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Magnetic Board – This wall from our kitchen has become our message center for change. After all, we record all important notes, forms, invitations, etc. right here, so naturally it was the perfect place for the message center. I originally intended to make a message center out of a corkboard, but then I saw a much smaller magnetic board for sale on one of my favorite shopping sites for around $200.00. A bit pricey so decided to see if I could do some DIY. it’s too much less.

After ringing, I ended up getting a call from the Metal Supermarket here in Salt Lake City. Apparently they are chains and can be found in many other cities. I was able to buy this board for about $40.00. I needed a cut rectangle to accommodate my light switch, which nearly doubled the labor price, but I was still well below the much smaller $200.00 board, so I settled for this.

Magnetic Board

Magnetic Board

I tend to change my mind a lot about decorating projects, so I would never recommend sticking anything directly to the wall. However, I am sure this bulletin board will be a much used permanent feature in our home.

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I then took some MDF, pre-primed board from Home Depot for less than $10.00 and made a frame which I measured, cut and glued to my wall as well.

I know I must be a broken record with my love of Frog Tape, but it really is the best kind of tape because it doesn’t bleed underneath. Immediately after painting, wait a few minutes for the paint to become tacky to the touch, then remove the tape for best results.

For less than $100.00 I got a new magnetic board (it would be around $60.00 if I didn’t need any special cuts).

***After posting this design, I had several inquiries about the exact metal I used. Metal details: 26 gauge galvanized steel sheet. ***CORN BOARDS – PIN BOARDS – NOTICE BOARDS – CHALK BOARDS – all handmade in America – just for you!

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Our magnetic whiteboards are the perfect solution for displaying photos, artwork and more – without the need for pins. Handcrafted in 25 styles of wooden frames to choose from and covered with gorgeous upholstery fabrics on a magnetic steel panel. Each magnetic board comes with a set of our super strong button magnets – and each magnet can hold up to 10 sheets of paper. Scroll down to see our 6 standard sizes, FAQs for our magnetic whiteboards, or click on a size to view frame and fabric options. If you need a custom size – just go to our custom magnetic whiteboard request page and let us know what size you need.

All our magnetic boards are measured from the outside of the frame. So the width of the frame is included in the total size.

Magnetic Board

The order includes a set of 15 to 25 (depending on the size of the board) super strong button magnets. Our button magnets are neodymium magnets with a small white button attached – the button makes it easier to tear the magnet off the board. Each magnet can hold up to 10 sheets of paper.

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Our magnetic boards are constructed with a layer of magnetic steel underneath the fabric – making the entire surface of the fabric magnetic.

Since we build all of our magnetic whiteboards from scratch, it’s easy to build a custom whiteboard – just click here and give us your project details so we can give you a cost estimate.

Surely! The frame and fabric combinations you can choose from on the product pages are great combinations – but we know you might want something different. Just add this note to the Order Notes field when checking out. Or use this page to see frame and fabric options or request free samples.

Sorry – no – the magnet on the back of these travel magnets is typically very small and has little ‘sticking’ power. These types of magnets require direct contact with a metal surface for them to stick. For this type of magnets, we recommend our magnetic boards – the picture above shows how our customers use our magnetic boards with travel/souvenir magnets.

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Check out our gallery of ideas – and see what we’ve designed and built for our satisfied customers…

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