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Online Course Youtube – Ten years ago, YouTube videos were much simpler than they are now. Also much more pixelated. Many of us remember seeing the first viral videos: Charlie Bit My Finger, Numa Numa, Evolution of Dance and End of Ze World. Back then, we didn’t need to read about the 30 best online courses for YouTube. There was no career in making YouTube videos.

Now, however, YouTube creators are a dime a dozen. Still, only a few of them are good, and only a few of the good YouTube creators are successful. However, the successful YouTubers live a pretty glamorous life. Fast cars, big houses and equipped camera crews. What’s not to love about their lifestyle? In addition, they spend their time making videos on topics they love.

Online Course Youtube

Online Course Youtube

Many people do. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance, but you have to work hard. When you watch a viral video, you’re watching five minutes of fast-paced content that you love. But you can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. The withdrawals, the technological glitches, the 70-hour work weeks that make your eyes beg for a rest from the computer screen.

Learn To Mix Audio For Youtube Profesionally

Does that sound scary? It’s hard work, but you can be an excellent YouTube creator; there is still room for you.

Whether you’re looking for fame or the knowledge to create high-quality videos, the resources to become a great YouTuber are out there. Don’t worry about finding them though; we bring them to you! In the following 30 courses, you’ll find everything you need to create compelling content, find your voice, produce great videos, and grow your channel.

Getting an education or going back to get more education can be a costly endeavor, sometimes with hit or miss results. That’s why at Online Course Report we take our job seriously and provide you with a ranking of the best online courses for YouTube based on weighted factors. With the amount of time and money you will be investing in these courses, we want to be as transparent as possible about the criteria by which we have ranked our courses. Some of the criteria and questions we asked ourselves when formulating our rankings include:

What are the 30 Best Online Courses for YouTube? #1. 30 days to a better YouTube channel by video creators

Youtube One Day Online Course

Unfortunately, you probably won’t become a YouTube sensation in a few weeks. 30 days is also a stretch. First, you need excellent content. Next, you need to define your voice, your brand and your target audience. This process takes time, and for many passionate video creators, the public engagement part is not easy. However, with the help of Video Creators’ Short Course, $29.99, the process should be a little easier.

Four units make up the course: Branding, Value Proposition & Target Audience; Search and Discovery: Positioning yourself to be discovered; Audience Growth: Engage your viewers and build a community; and video content strategy: Engage your viewers from the start. After completing this course, you will familiarize yourself with the essential tools to develop your channel.

The most important components of a successful YouTube video are an excellent idea, high-quality equipment and flawless execution. To achieve these three things requires a lot of work and preparation. And without knowing what to do, you are doomed to failure. So how do you learn everything? Well, it takes time, but there are some tools at your service.

Online Course Youtube

Before Your Shoot is the first course in a three-part video production tutorial offered by YouTube. The class consists of three units: choose your equipment, develop your ideas and get ready for your shoot. Whether you want to join a YouTube creation team or grow your channel, Before Your Shoot will teach you essential tools to make you successful.

The Online Course Show

So you know you want to be a YouTube creator? It is an excellent first step. And you have your old camera phone ready to record. Wait, scratch that: You need something better than an old camera phone. And what about lighting? What about framing? Being a YouTube star requires more than original content and a pretty face. You also need to know how to record a video.

Fortunately, YouTube dedicates a section of its site to aspiring video creators. In Under Your Shoot, a free one-hour YouTube course, you’ll learn how to compose your shots, how to use light effectively, and how to record audio like a pro. If you lack traditional videography training, try this course.

So you’ve shot your soon-to-be-viral video, now what? How do you cut the best bits of your footage? How do you make the good parts shine and hide the bad elements? And how to add music to a video? The post-production process of video creation is crucial. It is also challenging and time consuming.

After Your Shoot is a free 45-minute video tutorial on post-production techniques. During the course, you’ll get expert tips on choosing your editing tools and editing your videos like a pro. Also, you will learn the benefits of adding music and sound effects to your video.

Ep. 41: Kursus

Are you ready to become a YouTube sensation? But first you have to learn, well, everything? If so, you’ve come to the right place: this in-depth YouTube masterclass will teach you everything you need to know.

YouTube requires a lot of work, from making videos to finding subscribers. To be successful, you need to be an artist, marketer and brand manager all at once. And it can be difficult to handle, but luckily there are courses made for your problems. This $199.99 online YouTube class will focus on starting a YouTube channel, getting more views and subscribers, and building a brand with videos. If you want to learn everything about YouTube and its processes, take this course.

Are you a video wiz? Do you have the right equipment, witty scripts and sophisticated editing skills? But when it comes to marketing your material, don’t you know? The truth is that many of us ignore YouTube marketing. We create videos, wait and hope that our videos reach their intended audience. Two percent of the time this works; However, finding an audience usually requires manual work.

Online Course Youtube

This $199.99 online YouTube course aims to help you create a prominent and successful YouTube channel with many views. The course work is divided into nine hours of video and lots of online course material. By the end of this course, you will know how to promote your channel and individual videos like a marketing professional.

Youtube Is Launching Ad Free Educational Content

How do you get views on YouTube? Well, viewers. And how do you get viewers? There are two main ways: subscribers and people searching for your videos. But how do searchers find your videos and how do subscribers find your channel in the first place? Welcome to the mystery of search engine optimization (SEO).

In this $194.99 online course, you’ll learn a proven step-by-step strategy to rank your videos on the first page of YouTube. This strategy includes creating eye-catching thumbnails that attract the attention of potential viewers and learning how to target specific keywords. If your video production skills are refined but you need a little help on the marketing side, this course will be your friend.

Video technology is changing every day. From black and white videos to the first technicolor video recorders to IMAX to VR, it’s challenging to keep up with all the changes and even harder to master them. Recently, VR and 360 video production has taken the YouTube world by storm.

This free Coursera class gives you the skills you need to get started on your first VR project. During the eight-hour course, its instructors will guide you through a step-by-step process to create VR content. After that, you will be able to create VR and 360 videos that will impress your friends and attract millions of viewers.

Rapid Prototype Your Online Course Using Live Video

Video editing is an elusive skill. Unless you learn it in a formal setting, you can only improve your video editing skills through trial and error, with little supervision. Still, video editing is one of the more crucial components of developing a YouTube channel. Without tasteful and effective editing skills, your brilliant video will not look so brilliant.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing programs out there. This $194.99 online course will walk you through every step of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing process. This lengthy, in-depth course includes 12 hours of on-demand video, 7 articles, and 14 downloadable resources. If you want to improve your editing skills using a single editing software, this is the course for you.

Here’s a YouTube secret: Videos with terrible content but excellent editing are often far more popular than videos with great content and abysmal editing. Why? In our rapid fire 21st century world, no one wants to see a pixelated video or a video that shows your constant sneezes and belches. If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you need to have excellent video editing skills.

Online Course Youtube

Another editing-focused course, this online class focuses on editing with Final Cut Pro X, the popular Apple video editing software. In this $49.99, six-hour course, you’ll learn how to become a master with Final Cut Pro X. And you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful YouTuber.

The Best Tool For Teaching Online: Youtube Vs Online Training Platforms

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