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Online Course York University – Please Note: Some classes will appear as (unscheduled) in the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB). Sessions that do not have a day/hour/time specified have no time and will appear blank or have zero in the Day/Time/Time column. As a result, unscheduled course meetings will not appear in the VSB viewing schedule.

The Student Structure Plan (VSB) is a self-help online tool that helps you plan your course plan. It allows you to design your own schedule and schedule based on the classes and times that work best for you. VSB organizes selected courses in a non-conflict format and presents them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

Online Course York University

Online Course York University

Enter VSB with your York Passport. Step-by-step instructions and tips for VSB are listed below.

Teas Instruction Booklet / Livret De Directives Teas

Join VSB. By default, you will be in the course selection. If multiple enrollment periods are open (for example, for Spring and Summer/Fall), then you can select the desired course using the radio button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click the Select… link next to Companies to open a list of companies. This opens a new window where, by default, all locations are displayed. You can click individual check boxes to add or remove company options, click Select All to add company options, or click Select Not to remove all company options. TIP: A quick way to select a single location is to click the Now button and click the location you want.

Remember: VSB is used to create a better program. VSB does not enroll in courses. When you find the program you like, you will register for the course using the Registration and Enrollment Module and the course number provided by VSB.

To remove a course from the desired course list, click the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the colored box for that course. To select a course from the genealogy program without completely removing it from the list, click on the check mark next to the course code in the upper left corner of the course color chart.

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You can configure custom options on the program to force the system to keep those courses in one place. You can add (or remove) courses with any method:

To search through your given program options, you can use the arrow keys on the page, or the arrow keys on your keyboard (save space when you are on the page using multiple results). As you hold the arrow keys, they will quickly move around in different directions.

If the course list you have chosen produces the maximum possible VSB integration program to work, you will see the following warning:

Online Course York University

There are many possible plans. You must reduce the number of enabled classes or hang some class(es) before adding more classes.

Is A Winter Campus Return Safe?

A warning icon – an announcement sign inside a triangle – will appear at the scheduled time if two courses close in time (60 minutes or less) are offered at two different locations. This alerts you to ensure adequate travel time between campuses.

Course: You cannot select any course until the course is selected at the top of the course selection screen.

If you choose a course that has an unavoidable conflict with other courses you have selected (or a course that has the same group of meetings), then the number of your expected results will automatically decrease to zero and the system will display the following message:

To resolve the conflict, first establish your core courses (major and/or minor) and then try to add other courses (such as general education or electives) to your schedule.

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If you select two courses that do not have a course category with conflicting open positions, VSB will still display all programs together but will display the message:

The VSB schedule looks different depending on the course. Daylight saving time calendar shows one week like a calendar. The fall/winter schedule is divided into two sections: the left side shows fall classes and the right side shows winter classes. Courses that run through the summer/winter semester (such as Y Y courses) will appear in both sections.

If you select courses offered only on weekdays, they will be displayed in a 5-day grid from Monday to Friday. If there are courses you want to be offered on the weekend, they will be scheduled in a six or seven day calendar (including Sunday and/or Saturday) depending on the day your course is offered. Be sure to look at the top row of your calendar to see the columns that correspond to the days of the week.

Online Course York University

All possible conflict-free arrangements are reviewed in the results section. Lessons are color-coded and grouped into the following two categories:

N & O Lee Li

If the classes are given in the physical space, then there will be one-to-one correspondence between the two systems. However, if the course is offered online, then it will be shown in the detailed course list with a monthly deadline but you will not see it listed in the weekly list.

When you navigate to your program of choice using the arrows below the Navigate Program menu, the options in the Legend and Program area are automatically updated.

A great feature of VSB is the ability to block your time when you don’t want to study. You can create these sections by clicking and dragging the timeline grid. The system will show you exactly the possible programs that prevent these situations. (Possible programs that show courses that exceed these disabled times will still be visible but will be moved to the back of the viewport.)

To remove a blocked time, click in the time grid. You can also prioritize the options using the options in the Sort drop down menu in the upper right corner of the results.

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If you would like to manually register specific sessions, instead of clicking and dragging on the schedule grid, you can do this easily by clicking Add More Available in the course selection area. You can now type a time in the Add Custom Time field below the grid box in the results field, and click Add Time. To remove each individual time added to the time grid, click Remove all specific times.

Any filter applied to your search must be checked. You can narrow down your options by selecting one of the following options:

Remember that your sorting preferences do not change the number of results of your program: they only change the order of viewing results. VSB does not save your preferences separately from your entries, so you must apply them every time you create a new program.

Online Course York University

Some parts of the course will have “Similar Options”, such as a seminar group and a seminar group and/or a laboratory group (laboratory). In such areas, lectures/laboratories are usually offered in separate locations from the lecture halls.

Health & Dental Plan — York Federation Of Students

Click Show similar options in the results pane to see other options for the same course, then click the radio button to the left of the option. Click the Hide Options icon to hide other options.

If you zoom in on your browser, or use a display monitor, then you will only be able to view one VSB panel (Select Courses or Results); you can switch between them by clicking on the field names. In this case, the Generate Schedule button will appear in the Course Selection section: it will only change (change from gray to green) if at least one course has been selected, and it will automatically convert the results to get a selection schedule. .

If your enrollment window is open, and you do not have an advisory and/or financial block on your enrollment form, you can immediately use the Enrollment and Registration Module (REM) to enroll in the course. To do this quickly, copy the list of courses (one by one) from the Cat #s box under the list of courses in the results section. Register as soon as possible after deciding on your schedule as seat availability information is updated regularly. It is possible that classes that are not full when you schedule VSB may be full when you are going to try to increase in REM.

If you are unable to register immediately (for example, because the registration window has not yet opened and/or you have a meeting or financial suspension that prevents registration), then you can copy or paste the URL address in your VSB browser to send the email program result(s) to screen to your course advisor or for future reference. Typing the URL into a web browser will display the program again, but you can log in to Passport York to view it. Created by researchers, our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free and open to everyone. Work with universities – study well, find new places or prepare for higher education.

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