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Creating a winning online course landing page is no easy feat. It requires planning, customer insights, design skills, strong and compelling copy, and credible testimonials. While this isn’t a complete list of what you need, it’s a good starting point. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 12 of the best online course landing pages we’ve found online. As you can see, each one comes with a unique design and a collection of other smart elements. Together, these elements create an effective landing page. If you’re looking for ideas to help you create a winning online course landing page, keep reading.

Online Course Landing Page

Online Course Landing Page

Our collection of landing pages includes key components to consider. We’ll look at the power of design, color, persuasive copy, customer insights, psychological triggers, video and more. By analyzing elements, you can better see the most effective components that go into creating a winning landing page. Let’s get started!

Online Education Course Landing Page Template. E Learning Website Mockup With Student Teenager And Play Video Sign On Stock Vector

Foundr is a startup magazine that has been around since 2012. Despite its success today, once the brand was launched, like all new things, it took some time to develop. This is one of two reasons why this online course landing page is so special. Instagram Domination is the brainchild of founder Nathan Chan. This tutorial is full of practical steps for any brand looking to grow on Instagram.

Second, we love this landing page because of the effective use of color, testimonials, and social proof. As soon as you visit this page, you will be greeted with a large white banner with strong copy. Color is very important as a design element, and Foundr does a great job of using contrast to make the most important elements of their landing page. . From backgrounds to call-to-action buttons, readers can quickly identify all the elements on the page, making it easy to do what’s next.

Pat Flynn is one of the most famous internet entrepreneurs in the world today. He started his business during the 2008 recession after he was laid off from his construction job. Since then, it has launched similar amazing products. Power-Up Podcasting is a clear example of what sets it apart from other online businesses. Flynn understands the power of video. This is the first thing that greets you when you load his online course landing page.

Flynn’s video is five minutes and 42 seconds long. In it, he explains why e-listening is an important part of the benefits of online branding. The video also mentions an update to the course that is even more valuable and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch successful e-commerce platforms as well. If that’s not enough, it also includes powerful video testimonials.

Online Course Website

Academy of Habits was founded by James Cleary. Clear is known for the science behind developing the right routines for your learning and success. The Habit Academy online course landing page includes powerful information that takes readers on a journey. Clear asks readers to imagine five versions of themselves five years into the future. Then he began to paint a picture of what a life full of positive and productive habits would look like. After that, he combines a bright future with a life of bad habits. This is what makes a powerful copycat. In one minute, readers will experience an immediate call to action and become a best seller. Exercising positive psychological drives in a positive way appeals to a strong desire for vanity and self-actualization.

Joanna Wiebe is a renowned author and transplant coach. On his landing page, he sells a simple but big idea: It’s possible to master email writing and learn how to measure your results in revenue. This is important for any business owner looking for ways to increase their bottom line. Wiebe identifies one of the most important drivers of email marketing with art. By zeroing in on the idea that email marketing is somehow obscure or hard to do, he dispels that notion and makes it possible to think of yourself as a master email writer who turns words into dollars.

Code Academy is a popular online coding learning platform. Their web development program’s online course landing page does a good job of identifying the most important factors of interest to prospective students. For example, take the big white box to the left, which is a summary of what you’ve got. It details the coding languages ​​you’ll learn, the experience you need to get started, what you’ll do in the course, and the rewards you’ll receive as proof of completion. This landing page also has an eye-catching combination of graphics and microscopes placed well below the title. These immediately grab attention and reinforce the most important aspects that learners will use.

Online Course Landing Page

The video industry is a booming industry, and the barriers to entry are lower than ever before. But just because anyone can pick up a camera and start recording, that doesn’t mean their product will be polished or perfect. Caleb Wojcik knows this and has created an online course to help videographers turn their raw footage into works of art. This message will be flashed at the top of his online course landing page. He sells a basic course that lets you spend less time editing and more time growing your video business.

Flat Design Online Courses Landing Page 957605 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Handwriting, as complicated as it sounds, is actually achievable. The landing page for the Better Lettering Course convinces you that as little as $20 you can start your way to handwriting success. What makes this landing page powerful is the combination of simple design and strategically placed information above the buy button. This course is designed to help you develop your own unique handwriting style.

If you somehow skipped through the first section without committing to a course, this landing page breaks down the course numbers and what you learned in each. You can also see a summary of what comes with the purchase, but that’s not all. In the Student Gallery you will find a collection of works produced by students. The best part? This gallery is a motivator for prospects, and what happens after success with the course?

Fizzle is an online membership platform filled with tons of valuable lessons on how to start and grow an online business. Their landing page incorporates the most powerful elements that are testament to the brand’s success. Not only does Fizzle use color and contrast effectively and nail the right tone and tone for the audience, their copy is inspiring and aspirational. It appeals to a sense of self-fulfillment, and that continues from their landing page to their purchase button, which entices prospects to opt-in. Did you see it? Their button text comes with a unique offer to try their platform for just one dollar and cancel at any time.

Another critical component of this course landing page is the educational element. Fizzle knows its audience well and understands that entrepreneurs have tons of questions about starting a business and want to gather as much information as possible. To help, they ask, “So why bother starting a business?” created a section called In it, the brand answers the question by presenting the characteristics that all successful businesses and entrepreneurs embody. This section discusses the importance of resilience, ideas, and execution, and why having support and access to the right people, tools, and knowledge is so important.

Online Course: Landing Page Design And Copywriting: Build Pages That Convert In 2020 From Skillshare

One of the most important elements of creating an effective landing page is to include social proof. Lewis Hawes is clever in his methods of using social proof. House has made appearances on a variety of shows, from Ellen, Good Morning America and the Today Show to popular publications such as Forbes, The New York Times and Time Magazine. When it comes to using these important symbols of authority, Howes strategically placed them at the bottom of the course sales page header. Seeing these will instantly increase the value of the course, showing that the ideas in the course and its creator are considered credible by the authorities, giving you instant appreciation that you’re getting value for money.

Kajabi is one of the most popular and successful online course platforms today. It is packed with many features and functions to help you build your most successful online course. But there is a catch, creating a course on Kajabi’s platform can be a bit complicated. Meg Burrage identified this problem and created an online course for all Kajabi customers who have gone through the 28-day trial of the platform but still feel overwhelmed. Selling the idea of ​​success to people who feel like they’ve failed to some extent

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