Online Course Farming

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Online Course Farming – Agriculture is no exception to the digital revolution, which goes beyond the simple adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Digital agricultural technologies (DATs) are innovations that enable farmers and agro-entrepreneurs to leapfrog to increase their productivity, efficiency and competitiveness, facilitate access to markets, improve nutritional outcomes and increase resilience to climate change. These technologies range from mobile apps to digital identities for farmers to solar energy applications for agriculture to wearable farming devices. DATs are becoming increasingly indispensable in the global food and agriculture sector, from fast and convenient information delivery to providing virtual marketplaces. Given that digital technologies can accelerate agri-food outcomes, juxtaposed with low adoption rates of the same, World Bank operations are increasingly incorporating digital agriculture as a critical element of its operations. Therefore, it is important to study digital agricultural technologies in more detail.

Online Course Farming

Online Course Farming

This five-week course will provide a high-level overview of DAT concepts, potential impacts, range of available technologies, used cases and forward-looking technologies. The course will introduce the participants to different agricultural data platforms already available and will encourage them to discover the scope and usefulness of the open data platforms for analysis and intelligence in agriculture. Participants will be asked to participate in discussion forums with their peers and complete quizzes throughout the course. Conventional farming methods will not be able to feed the world as demand for agricultural products increases while agricultural land remains limited. In many ways, today’s agricultural practices are inefficient, with irrigation wasting an estimated 80-90% of the water used, and around 40% of farms globally overusing fertilizers and chemicals, leading to detrimental effects on soil and water quality and thus yield per acre. . Digital technologies (DTs) can address many food production and distribution challenges, such as low productivity, high transaction costs, limited use of inputs, and minimal commercialization. Bearing in mind that the fourth industrial revolution (i.e. the advent of ICT or DTs) is behind the disruption in all sectors and industries, agriculture, one of the oldest industries in human history, is also evolving faster than ever. Smart farming technology is a technological solution that aims to create high added value by integrating existing agricultural technologies with advanced ICT solutions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Drone Technology. AIT Program on Digital Disruption in Agriculture & Food Industry will be a set of independent as well as interconnected training courses (online, face2face, blended) designed to equip you with better understanding, required knowledge and skills on Digital Disruption in Agriculture & Food Industry .

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Interested participants are requested to communicate or send inquiries about deadline for registration, group registration fee with/without credit card payment followed by normal registration fee with on-site payment and bank transfer options.

• Each of the courses will be delivered via ONLINE within a period of 2 weeks, where the actual contact time will be 18 hours.

• Participants will have the opportunity to interact with trainers for 9 hours and the remaining 9 hours will be assisted learning, virtual tour and demonstration.

• An exam or assessment is held at the end of each course and participants must pass it and attend all sessions to be eligible for the certificate/transcript.

Basis: Sustainable Land Management Virtual Classroom Opens To All Farmers

Payment by credit card: please download the credit card payment form and please fill in the required information and then return it to Mr. Ms. Anishur Rahman, Program Coordinator at

** Please give a copy of the payment receipt or transfer statement to Mr. Ms. Anishur Rahman at or Ms. Marilyn Alcantra at for reference and registration confirmation.

Terms and conditions: The organizer reserves the right to change and/or cancel the training program due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrollment.

Online Course Farming

Note: AIT has the authority to either postpone or cancel any of the training courses based on the circumstances.

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Please fill out all the information below and you will receive an email within a 24 hour period for any further questions please fill out the form and our scheduling department will assist you.

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