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Online Course Icon – 2nd – South Brazilian Congress of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture and 2nd Symposium on hive products 35th ECAM – Santa Catarina Meeting of Beekeepers and Meliponicultors. (48) 3238-1066 | (48) 3238-2118 |

Veterinarian, Researcher at EPAGRI, available at CIDASC, working as a Med Vet Officer of SIE (State Inspection Service) at DEINP (State Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin) and responsible for the State Coordination of the ARTE Seal.

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Zootechnician (UNESP Jaboticabal), Master in Zootechnics, Animal Genetic Improvement area (UFPR), State Coordinator of the Beef Livestock Program of IDR-Paraná, responsible for the section of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture IDR-Paraná.

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Specialization: Business Administration and Quality Management of Dairy Production at Maringá State University in 2010.

Graduated in Agronomy from UFSC in 2004, Master in Agroecosystems in 2007 and Occupational Health and Safety Engineer in 2016. Special consultant for the National Rural Learning Service Regional Administration of Santa Catarina

First Professor of Apiculture, Faculty of Agronomy, Veterinary Science, Forestry and Zootechnics at UFSM – 1974 to 2003 (Creator of the Apiculture disciplines) Supervisor of Master’s Monographs in Apiculture. At this time, Prof. Visitors to LAPIMEL (Laboratory of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture) UFSM.

Course abroad: Class Latinoamericano de la Calidad de la Miel, National University of Santiago del Estero – Argentina, 1985.

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PhD in Agricultural Sciences, (BEEKEEPING AND MELIPONICULTURE) by the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia – UFRB; Master in Agronomy (POLINIZATION) by the State University of Southwest Bahia – UESB; Specialization in Biotechnology (Genetic Improvement) by the Federal University of Lavras; Biologist, from the State University of Southwest Bahia – UESB. Currently he is the Coordinator of the Beekeeping and Meliponiculture Sector at the UESB where he conducts research using Propolis from bees and outside, as a pesticide, fungicide, larvicide and insecticide and use of food grains in nature and in the production of artefacts; Coordinating the research and development project: Animal-free Livestock Planning; Member of the Baiano Forum Against the Effects of Pesticides, coordinated by the Ministry of Government. He is responsible for monitoring the Animal Food Inspection Service in the Animal Feed and Other Bean Products Division.

Professor at the University of the State of Maringá, in the Zootechnics course, teaching the courses of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture, as well as coordinating research, innovation, technological development and extension work. Graduate in Animal Science from the State University of Maringá – UEM, master and doctor in Animal Science – Animal Husbandry, with an emphasis on animal husbandry of bees from the State University of São Paulo Júlio de Mesquita Filho (FCAV – Jaboticabal) and a postdoctoral degree in Science – Entomology from. ESALQ-USP. Represents the University in the Meliponiculture Technical Chamber and the Government of the State of Paraná. Participated in the National Advisory Committee of Animal Science for ENADE. He was the coordinator of the elementary school in Zootechnics at UEM and coordinator…

He has a graduate degree in Food Quality Management (UEL) and Specialization, Auditing and Environment (Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz).

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He joined Cidasc in 2010. He currently works in the central department – DEINP, in the Investigation of Products of Animal Origin – SIE, with the State Coordination of Fish and Fish – CIPED and the State Coordination of Bee Products and Derivatives. – CIABE.

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Graduated in the fields of Environment, Animal Husbandry and Meliponiculture. Specializing in Beekeeping and Meliponiculture. Employees of the Government of Bahia. Coordinator of the State Bee Program at the Rural Development Secretariat. Executive Secretary of the Division of the Production Chain of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture and the representative of Bahia as an Advisor to the National Sectorial Chamber of the Production Chain of Honey and Bee Products.

3 – Lecturer Municipal Education Seminar :”a different perspective on the growth and development of children in a whole system. Santa Vitoria do Palmar/RS May/2012.

5 – Vitorienses Women’s Government Meeting: Women’s Health and cosmetics with traditional natural products from Colmeia. EMATER/RS March/2015.

He worked for more than 10 years in the Cidade das Abelhas Ecological Park, in the areas of Apicultural Research and Extension

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PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry at the University of São Paulo, professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Leader of the Research Group on Natural Antioxidants, he works in the field of nutrition with a focus on packaged products and publishes pioneering research by based on the classification of bracatinga honey from the southern part of the country.

Biologist (UFSM) and PhD in Botany (UFRGS). Director of Planning at FAU Agricultura e Meio Ambiente, working on the development of solutions in planning and sustainability in business, with more than 5,000 rural and urban companies served. Coordinate projects in renewable and organic agriculture with a focus on the carbon balance of rural properties. End of the Centelha Program for Rio Grande do Sul in 2022, coordinating the team that developed a sustainable online platform, integrating biodiversity conservation and valuation of ecosystem services.

MBA in Agriculture and Management Technology, Graduate in Corporate Management with Specialization in Project Management. Currently he is the Coordinator of the Beekeeping Project Portfolio at Sebrae RS, where he has worked for 21 years because of the company’s aim of promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of small and small enterprises.

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Education: Graduate in Educational Administration at the University of Passo Fundo –RS, Postgraduate in Educational Administration Santa Rosa RS.

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The daughter is a beekeeper and has been active in professional beekeeping for over 20 years, with over 1000 hives.

In Ribeirão Preto. He holds Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Science – Entomology (apiculture specialization area), from Cornell University, New York, USA. He has a postdoctoral degree in Bee Pathology at the Universitat Hohenheim, Germany. He was the Inspector of beehives to control American plantations, for the state of New York, USA; Professor of Beekeeping, Tompkins, Cortland Community College, New York; Professor of Apiculture, Entomology Department, University of Maryland, USA; Research Professor (1980-1985), at Cornell University (Works in Brazil); International Consultant in Apiculture for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Korea, Chile, El Salvador, British Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, and Bermuda, and Consultant in Apiculture for many others international organizations, including the IDB and UNESCO; Specializing in Bee Pathology, Biology, Genetics, Nutrition, and Management of Africanized Bees and the importance of propolis for human and bee health. Member of the Commission for Apicultural Health by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture and Supply; Member of the Technical-Scientific Commission and the Apicultural Pathology Commission of the Brazilian Scientific Association.

Medical doctor graduated from UFRGS in 2002, State Agricultural Inspector in the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development SEAPDR since 2006, working in two research doctors, coordinating the National Health Program for Bees, Equines and Aquatic SEAPDR’s Animals since 2015.

Eng. Agronomist, State Agricultural Inspectorate, head of the Department of Agriculture and Services, together with the Secretary of Agriculture, Agriculture and Rural Development in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

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Doctor and Master in Food Science from the University of São Paulo (USP). He works as a researcher in the following subjects: Identification of special organisms in food, antioxidant research, quality control, evaluation of special substances in experimental tests in vitro and in vivo.

The Meliponary currently has 15 varieties of bees native to RS, divided into Urban and Rural meliponary.

It works on the creation and promotion of products with the use of beehives, such as natural cosmetics, health care, products for consumption such as honey and propolis, etc., seeking to strengthen the use of products from beehives in a sustainable way and the environment. reliable method.

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It works with advice on the management and development of ASF, and it works together with projects for Environmental Education in schools to promote the conservation of bees in the region.

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Veterinarian by UNIDERP (Campo Grande/MS, Year 2000), Beekeeper since July 1997; Speaker at many organizations, institutions and international conferences; Executive Secretary of the XIVth Brazilian Beekeeping Congress – CONBRAPI, in July 2002 – Campo Grande / Mato Grosso do Sul; SENAR-AR/MS Instructor (2001-present), SEBRAE Consultant for Bees (July 2004 – 2017); Coordinator of the Mato Grosso do Sul Beekeeping Sectorial Chamber (2007 – 2017); President of the Federation of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul – FEAMS (2010 – 2017); Presidential Advisor of the Pantanal Apicultural Entities Council – CONFENAL (2011-2019); Owner/Technical Manager of the companies Fazenda das Abelhas (2005 – current) and NB Consultoria Veterinária (2001 – current); Teaching and conducting the course “Apiculture online – management for high honey production”, the first of its kind in the country (2017 – present); Foundation and organization of EXPO TECNOAPIS, an innovation, technology and new business for the domestic and international turkey collection (2019 – present); Advisor for the Special Assistance Program and Management – ATEG Apiculture of SENAR (2019-2021); created the TECNOAPIS CLUB, a group of good things for Beekeepers (2020-present); online consultant in the areas of queen production, propolis production, good production practices for bee warehouses and other areas of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture (2019-present).

He holds a degree in food engineering from udesc, an advanced degree in food technology and innovation from Senai SC, and is studying for a master’s degree. in food science and technology from udesc.

Veterinarian trained in CAV/UDESC (2010) and

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