Online Xhosa Course

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Online Xhosa Course – Led by Craig Makhosi with a team of native Xhosa language teachers and other professionals, fun, flexible, online learning and real-life opportunities to immerse yourself in the language, helping you connect with the South African spirit, community development and Ubuntu.

After Rugby, Johnny Clegg and Biltong, South Africa is known for being a country that practices segregation, creating divisions and inequalities that still make South Africa a difficult and unhappy place.

Online Xhosa Course

Online Xhosa Course

We are systematically classified based on our skin color, hair type, language, culture and ancestry, and even today, we feel the pain of this stereotype that leads us to judge and distrust people. according to our appearance and the way we speak. (and heaven forbid, accentwe spoke to).

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We have come a long way as a nation, in fact we are one of the best countries in the world, leading in many areas including diversity and ethnic work, yet there is still inequality, and still there are historical wounds, and there are still threatening disconnections. to undo our fragile democracy.

We still have a lot to do to address inequality, inequality in access to resources, and one of the most important is language.

We can show respect, tolerance, empathy, honesty, reconciliation and love to embrace, change and heal the wounds of our country through language.

We can get rid of stereotypes, reinvent identity and forge new relationships by making this effort that many South Africans have made. But we are blessed to do it in the way we choose, and to do it with others who have a similar attitude of enthusiasm, gratitude and compassion for all South Africans (including ourselves).

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Just as language can isolate and divide us, it can also unite us and give us a sense of belonging.

After 16 years of experience teaching people (like you) Xhosa, we know all the challenges of learning the language!

So many of us start out with good intentions and lose heart or faith along the way. You are not alone and with us you will do it

Online Xhosa Course

Our community of teachers is always adding more fun content, answering questions in the support forum, and other students are there to work with.

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You can learn at whatever level you are (from beginners to advanced), and there is always someone to work with, other students, or instructors, or community events.

We offer easy IMMERSION opportunities and events in Cape Town and Xhosa villages in the Eastern Cape, such as YhoXhosa yoga retreats. Members get a discount and the first invitation!

You can plan your journey to learn at a pace that suits you with the level of participation that suits you best and at a price that suits your financial situation.

By being part of a great community you will get the benefits of lower costs because we can

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“The best platform for learning Xhosa I’ve come across so far… I love the fact that it’s broken down into manageable chunks.”

“This course was amazing. Ndiyabulela. Please show my gratitude to everyone! You are all opening bridges and helping so many people.”

Participating in a community is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a language, second only to joining a community of native speakers.

Online Xhosa Course

When you become a member you not only get all the exciting benefits above but you can choose the level of support you need for your Xhosa learning Journey experience.

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The best option if you prefer one-on-one time with a teacher, more time and flexible pace and great math to ensure success!

Our Level 1 content is designed for the complete beginner. We have had children and octogenarians successfully enjoy and complete our courses. If you don’t know any Xhosa or you are just starting out you should start with Level 1. If it is important to you we will upgrade you to the next level for free.

We currently have 3 levels of Xhosa and we are busy completing Level 4. So unless you are a bit lazy, there is something you can learn, or review.

We have had many people join our courses who have studied Xhosa before, and they all say they found the courses and our material to be more structured.

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So they often get the benefit of starting at level 1 and even if they move quickly, they get solid base points.

You can always check the assessment for the level to see if you are ready for it, or the previous one!

Each level has a summary and assessment that shows what you should know, understand and be able to apply before moving on to the next level.

Online Xhosa Course

You can always check the assessment for the level to see if you are ready for it, or go back to the previous one!

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And if you think you’re ready for Level 2, then make sure you can take the Level 1 test!

All Levels (1-4) run a simple 8 week course during these periods. (Phase 4 only starts in October 2021).

Just by becoming a member you already get huge discounts on our study materials and simplified courses (depending on the package)*.

* In fact, if our Zoom Zoom offer price was R3, 500 for two months (without discount) and now costs only R995 a month (or about R2000 for two months), then that’s a saving of R1500 more and two months. , which saved R750 a month.

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You save even more if you sign up for your annual membership fee. Look out for details at checkout or contact us by email.

Yes, of course! Whenever you want. Just let us know 7 days before your next billing cycle and we’ll downgrade or cancel your membership, no questions asked.

Yes, keep what you downloaded, and hopefully you will continue learning Xhosa. Our product is our gift to you for signing up.

Online Xhosa Course

Also remember your membership fees help us to hire and train teachers, organize workshops and events in rural and economically challenged areas, and provide our goods and services to people who need them. So your subscription goes to a good cause, and we appreciate it!

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We’ve put out a HUGE amount of quality content and have for 15 years and will continue to do so. We charge for these services that cost us money to sustain, pay our development team, and a lot of tech-based money $$$ that goes on whether we’re registered or not. People who pay also help us give to people who can’t pay, so we really appreciate every paying customer!

We only want happy members and students who appreciate the value of service and experience they get from us.

We have deliberately created something that is a complete package for your needs because as a social enterprise, we believe that people and the world come before profit, but deliberate and spent profits ensure sustainability and value.

We thought, how can we create an affordable, FREE ‘no brainer’ membership offer for anyone who wants to learn Xhosa.

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We have cut all our (real) package prices so that it is now less than R1000 to complete any level of Xhosa lessons.

BUT, what if you can’t, or don’t get value from it? Well, here are our policies for your convenience:

Starting from the moment you sign up, and for 6 months of your membership we will offer a semester (three months) of AmaBareBones membership to a healthcare worker or community worker who cannot otherwise afford it. not otherwise.

Online Xhosa Course

We know that sometimes you are on the go and want to continue learning without sitting at a computer.

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For this month only we are offering our Foundation members a full download to the One Thing MP3 Course level, worth R550.

What’s more, with every semester you complete, we’ll send you the next level for free (another R550 worth). Now you can learn wherever you are, just make sure you sign up before the deadline to receive this bonus.

The founder of Ubuntu Bridge, Craig Makhosi, learned Xhosa at an early age, and is still learning. This is why he has deep compassion for beginners to learners and why he is able to teach at a level that people can understand quickly. It will teach you practical techniques and guide you through all the important Xhosa conversation techniques, primarily using videos, sometimes with the help of Lazola and Zikhona), but also provides audio files and written lessons that will can be downloaded!

Deon Xhamela Nebulane: Native speaker and facilitator at UBuntu Bridge for 0ver 10 years, Deon Nebulane, will provide live support on whatsapp, Zoom and Facebook support group, as you progress through the course to ensure and collaboration, fun and entertainment. completion. Deon teaches regularly in large companies, government departments and non-governmental organizations across Cape Town.UBuntu Bridge gives you the opportunity to speak isiXhosa, have fun, overcome obstacles and get more connected to the AmaXhosa world. !

Learn Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Venda, Shangaan, German, Portuguese

Ubuntu Bridge is an online and mixed learning community, offering passion, friendship and collaboration.

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