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Online Course Zimbabwe – “Honestly, I don’t know how to use a computer. I am a WhatsApp tester,” said Maxwell Chimeza. The 27-year-old prepares students on the brink of appearing for Zimbabwe’s ultra-competitive secondary school A-levels. The tools of his trade? Samsung Galaxy A10S mobile phone with 32GB storage.

In 2021, Chimeza attracted local attention after 64 WhatsApp class students between them bagged 41 A-level marks, seemingly putting them in the same league as students from Zimbabwe’s expensive elite boarding schools. In 2020, 50,000 students in the South African country took the A-level exam.

Online Course Zimbabwe

Online Course Zimbabwe

The popular “Dr. Max”, Chimeza operates from Mibare, the oldest township in the capital Harare and one of the country’s poorest. “I’ll be clear, I’m an unqualified teacher,” he said.

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Chimeza himself narrowed his gap to 14 A-levels in 2012, but his family could not afford to send him to university. A three-year degree is required to join the 136,000 formal teachers in Zimbabwe.

Chimeza started his WhatsApp “Student Polishing” campaign in 2019, facing a severe unemployment crisis in a country whose economy has been in recession for more than a decade. He developed a WhatsApp class schedule and added audio and video content for students in the WhatsApp classroom. He conducts mock tests and grades their assignments. Unlike traditional school teachers, who are paid around $260 a month, Chimeza’s skills are reserved for the “last mile” of student preparation. “Three months before an exam, I can polish a student and get an A,” he says.

Chimeza began to earn money through his efforts. In 2019, parents in the Zimbabwean diaspora in South Africa started giving him $10 a month per thread because he needed about 25GB of data ($40) to host WhatsApp classes.

But when the Covid-19 virus hit Zimbabwe’s school teachers, the need for Chimeza’s WhatsApp classroom increased. In March 2020, Zimbabwe closed schools and curtailed public transport in an attempt to contain the growing number of Covid-19 infections. In June 2020, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, with the support of UNICEF, began broadcasting school lessons through local radio stations due to the low availability of high-speed Wi-Fi in Zimbabwean households. Traditional radio was chosen because Internet-enabled education—with richer educational resources, videos, apps, databases, and fact-checking interfaces—is still considered inaccessible to many low-income families in Zimbabwe.

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Indeed, Zimbabwe’s mobile internet is relatively expensive compared to many sub-Saharan African countries, but WhatsApp-specific packages are relatively cheap. Weekly, unlimited data packages range from 50 cents to $1. WhatsApp is the dominant network in Zimbabwe as it accounts for half of all network traffic.

This perhaps explains why Zimbabweans have developed an informal ecosystem led by WhatsApp. For example, as early as 2014, startups like 263Chat in Zimbabwe experimented with innovative tools to deliver news and ads to users in WhatsApp message groups. This month, Zimbabwe’s first WhatsApp-only interactive TV series went live, with viewers treated to emojis, stickers, audio, videos and GIFs. Even the country’s typically conservative banks are offering AI-enabled financial services through WhatsApp bots and human responders.

So, when schools in Zimbabwe opened for short exams in September, Chimeza cut his WhatsApp class from 200. “I’m left with 64 students. These are the ones who finally wrote the exam in my hands, and I got 100% qualified from them.”

Online Course Zimbabwe

Chimeza said he wants the Zimbabwean government to integrate the WhatsApp school curriculum and expand the legacy education framework. Consider signing up for these cheap WhatsApp schools, he said

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Independent social scientist Aubrey Nachi says WhatsApp can be a fast and agile tool to help with enrollment, management and delivery of courses from elementary to college. “WhatsApp has over 5 or 6 million users in Zimbabwe,” he said

But Joshifat Gwesira, research secretary of the Zimbabwe Advanced Teachers Union, disagrees: “Even in Zimbabwe’s cities, there are areas where WhatsApp signals are very difficult,” says Gwesira.

, he must first drive back to his school with Wi-Fi. “In rural areas, we have a 150 square kilometer area that has no WhatsApp or cell phone signal. You have to climb the mountain to make the call.’

As an ally, Gwezhira meets with teachers who can’t afford a WhatsApp data plan, and believes that WhatsApp lessons will only make sense when the internet is expanded. “I teach 80 A-level students in the city,” he said. “Half of them don’t have cell phones. People with cell phones are often not online unless they are philanthropists. “At Wolsey Hall Oxford we are proud to support the growing number of homeschooling families in Zimbabwe. The students are predominantly Zimbabwean, but also include ex-cats from a number of other countries. In the last 20 years, home education in Zimbabwe has gained popularity and acceptance.

Emergency Teaching Online: 7 Steps To Get Started

Wolsey Hall Oxford offers structured, stimulating and academically rigorous A-level courses designed for primary, lower secondary IGCSE and home school students. Our fee includes all the books your child needs as well as access to our online learning platform. We also offer a 45-day money-back policy and a number of discounts.

Many families in Zimbabwe do so because home education is a cheaper alternative to private schools. For others, public schools have large class sizes, many Zimbabweans are looking for a different, hands-on approach to educating their children, and homeschooling provides high-quality education.

For some families in Zimbabwe, their children face arduous journeys to get to school. Homeschooling can be a wise choice so that instead of spending many hours going to and from school, this time can be spent actively learning at home.

Online Course Zimbabwe

Wolsey Hall chose to start home schooling with Oxford when they began to look for alternatives due to the rising cost of private school education. Affordable costs and the Cambridge Exam Board were decisive factors in their decision.

How An “unqualified” 27 Year Old Zimbabwean Teacher Created A Top Tutoring Academy On Whatsapp

“Our biggest worry is that they’ll miss out on the camaraderie at school, but once the decision is made it’s like a burden is lifted off our shoulders. “We felt we could give our girls the best education we could.”

We are very excited about Demi and her results using this program. Thanks to Demi’s teachers and principal for all their help. Wolsey Hall is a great show.

I got my results back and I’m so happy! I am very fortunate to have been schooled through this system. I always go to a regular school and although my classes are not bad, I try to catch up with everyone. I found the best thing about Wolsey Hall was how I could work at my own pace so I never left topics I didn’t understand. Every question or concern I had was answered either through Canvas resources or by my mentors. I am really grateful that Wolsey helped me pass all my exams and I look forward to continuing my AS and AL years!

Thank you and your team for your dedication to my children’s education. I have seen such improvement, they are all now confident with their books and homework.

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If you would like to enroll your child at Wolsey Hall Oxford and find out what we do and how to register, please get in touch. We are open to new students throughout the academic year.

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Online Course Zimbabwe

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