What Online Courses Sell Best

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What Online Courses Sell Best – We don’t know about you, but creating online courses seems like a dream come true for us. We take the knowledge we have, teach it to others and make great money with it. But to do that, we need a great online platform where we can build our courses, market them and grow our online school. Although there are many online platforms available for this, choosing the best one can be problematic, especially if you are a beginner.

In this article, we decided to show you the five best platforms for selling online courses that work best for us.

What Online Courses Sell Best

What Online Courses Sell Best

Now we have Thinkific for the number one spot. It’s by far our favorite online platform for selling online courses with features like memberships, landing pages, certifications, advanced marketing tools, and pricing options. With this comprehensive platform, you can quickly create professional digital learning courses, including live lessons, random quizzes, assignments using an easy-to-use course builder. No coding experience required. Not only that, you can also customize every aspect of your digital learning products and sales pages to convert your audience into loyal customers.

Thinkific Product Showcase

Additionally, it provides detailed analytics of your student data so you can always stay one step ahead with your course content and marketing efforts. Plus, we also love their customer support. You’ll never feel alone with their ongoing support team, strong community of creators, and knowledge-based articles and guides. It also has a robust app store filled with all the trusted tools designed specifically for course creators. Best of all, Thinkific lets you test drive it to explore all of its features without investing any money upfront. That’s why we put this at the top of our list today.

Next is LearnWorlds, a robust online course creation platform designed to market your online courses with many interactive features. For example, we really liked the Videoplayer and E-Book learning activities on this platform because they were intuitive and could provide a unique experience for students. Moreover, the sales page and checkout process are highly optimized, which means you can achieve high conversions with increased sales.

Thanks to the simple drag-and-drop editor, anyone can build a course on this platform without any prior knowledge. Plus, you’ll get all the tools like dashboards, responsive templates, marketing automation, and tons of other good stuff to create a high-quality course. You can get started with this platform with its free plan. But its many paid plans are perfectly upgradeable depending on the growth of your business. All in all, LearnWorlds has all the necessary features to meet the needs of any digital teacher.

Teachable is another solution for selling online courses. It comes with a user-friendly interface for creating courses that is quick and easy to use. Its powerful page editor allows you to easily create engaging multimedia lectures, trainings and money-making sales pages without the need for technical expertise. This online platform also has a comprehensive dashboard to estimate your total income for the month and the number of courses you have sold and completed. Plus, we love its easy-to-build milestones, call hosting, and assignment features that let you chat live with your students, schedule and host, and create success stories.

The Best Online Course Platforms

Feedback is also important, and you can collect it using third-party forms and surveys. Plus, you can integrate with Zapier to take that feedback and support to the next level. Finally, Teachable offers unlimited courses and services for students in all of their free and paid plans. That’s why we highly recommend this one. 4. Podium

Next, we have Podia, an all-in-one platform with over fifty thousand members to sell online courses, digital downloads, host webinars and so on. Its main dishes consist of images, videos, audio, PDFs, quizzes and the like. You can pre-sell your courses even before launch. Where it really excels is with its membership options, where you can grow and strengthen your community by collaborating with them. Another feature that stands out for us is that it can act as a webinar platform to host your webinars live or on demand. And not only that, with Podia you can also start your own affiliate program.

Despite its abundance of useful features, it still offers a simple three-step process to quickly get your course up on the website. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 live chat support and plenty of guides and articles to help you tackle any challenge. Their paid plan starts at $33 per month and leaves room to increase depending on your needs. You can also try their free trial without the need for a credit card. Simply put, with Podia, everything you need from selling online courses to hosting live webinars is at your fingertips. 5. Teaching

What Online Courses Sell Best

First on our list is Teachery. We like it because it’s affordable and has a beginner-friendly course editor to start selling online courses in minutes. It also offers a video tutorial to walk you through all the processes and features, including lessons, payment pages and more. Some of the features we want to mention are simple templates to limit complexity, easy-to-use course editor, payment plans and membership, sales and landing pages to drive more traffic to your course. We also like how it allows you to directly integrate with email marketing software like Mailchimp or ConvertKit. Furthermore, you can integrate it with Zapier to unlock more features.

Best 5 Online Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses

Tecahery also allows you to customize your online courses, lessons, payment and sales pages to match your brand theme. Lastly, it comes with two affordable monthly or yearly plans with unlimited courses, student landing pages and many more. Plus, both plans include a two-week free trial. So, Teachery is best when you are completely new to this online course selling platform and don’t want to worry about transaction fees.

So that was all about the best platforms you can use to sell your online courses. There are so many options to explore that it’s perfectly normal to be confused about which one to choose. We hope this list will help you choose the right platforms for your online courses. Do you want to sell online courses? Are you looking for the best platforms to sell online courses? If so, your search is over.

Online course platforms allow you to create a website to easily sell your courses. Most online course platforms manage everything for you, from website hosting to a smooth course registration process. It even allows you to automate certain activities, so that courses reach the right students at the right time.

With this infrastructure in place, you can increase your overall ROI as the entire process is streamlined and hassle-free. So you can focus more on content creation and student engagement to create your authoritative space.

The 9 Best Online Course Platforms In 2023

In this article, I will show you some of the best platforms for selling online courses with enriched learning experiences. Before that, let me highlight the essential features you should look for in an online course platform.

There are many online course platforms available, but not every platform is right for your business. Therefore, choosing the right online course platform is crucial.

So here are some of the key features you might want in your online course platform to succeed –

What Online Courses Sell Best

Now, before you proceed, you may want to select the important features that you must want in your online course platform. In this way, you will be able to make a decision quickly.

Best Online Course Platforms For Creators In 2023

In this section, I have reviewed and ranked the best online course platforms based on the above features. I’ve also highlighted key features and pricing details to help you get to know the platforms better.

Teachable is the premier online course platform that has helped over 100,000 creators generate over $1 billion in sales. It’s a comprehensive platform for building, hosting and selling your online courses and coaching.

You can create engaging multimedia lectures, videos, trainings and optimized sales pages with its powerful editor. The drag and drop builder is easy to use and intuitive so it works well even for first time users.

Teachable also focuses on improvising student interaction by allowing you to lead one-on-one sessions, host calls, conduct quizzes, and collect feedback. It allows you to encourage existing students to recommend your course to their peers, seamlessly expanding your reach and popularity.

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All in all, Teachable is a fully functional cloud-based platform that takes care of every aspect of creating and selling online courses. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for anyone to create a site and sell courses without technical knowledge.

Pricing Plans – Teachable has a free plan that allows unlimited students, courses, tutoring services, basic quizzes, course design templates, instant payouts, product support, and $1 + 10% per transaction. The breakdown of paid plans is as follows –

The basic plan includes a fee of 5% per transaction. However, you can enjoy zero costs on Pro and Business plans.

What Online Courses Sell Best

LearnWorlds is a robust and powerful online course platform that has empowered educators, online trainers and entrepreneurs to develop unique and extraordinary learning experiences. It gives you complete control over what you design – meaning it’s a fully customizable platform tailored to suit your needs.

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