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Chalk – The MÅLA series has everything your child needs to get creative. Paint! Cut out! To draw! It’s all about having fun and letting your child explore the world through their imagination – there’s no limit!

Large chalk that is easy for little hands to grip and can be used on blackboards and asphalt.



Of course, everything in the MÅLA range is non-toxic – we care about the creative minds of the next generation as much as you do.

Portland Officials Warn Of New Fentanyl That Looks Like Colorful Sidewalk Chalk

Creating and being creative calms you down and focuses you, and it’s extremely pleasant after a day of school and activities.

Christmas gift for my granddaughterrose I thought I would get an easel and equipment for my future artist, my granddaughter. I was actually going to save it for her birthday, but I set it up and she loves it. I am very satisfied with the products. 5

Beautiful chalk!!Elaine I love that these chalks have their own tray!! It will be a great asset to my Operation Christmas Baby Boot!!5

Chalk shape SNOW Chalk shape helps toddlers write and strengthens finger muscles. 5

Chalk Walk 2023

You can rest easy knowing that our non-toxic MÅLA products are safe for children. After all, they are the next generation of creative thinkers.

Paint! Cut out! To draw! The MÅLA series has everything your child needs to unleash their imagination and creativity. Brushes with raw wooden handles are easy to store, scissors made to fit little hands, and colors that are easy to mix and wash. No more nagging your child to put the cap back on – our markers last a full 3 days without a cap. Everything is non-toxic, of course, because we care about the next generation of creative minds as much as you do. Do any of the chalks contain milk/milk proteins? Some “dust-free” chalks on the market contain them and we need to be aware of them in case of potential allergies

Hello, we contacted our supplier and he confirmed that it does not contain milk/milk protein, the chalk is made of calcium sulfate and pigment


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Sharpie Wet Erase Chalk Markers

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Take the classroom outside and create playground artwork with these playground chalks designed specifically for outdoor use. Each chalk stick measures approximately 10cm and is firm and comfortable for children to hold as they draw their fickle artwork. The high-quality chalk minimizes excess dust, reducing the chance of children marking clothing while extending the life of the packaging. These fun playground chalks come in packs of 20 and come in a variety of colors including: blue, green, red, pink, orange,

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Sign up for emails for stock alerts, new product launches and special offers (we send emails once every 1-2 weeks) Paving chalk is usually large and coarse chalk (calcium sulfate, gypsum, rather than calcium carbonate , stone chalk) which come in several colors and are mostly used for drawing on cobbled or concrete pavements, often four-square pitches or jumping jacks. Blackboard chalk, typically used in educational settings, is shorter and thinner than sidewalk chalk.

Street Artist Finds Unexpected Places For Whimsical Chalk Drawings

There are several different types of sidewalk chalk, usually in solid colored sticks. There are also 3-D chalk sets where each chalk is created with two specific colors that appear three-dimensional when viewed through the 3-D glasses that come with the chalk.

Sidewalk chalk is used on some campuses to advertise EVTS, especially where there is a lot of concrete. Bans are set for places where studs can be chalked, this is usually limited to areas that will be washed away by rain or areas to be cleared of chalk marks.

Although sidewalk chalk is created to allow people to draw on sidewalks or pavement, some law enforcement agencies may prohibit sidewalk drawing in certain areas without first asking for permission.


Chalk4Peace was a project planned by an artist from Arlington, Virginia named John Aaron, who asked children and young people between the ages of eight and eighteen to join groups around the world and draw with chalk to illustrate peace for one of the Chalk4Peace events. .

Chalk Sandal Slides Gabine Buckled Leather

Designated areas on sidewalks, pavement and concrete were used for participants to draw while volunteers photographed the street paintings.

Aaron used his own money and donations to provide sidewalk chalk to areas of the world that he thought did not have access to quality chalk.

There are many competitions for chalk artists, including the Pavemt Art Competition at the Bold Street Festival in Liverpool in 2010.

The largest sidewalk chalk festival in the world is the Pasada Chalk Festival, held annually in Pasada, California.

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk For Kids

The 2010 edition involved around six hundred artists of all ages and abilities and attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

Artists such as Kurt Wner, Ellis Gallagher and Julian Beever created intricate and realistic street paintings using chalk and pastels. It is typical for chalk artists to use anamorphic drawing when drawing with chalk. Non-anamorphic drawings are drawings that are drawn to be viewed head-on, while anamorphic drawings are drawn to be viewed from a different angle. Julian Beever in Q&A with Adam Boretz,

I used to draw ordinary pictures from pavements – portraits of famous people, copies of old masters [before drawing anamorphic pavements]. There was one particular street in Brussels that had large rectangles of tiles on the pavement as if they were the outer perimeter of a mini-swimming pool. All I had to do was color them and fill the pool inside … I was so impressed with the result … that I had to do more.[4]


Sidewalk Sam was well known in the Boston area for his reproductions of European masterpieces, painted in chalk or painted on the sidewalk.

Dustless Chalk White

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