for relaxing music. That soft piano music really helps me fall asleep without any obstacles. You can also do this by making a beautiful slideshow video. After that, add soft background music from the Youtube music library, or else you can hire someone to make an hour or more of relaxing music for you. Fiverr or Upwork can be the best option to find a freelancer to do your work.*Ira and I will go deep and give you some concrete examples in our mini-podcast. This is a shorter, more condensed version of it. Enjoy!

Let me rephrase this: when you look at yourself in the mirror, do you feel yourself but then you turn on the selfie camera and you’re like…

Not everyone is comfortable being on camera and personally, I’m afraid to take part in Tik Tok challenges because one, everyone seems to be a model there and two, I just don’t want to be judged for it.

Online Course Without Showing Face

In fact, there are other ways to teach online without having to press the record button on your Canon G7.

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I know what you’re thinking — isn’t Youtube visual? Yes, it is. But you can make a lot of videos without having to be on camera.

You can try white boarding like in Draw My Life. It’s the fancy kind but you can also explain things like basic algebra and get a fair number of hits without facing the camera.

Or make some animated shorts, if that’s your style. There’s no limit to what you can do without video. You can do movie reviews, unboxings, how-tos, etc.

I just saw Tenet — and I walked out of the theater with less understanding than when I entered.

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I saw this video on Youtube of a guy explaining the ending and he didn’t even show his face but got about 500k views!

There is a downside to this, and making a video is time consuming. You have to plan, illustrate, film, edit, etc. which may take years of my life. Which leads me to…

It’s a skyrocketing space right now, because it’s one of the easiest, simplest and fastest ways to teach and share content, and be completely authentic.

Online Course Without Showing Face

There are some awesome tech podcasts too like Python (the programming language, not the snake). It’s called “Talk Python to me” — which I think is funny.

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If you want to learn how to order the perfect pasta, you too can make a few minutes a day from Coffee Break Italian.

The only problem is, you need on average around 50k episodic listeners to get sponsored or make money. You also get it with fewer subscribers but sponsors come and go so the income stream is not constant.

It’s the same if you host premium content on Patreon — you rely on donations. That’s not a sustainable way to make money online, is it?

Hustle, a popular business and tech newsletter, released their first audio version newsletter a few days ago (from what I heard).

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There aren’t many creators doing this yet so it’s good to get on board, right? Maybe, but there’s something else,

How can you possibly make money online, create a side hustle or earn passive income without a paywall behind it?

An audio course is a great way to make money

Online Course Without Showing Face

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