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This Crayola® Multi&Color Crayon Bulk Pack is great for use with children’s food and children’s mats in restaurants and daycares. Also perfect for school use.



This Crayola® Crayon Bulk Multi-Color Pack is great for use with children’s food and children’s mats in restaurants and daycares. Also perfect for school use.

Dandelion Crayon Gets An Early Retirement From Crayola

Shop for a variety of crayons that are perfect for kids’ meals and restaurant mats.

Are you asking if you sell these in smaller lots and if they include pink or purple?

Hi, this comes with a purple pencil, but it is sold in a case of 3000. Thank you!

Need bulk boxes of loose colored pencils for business use. Can’t use light colors like yellow, gold, white etc. What color is in this box of 3000 crayons?

Crayola Jumbo Crayons Box Of 8

Hello There are 375 each: red, magenta, blue, green, brown, black, orange and violet (please see image description below). Thank you!

How are the colors determined… Is it, for example, 10 sets of 5 colored pencils, with each set having the same color?

How is the product packaged? individual boxes? all together? What are the dimensions of the box and what is the weight? I will travel abroad and bring all this product with me. thanks!


Hello These Crayola® Bulk Multi-Color Crayons are packed loosely in a box, with each color separated by dividers. The box is just under 35 pounds. The box dimensions are close to the shipping dimensions we quoted, Length 14.8 inches, Width 12.5 inches, Height 6.6 inches Thank you!

Faber Castell Wax Crayons

Hello Do you ship to the UK? If so, do you have any idea what the import tax would be? Thanks for your help Jo

Hello, yes, we can ship to the UK. For orders outside the US, please contact our customer service department at 1-866-634-8927. Thank you!

I am interested in purchasing this for a mission trip I will be doing in January. I’m worried about them melting. I’m going to El Salvador, the average temperature is 88-93 degrees. What do you think?

Hello, according to the manufacturer you will be fine with these crayons. Lead pencils begin to soften at about 105 degrees F, and then have a melting point between 120-147 degrees F. Thank you!

Crayola Bathtub Crayons, 10 Count

The colored pencils are for the children’s pack of our children’s menu. Love the fact that they are loose and not prepackaged. Restaurants can do without yellow crayons, however. Some other boxes I bought do not have yellow crayons, which most kids don’t use.

Do not do! We donate toys to children in need during the holidays, this is the best buy on the best crayons they can find! We pack 8 in a resealable snack bag and put them in Christmas stockings! Fast shipping and did not melt during our torrid weather conditions! Thank you!

This is for a charity project for sick children in several hospitals and Ronald McDonald houses across several states. The number of real Crayola pencils is what we need to keep costs down. We make a “pencil rollup” with 10 pencils and a piece of paper in a colored cloth and give it to the sick children.


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