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Online Courses Like – Due to the global pandemic, the education community has been forced to explore new ways of teaching. As we all know, online education is not a new thing but it has quickly turned into a great way to continue learning from home. In this post, we will summarize some of the advantages that will help you choose what to study online.

Online courses cost less than face-to-face courses. A lot of material costs are gone, like travel. In this way, students can increase their savings on transportation, as well as on books and printed materials, as online courses often provide an online platform with all the resources the student may need to download.

Online Courses Like

Online Courses Like

One of the main reasons for developing online courses is that students often combine their studies with a career or interest. It’s not always possible to attend morning classes from Monday to Friday so the flexibility that online courses offer makes them interesting. You can plan your schedule according to your needs so that you can manage your study time easily. Also, you will save a lot of time in transportation.

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Physical weaknesses disappear. Similarly, it is possible to connect virtually with people from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to connect with someone who shares your interests but from another continent. A culturally rich experience that will open your mind as you learn. Today, in this global world, who knows if your best friend or new job is 9.000km away from home.

What courses should I choose? You don’t have to worry now about class space. You will find thousands of online courses online. From short private courses, to long-term degrees or master’s degrees. In this way, the student will have to go through this huge platform to find the most suitable one.

Each student has one teacher. You don’t need to reserve a slot in the teacher’s practice. You can almost ask them a question and they will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to explain more, you can always edit it. Also, some online learning platforms offer a forum or question board, a useful tool where common questions are often answered in advance.

Are you planning to take an online course? Check out our new online program designed to match the face-to-face courses you can take online while connected to a learning network. Let’s start a new course together!If you are looking for an online training platform for your company, you can first define what it will be used for, who will use it, when, and under what circumstances. We encourage you to continue to work with the various departments of your company in explaining this.

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As a preliminary guide, we suggest you try to answer a few important questions to help you determine which online training platform best meets your needs:

1. How many people do you want to be on the platform? How many people will be reached at once?

This question will be about the servers you use to host your online courses. The more students you will receive at one time, the more you need to recruit.

Online Courses Like

It is important to define the profile that will have access to the online training platform. For example: Will there be guaranteed platform managers, training teachers, students, student managers, training managers in the company, HR managers, area managers, external partners, technical support, student care centers ..?

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Will students, leaders, and administrators have a common understanding of the platform and its content? Will the direct manager be able to monitor the progress of the work while training the employees under their supervision? Will the teacher be able to change the students’ profile? Will they be able to provide scholarships to students or eliminate the opportunity to study in education, or will this work be the sole responsibility of the administrator? Will the HR responsible be able to send notifications to student leaders to determine which courses they need to complete and when? Will the student be able to communicate with other students of the course through the platform? Will students receive different courses based on their community, location and location? Will students be able to choose the courses they want to take or will they always be given courses by a trusted person in the company?

These are some of the questions about roles defined by the profile that you should establish before choosing your platform. We recommend that you create a complete map of roles (from essential to essential, through recommended) and define which profile performs each role in the tool. A possible model is to create a crosstab, where you place tasks or roles on one axis and get profiles on another axis, so that you can see at a glance what profiles do and if there are overlapping roles (the same roles accessed by different profiles). ).

You can also use a color code based on the priority of each task (for example, red if needed, yellow if needed, green if needed but provided). You may find that the same task is important for a profile and important for someone else (for example, registering a student on the platform may be important for a manager, but important for the profile of a direct employer). The definition of these requirements will make it easier to leave some parts of your online training platform according to your needs, or to know how much functionality should be included if you need to adapt to the development of the platform at different levels. .

Below is a small example with the table we provide (although if you want to use it, you should modify it to fit your company’s needs):

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If you have an electronic record of employees in the company and you want to enter information on a new platform to save employee data and not to re-enter from the beginning, it is important to make sure that the platform allows it. such an upgrade without the loss of knowledge or additional work that would take time away from your team. This is recommended for remote companies that have a lot of information about their employees that they collect over time. Consult your company’s technical specifications for your employee database and ensure that it is compatible with your new database structure.

Although almost all platforms offered today in the market allow a multi-channel approach, not all of them do the same. Some are more flexible and allow the language of the language to have the differences, features and history that are in another language, while others only allow the creation of a clone where the only thing that differs from the language in which the information is displayed. If you have offices in different countries and each country has a training model adapted to local needs, it is possible that a simple model will not meet your expectations. Things like publishing content with different subjects, assigning different roles to the same profile depending on the country of origin or the ability to create content that appears in only one language and not all others are what you should put in the evaluation. Multilingual version of the new platform.

On the other hand, although it may seem obvious, we remind you that a multilingual platform is not a “translation” platform. The platform, unless it is employed with translation content included, often allows courses and materials in different languages ​​to be uploaded, but often comes up empty. This means that for content and courses in different languages, you must first translate them and put them on the platform (don’t forget to allocate part of your budget and time for the project, including the necessary checks). Remember that this applies to the various menus and buttons that are part of the platform itself, not just the courses or the installed tools. In addition, to change the language, you can find lists of default games in languages ​​where the words are long (for example German) due to lack of space. We recommend that you allow extra time to deal with unexpected issues before committing to a launch date for your platform in other languages.

Online Courses Like

In this case, it may be useful to learn about cloud platforms that are available outside of your company’s intranet. This is especially interesting if you have to train foreign employees or agents, business networks, or if you count with a group of freelancers who work outside of your company’s headquarters, for example.

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Remember that when you choose a server in the cloud and upload data from users

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