Online Courses New Zealand

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Online Courses New Zealand – Revitalize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being with the first flower of light from New Zealand® Holistic Therapy System

1. Take a life-changing journey into the power of nature New Zealand where you will experience the power, beauty, charm and splendor of the botanical spirits of this unique land.

Online Courses New Zealand

Online Courses New Zealand

2. Be at the forefront of holistic healing by working with the wonderful holistic healing power and intelligence of nature in the form of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

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3. Be part of the solution by actively addressing the underlying root cause of many of the issues people face today. Support holistic well-being every day in yourself and help others on all levels of existence, including personality, aura, chakras, DNA, soul, and spirit.

4. Develop yourself, to become an empowered healer. Embark on a life-changing journey into the power of nature in New Zealand. Gain practical and powerful skills to accelerate your personal growth and help others.

5. Learn from award-winning expert Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. Gain access to leading wisdom about holistic healing and the world of quantum vibrational medicine. Learn how to immediately apply the knowledge in your own life and know exactly how you can help your clients.

6. Join thousands of successful students. Make a profound positive difference in your life and the lives of others, and work flexible hours with people from home or online.

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7. Be responsible for your life, your career, and your income. Study from anywhere at your own pace. Enroll in any course in any order and achieve your professional qualification with Cert.NZNFE and Dip.NZNFE online course packages.

Harness the transformative power of nature with the 5 phases of First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix©. Learn how to use First Light Flower of New Zealand® Essences Flower, Fern, Tree, Seed & Plant No. 1-84 to restore and maintain well-being at the level of perception, aura, chakras, DNA, and spirit. Study any course in any order or study them all.

Advanced Online Courses – Take Your Practice to the Next Level First Light® Advanced Holistic Healing Matrix© – 2 Phases

Online Courses New Zealand

Harness nature’s intelligence with First Light® Advanced Holistic Healing Matrix©. Learn how to use First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and No’s 85-120 Shamanic Essences to powerfully and holistically support yourself as a healer and be able to address issues at an advanced level that are holding back the soul from moving forward in the healing journey.

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First Light® Cert.NZNFE Online Course Package: Learn how to support the holistic well-being of yourself every day and help others on the levels of Personality, Aura, Chakras, DNA and Spirit with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Flower, Fern, Tree, Seed and Plant Extracts #1 -84. Get access to the 5 stages of First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© to transform your life and empower others.

First Light® Dip.NZNFE Online Course Package: Learn how to support the holistic well-being of yourself daily and help others on all levels of existence, including personality, aura, chakras, DNA, soul and spirit with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® Flower, Fern, Tree, Seeds, Plant, Shamanic Healers & Essences No’s 1-120. Get access to the five stages of the First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© plus the two advanced levels of the First Light® Advanced Holistic Healing Matrix© to transform your life and empower others.

Student you will have limitless career opportunities locally and internationally! You can join other students who have chosen:

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Online Courses New Zealand

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At our sold-out event on December 3, 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand, Franceshel Ofsoski-Weber and Anthony Weber delivered talks that revealed insights about 2023 and released new products to support people during these times of change. More than 120 people gathered. She won major prizes, certificates were awarded, books were signed and many special connections were made with those who attended the event. It was a pleasure to see a number of young adults in their teens and early twenties attending this event, fully engaged and eager to learn spiritual insights into life and well-being. See more photos, details of the new releases, and great stories from the event – visit here

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Registered practitioners who distribute these flower essence blends at minimal cost or by donation across their communities, and education providers are invited to participate in phase two of a pilot program to promote New Zealand’s branded online education to the world.

A webinar for interested providers on March 31 will be followed by an international campaign from June 30 to the end of September 2022.

Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao will partner again with FutureLearn, a London-based platform with a global learner base of over 17 million people. The successful first phase saw 22 online courses from New Zealand providers attract over 80,000 learner registrations in over 200 countries, highlighting the potential of online study platforms to reach new global audiences.

Online Courses New Zealand

The focus of this second phase will be on how to turn an online audience into a sustainable business proposition for service providers based in New Zealand.

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We’re interested in hearing from service providers who have online content ready to go, or who are confident they can quickly develop online content. We are mainly looking to include short and flair training courses (6-20 hours of learning). There is also scope for credit-bearing short courses, including minor credentials.

This opportunity is open to both Registered and Unregistered Education Providers, EdTech Companies, RECs and more. If you have educational content and are interested in participating, please register for our information webinar on March 31, 2022 to learn more.

Participants told us that the benefits of this initiative included being able to explore models of online distribution and to understand more about who the Internet audience is, and how they behave in a learning environment. It also provides an opportunity for service providers to test and learn at low cost and low risk, as well as define their brand attributes for a global audience.

Online education is part of an action program to diversify international education products and services, in line with New Zealand’s International Education Strategy 2018-2030.

Passive House Academy New Zealand: Certified Passive House Designer/consultant

Through first experience, we have confirmed that there is a demand for online courses from providers in New Zealand, many in the sector are willing to try online learning, and that courses in New Zealand can attract learners into full-time positions.

You can explore the key data and insights we gathered from Phase 1 of our report here:

From CE: 2023 to a flying start Greetings to the New Year and welcome to 2023 If you are a beauty freak and dream of either starting your own beauty business or working in a buzzy salon, then our certified eyebrow henna is perfect for you. the

Online Courses New Zealand

If you are a beauty freak and dream of either starting your own beauty business or working in a bustling salon, then our eyebrow lamination certification is perfect for you. the

Online Education Pilot With Futurelearn Enters Second Phase » Education Nz

Our waxing and tinting course covers the entire face so you’ll know exactly how to meet every possible client’s needs, including facial waxing. Learn how to set and

Our advanced eyelash extension course is the perfect way to kick-start your cosmetology career or build on your existing skills. Through this course you will learn the main theoretical knowledge

Eyelash New Zealand School of Cosmetology

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