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Online Course Meaning – Are you an online course owner and wondering what exactly should be in that little ‘terms’ check box at checkout?? Get a lawyer-drafted Online Course/Digital Download Terms of Service to protect your digital course without breaking the bank or your sanity! This online course/digital download terms of use template is perfect for protecting your online course or digital download and setting clear expectations with your customers about what they can expect from your digital program. This template is perfect for:

**** PRO Tip: You may also consider registering the copyright for your program or course through the eCopyright website ( It costs less than $60 and you can protect your entire course as one “Work”.

Online Course Meaning

Online Course Meaning

Jurisdiction: This template adheres to the principles of US contract law and is intended for those doing business in or governed by United States law. Although similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult a local attorney for any specific questions.

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Simply upload your clean document to a software platform and insert smart fields to make electronic signature a simple and easy process! What is the best course length when teaching online? It has become true that you need 10,000 hours of practice to become really good at something. But that seems a bit high.

So, if not 10,000 hours, how long should you take your online course? How long should you do each section? Every video?

What Is An Lms? Definition, Features, And Use Cases

We’ve compiled address statistics to find out which average course lengths are the most profitable. But that’s only one part of the equation. Before even planning your online course, you need to determine your goals.

You have an idea for an online course and you are coming up with a course plan. If it’s a subject you’re passionate about and want to share, you may find it difficult to set a limit on how many hours students spend studying.

If you run an online course business—meaning you earn a significant portion of your income teaching online courses—it’s tempting to pump out hours upon hours of course content. After all, more course content means more money, right?

Online Course Meaning

Not necessarily. Remember that customers have their own interests in mind – they want a thorough education on the subject, but they don’t want to spend a lifetime learning it.

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Let’s say your Intro to Music Theory course is 120 hours long, but your competitor’s is 48 hours. You may end up missing out on a group of students eager to write their first orchestrations as soon as possible.

However, don’t cut your course just yet. Skip the essentials of sight-reading and your music students may demand a refund.

But if you get bogged down in the details, they can also bounce back for a quicker solution. Your goal should be to balance time efficiency with thoroughness.

If you are a corporate trainer, your goal is to train students in the subject matter as soon as possible. It’s a cliché, but time really is money. The more time your client – ​​who is also the employer of your students – spends with under-trained staff, the more time (and money) they waste.

Upou’s Free Open Online Courses To Aid Universities To Prepare Amidst Threats Of Covid 19

In this case, set specific learning outcomes—skills with a specific application, for example—that you and your clients will agree on. Then find the fastest way to achieve those results.

Let’s get to the topic. Based on what we saw in , the most profitable average course length is between 10-25 hours.

Just below that, the 5-10 hour courses are about 75% profitable. And at a higher range, the longer courses – 25-100 hours – are slightly less profitable than these.

Online Course Meaning

He tells us. We collected information from 40,000 course creators to get our numbers. On average, creators with 10–25 hour courses earn $10,000 in revenue.

What Is An Lms? Definition & Use Cases Of An Lms Software

If you’re planning your first online course, you could do worse than setting a turnaround time between 10 and 25 hours. That being said, seller warning. While this data is useful for providing a broad picture of course lengths and how they are performing, we want to make one thing clear: course length is not a predictor of revenue growth.

Although based on our data 10–25 hours is a good target, it is not the total length of the course. What is more important than the length of your course is the value and transformation you deliver through your course. Here are some factors to consider when deciding on course length.

If you’re teaching a niche subject that isn’t covered in depth elsewhere online, you have less competition for your students to compare themselves to. They will have less decision making when comparing options around the time investment required to achieve the desired outcome.

So if you firmly believe that your students need 30 hours of training before they start breeding racing pigeons, then by all means create a course that spends 30 hours training them.

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However, the lack of competition does not mean that you should be cautious and stay the course for as long as necessary. Stay focused on your student’s desired outcome and how you can provide the fastest path to success.

On the other hand, if your target audience Googles “how to breed racing pigeons” and can quickly find all the information they need, you’ll need to consider the increased supply of competing offerings. In this case, course length can become an even more critical competitive advantage. Your course will need to be both more in-depth and more effective – taking less time and energy than it would take them to sift through competing resources, research the topic in depth, and educate themselves.

Sometimes you just can’t rush. You can only condense information so much before it starts to lose value. If this is the case, focus on teaching your subject thoroughly rather than sacrificing information to fit in 10-25 hours in a nice place.

Online Course Meaning

If your subject is particularly long – it turns out you need 50 hours to cover the basics of pigeon keeping – and you want to increase the length of your course closer to 10-25 hours (perhaps to be in line with the competition), consider breaking your subject up. You can have an eight-hour course on the history of racing pigeon breeds and their genetics; a twelve-hour course on proper housing, feeding and training of pigeons; and so on.

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On the other hand, if the subject you are teaching only needs 5 hours of instruction, don’t cram the course with unnecessary information to get to 10 hours. Your students won’t appreciate dead weight and you’ll lose them.

In this case, use brevity to your advantage – or make your short course a free introduction to the subject and encourage students to build on their knowledge with paid courses. You can use our mini course template to create a course that acts as a free lead magnet, giving them a chance to try what else you offer for a fee.

Research competing courses before planning and launching your own. The places where your competitors fail are areas where you can excel. Search for:

If your students are pursuing continuing education or meet the requirements of a college or professional association, you will need to take this into account when determining the length of your course.

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For example, depending on the state in which they work, REALTORS™ are required to complete a certain period of continuing education each year. If this is your target audience, you may want to tailor your courses to that.

You may be able to ruminate for hours on your chosen topic, but that doesn’t mean your educational videos have to be full-length productions.

To keep viewers engaged, you may need to split the videos (split a four-minute topic into two separate subtopics) or build them up (combine two three-minute topics to make a longer six-minute video.).

Online Course Meaning

As always, keep students’ interests in mind. If, without sacrificing important information, you absolutely cannot shorten your video from two minutes and thirty seconds to even two minutes, keep the original length. It’s not worth making a low-quality video just for the sake of engagement stats.

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When it comes to the ideal lesson length for online courses, the question is less clear-cut than with video.

For starters, the ideal amount of time to fit a lesson into isn’t just relevant to online course creators. Teachers of all types

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