Which Online Course Is Best For Job

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While anyone can record video and audio lectures, compiling outlines and converting them into publication-ready formats would be difficult without a developer.

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

Online course builders are software products that provide content editors for lesson plans and assessment tests. Most learning management systems (LMS) have built-in editors for this purpose, but you can also purchase standalone builders and embed courses on your own websites.

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If you are an entrepreneur, many e-commerce platforms offer course builders as part of their product to help you monetize your education. They are equipped with user-friendly hosting and payment solutions to make it easy to build your coaching business.

Below I have reviewed 12 of the best platforms with online course builders. The list includes standalone products, LMS software, and e-commerce applications.

Teachable is one such online course builder platform. With this app, you can add live and recorded video lectures and set up the appropriate payment system for easy payment processing.

Here you can create unlimited courses, design quizzes for students, and host group lectures or seminars. You also get access to several e-commerce and payment options to promote your digital products and get more students.

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For a seamless payment process, Teachable provides multiple gateways, tax management capabilities and fraud protection. You may have to pay a certain percentage as a transaction fee, but if you choose the Pro and Business package, the fees are waived.

Teachable’s basic plan is free, while premium packages range from $59 to $159. You can request custom quotes.

You can create easy-to-follow courses, conduct Zoom seminars, create a functional website for one-on-one consulting sessions, and create a sales page for digital products.

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

You can run a free community for your target audience and create private groups for paid members. In these groups, you can post premium content, offer discounts, and share expert advice. This is a great way to attract future customers and generate recurring revenue.

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Thinkific is designed to scale. You can start your coaching website with this tool and expand the builder’s functionality later as your business grows.

There is no limit to course posting and student registration. You can sell seasonal products and create evergreen content to engage students throughout the year.

If you need more features like WhatsApp integration or chatbot, you can install third-party platforms from its app store. The store has about 100 software products in the field of business, education and marketing.

Thinkific charges $49-$199 per month. You can sign up for free without sharing your credit card details.

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You can create self-paced interactive courses, run one-on-one sessions to earn extra income, and add group sessions to strengthen connections between students. You can also invite external instructors and set limited content access to keep things separate.

The most prominent feature of LearnWords is its mobile app. You can launch a branded app to provide easy access to courses and sell new digital downloads. It requires no technical skills and works on both Android and iOS devices.

LearnWorld monthly subscriptions range from $29 to $299. You can take a free trial and request a custom quote.

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

LearnDash is perfect for those who have their own online coaching site. It offers a WordPress LMS plugin to create courses in a familiar interface.

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You can add gamification features like quizzes and badges to your lessons to keep your students engaged. With its automation and permission levels, you can create drip content and add perks to create interest and generate more interest in your courses.

Its e-commerce cart is also versatile. You can sell your courses as a digital product or create a subscription system for regular monthly income. You can choose one of six payment models to streamline the payment process.

Circle is the best for membership based coaching programs. It’s a community builder that lets you create private groups for online courses, workshops, exclusive content, and learning activities.

You can conduct live lectures, hold one-on-one conversations, start discussion groups, and add chat rooms for peer-to-peer communication. If you prefer recorded lessons, you can post courses and participate in live Q&A sessions with students each week.

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You can add branding and design membership levels with flexible periods to make your courses more attractive to monetize your content.

You can design minimalist pages, publish drip content, invite as many students as you want, and set up a recurring payment structure with Stripe.

Its monthly package includes unlimited lessons, multiple landing and sales pages, memberships, and course bundles. If you want to make your products more attractive, you can offer promo codes and course discounts to new students.

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

Teacher is also integrated with Mailchimp. Email channels can be used to interact with students and set up launch emails to welcome and say goodbye to students.

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Heights provides an all-in-one platform for online courses. Its features include website hosting, content management, payment processing, and white labeling.

You can design a branded coaching site to centralize your course activities and create a community to discuss. Students will have the opportunity to post their projects and contact you personally for information.

You can run email campaigns and affiliate programs to promote your courses. Once you start attracting students, you can convert them into paying customers through a seamless checkout experience. The app allows for one-time purchases, installments and membership payment structures.

Elevations range in price from $29 to $499 per month. You can sign up for free and get a 30-day free trial.

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ISpring is for training courses. It offers an authoring toolkit for converting PPT slides into interactive lessons and a learning management system (LMS) to host those lessons online.

You can attach videos and sounds to your slides, create interactive scenarios to simulate real-life situations, and add quizzes. With templates and some creativity, you can create professional training courses for new hires.

Its LMS products store your lectures and files. You can upload multiple courses, automatically assign courses to relevant parties, track employee progress, and maintain an event calendar.

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

ISpring shares several packages for businesses, freelancers, and educators. Its authoring toolset costs $470 per year, and LMS fees depend on user volume.

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Adobe Captivate is an advanced version of iSpring. It has almost the same functions, but for more complex projects, it has additional features such as 360-degree video or multi-screen recording.

You can add interactive elements to your PowerPoint slides and enable automatic branching to quickly create outlines. It integrates seamlessly with Adobe Learning Manager, making course publishing effortless.

Other important features of Adobe Captivate are mobile themes and device preview. You can choose responsive templates and preview them to ensure your content displays well on multiple devices.

Xperiencify is an emerging course creation platform that focuses primarily on gamification capabilities. With this app, you can add various engagement features to make learning more fun.

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Some of its common gamification functions are video endpoints, rewards, surprises, and celebrations. Students can share their achievements and receive encouraging feedback from their peers.

The Xperencify Experience Engine feature is particularly useful. It’s an automation tool that lets you map out your student learning journey and set up triggers for email, SMS and web notifications. You can easily stay in touch with students throughout your courses without doing anything manually.

MCG allows you to create micro courses for marketing purposes. If you offer freebies to generate new customers, you can use this app to create quick courses and embed them on your website.

Which Online Course Is Best For Job

Course layouts are usually in card format with short text or quizzes below images and videos. You can automatically generate text for cards with an AI assistant and prepare content in minutes.

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You can also personalize the layout with custom branding and add a monetization option to sell your courses. MCG supports Stripe and provides password protection.

I’ll conclude the article with a summary of the features you can look for in the course builder. You may not find all of them essential for content creation, but they help make your lectures look professional. Best Online IT Support Course by Google | How to get IT support jobs as a fresher?

Great opportunities for those with no experience or those looking to make a career in IT. This is a professional training course developed by Google and offered by Coursera.

If you are an IT student or looking for an entry-level job in the IT industry, Google IT Professional certification is the best course for IT support jobs. No experience or technical knowledge is required to enroll in this Google IT certification course.

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Google provides an IT support certificate course for IT students or anyone planning a career in IT. I have full confidence in this IT Support course to add value to entry-level IT jobs, promotions or IT industry experience at Google.

You must register on the Coursera portal or app to take this course. It has a very powerful professional training module to get highly sought after IT jobs without any IT experience. It takes 10 hours per week to complete more than 5 courses

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