Online Course Yoga Teacher

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Online Course Yoga Teacher – Looking for an online yoga teacher training course but inundated with listings and promises that this yoga school is the “best”?

And for a long time I did not want to enter this space. I just wanted my online learning to speak for itself and allow the right students to find me when they were ready.

Online Course Yoga Teacher

Online Course Yoga Teacher

SO MANY of these students were the FIRST to try the other online yoga instructor training courses listed in these blog posts before eventually joining mine!

What Is The Cost For Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Because these lists are labeled “Certified Yoga Instructor” for less than 1 college course would cost you (e.g. “Get Certified Yoga Instructor for $300” – or less! 🤯). We know the cost of yoga training varies greatly, but be very wary of any training you can buy for less than $1,000.

Inexpensive tuition offers can be tempting, but they encourage many students to make impulsive purchases only to find that what’s behind the “buy now” button doesn’t live up to their expectations, leaving them unprepared and searching.

Historically, legal yoga teacher training has cost over $3,000, with top-level schools costing $4,000 or more. Trust me, finding a cheap online course and entering your credit card details is

Next, you really need to (urgent message!) complete a 200-hour yoga training in various categories (regardless of which training you buy). It is then that many students realize that after viewing the shopping cart, they are completely “independent”:

H Yin Yoga Course In Ny — Jane Bakx Yoga

The truth is that most of these online YTT programs rely on volume – they expect many people to want to sign up, but less than 25% will get certified. The sheer number of hours it takes to certify (yes, 200 hours guys!), requires stamina and a lot of footwork. Inexpensive programs rely on you not actually completing them. By the time you realize you’re in trouble, they’ve already collected your money.

And that’s when students inevitably come to me for an online training that not only teaches them traditional yoga philosophy and alignment, but guides them through the entire certification process step by step.

In my cohort model, you learn from start to finish with the same peer group as you do in person. You have the same teachers, the same colleagues, which leads to responsibility and support. All graduate together and complete their 200 hours within 4 months in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. I also offer extensive training on how to run a yoga business and make a living as an online yoga teacher as part of my curriculum.

Online Course Yoga Teacher

Look, I’m not trying to sell you my course (even though it’s on this list because I honestly believe it’s the best and I’ve been in this field the longest).

Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

What I am trying to do is to provide you with some context about the intrinsic value of a professionally structured online yoga teacher training…

…and the main downfall of DIY programs that don’t provide that kind of value simply because at best they don’t have the team, technology, experience and resources, or at worst because they can hide behind a computer screen.

So below is my verified list of online yoga teacher training that I know is really worth it.

DISCLAIMER: Unlike most other websites that list online yoga teacher training based on the affiliate commission they receive from them (please find out WHO is the authority/author of the listings you read), I DO NOT I receive an affiliate commission from these trainings. . If I do that, then I’ll be straight about it.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Course Details

Instead, I share my opinion as an industry veteran and provide genuine recommendations based on my experience, knowledge, and relationships with leading yoga instructors in the field.

Because I believe in yoga. I think that anyone who cares about their body or likes to do self-development should take yoga teacher training. I believe in the power of yoga as a transformative, healing method. I know for a fact that master teachers can be fully trained online and I know what makes a good online yoga school.

So, let’s dive into the affiliate listing sites that are out there. Brett Larkin has joined the chat and I’m talking about what I think provides the best 200 hour online teacher training. Let’s do it!

Online Course Yoga Teacher

I am an industry veteran and have been providing yoga teacher training online for over 7 years. I’ve been in this industry the longest, so I’ve been able to watch the industry grow and adapt to online learning.

Online Rising Wings Advanced Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

In fact, the online version of my YTT was not certified by the Yoga Alliance until after COVID broke out, because there was a condition that the yoga school had to provide face-to-face yoga instructor training in order to be certified by the Yoga Alliance. Ignore the actual quality of the program or the success rate of its students.

Now thanks to COVID we are a registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliance, but that means everyone else who has an internet connection and a promise that they will teach all the necessary topics…

Listen, I will recommend my course because, as I said, I really think it is the best. I have literally dedicated my life to creating a transformative, intimate YTT that delivers the ultimate value for my students and truly qualifies them for certification (96% of our students graduate completing all 200 hours with Yoga Alliance membership).

But I will also talk about other courses that I believe in. My course is not for everyone and I understand that. I just want to connect yoga lovers with quality schools.

Hrs Part Time Ttc (online Hindi)

Most of the lists you read take snippets from a learning material sales site and repeat them. They don’t really tell you what’s included in the course, why it’s worth paying for, or what qualities a top registered yoga teacher offers. They didn’t pass the course.

I promote trainings in which I either know the owners well, or have participated myself, verified through my professional network, or have seen my graduates behind the scenes.

But I don’t recommend that you just take my word for it. Investing in yoga teacher training is an important decision. It very much depends on your personal practice, your yoga teaching goals and the style or tradition you would like to learn.

Online Course Yoga Teacher

Otherwise, let’s explore what to look for in a 200 hour online teacher training course or an online yoga school. I know you want to be on my list, but all this backstory is very important to know, ahem, to enter…

Online Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

For full details on the Yoga Alliance and what it means to be Yoga Alliance certified, go to my post: What is the Yoga Alliance and do I need an RYT certification to teach yoga?

Basically, the Yoga Alliance is an organization that streamlines the certification process in the yoga industry. The idea is that when a “registered yoga teacher” applies for a teaching job at a yoga studio, yoga retreat, or any other yoga teaching job, the employer can be sure that the teacher has a general understanding of yoga and how to teach.

Just as law and medical schools must follow certain standards to ensure that graduates are truly prepared to practice in their field of study, the Yoga Alliance is trying to do the same.

The Yoga Alliance has always been a source of controversy as they operate from the fees students and teachers pay them to be part of their roster.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses

So if a “yoga school” pays the fee and provides any (potentially fake) documentation for their curriculum, then they get registered. Because of the scams that have been rampant in recent years, YA has vowed to check programs more thoroughly.

For a yoga school to be registered with the Yoga Alliance, it must demonstrate that it adequately covers the following topics:

One of my most important recommendations on how to know if online learning is legit, much more than the Yoga Alliance seal, is to actually take a look at the curriculum.

Online Course Yoga Teacher

Remember, being a yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance only means that you have submitted the relevant documents for approval and paid the fee. This does not mean that the training itself is high quality or well suited to what you are looking for. Viewing the course syllabus will help you learn more about what the respective course has to offer.

Online (live) 200 Hour Hatha And Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training From Rishikesh

One of my BIGGEST recommendations for students is to get to know a top yoga instructor before buying a course. After all, just because you paid the Yoga Alliance to become a registered yoga teacher doesn’t mean you are

It is also important to know that a yoga instructor has a style and philosophy that you like.

Think about it: a lead teacher is someone who not only teaches you yoga basics like yoga anatomy and yoga history, but he will also teach you.

And whether you want to get yoga training for your personal practice or become a yoga instructor, it is important that you really

The 7 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses, According To An Industry Expert

If you can’t attend their yoga classes in a regular yoga studio, find them online, on Youtube and visit a virtual yoga class. Get to know their style and voice. Look how

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