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Online Course Theology – Whether you’re looking to add to your resume or just interested in learning something new, taking free online theology courses is a great way to improve yourself. Universities, seminaries, and other religious organizations around the world have adapted their classes to the online model. Thanks to websites like Biblical Training and Our Daily Bread University, many of these courses are available for free to anyone anywhere in the world. This means you can study biblical theology, apologetics, and church history on your own schedule. While there are dozens of online theology classes available, we’ve rounded up 30 of the best.

Our Daily Bread University website offers a number of free online theology courses, including Basics of Apologetics. This eight-part lesson provides students with a basic understanding of what Christian apologetics is and why it is important. Topics covered include:

Online Course Theology

Online Course Theology

Richard L. Pratt Jr., THD Third Millennium Ministries, teaches this free online theology course through the University of Our Daily Bread website. The Apostles’ Creed is a six-part course that explains the history, use, and meaning of the creed that has united Christian denominations for nearly two millennia.

Faith In Music: Attempting A Free, Public, Online Course In Practical Theology

Biblical Hermeneutics is a free online theology course offered by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary through the Biblical Training website. The course covers the history of the English Bible and discusses the rules of its interpretation. Topics covered include:

In this free online theology course from Dr. Gerard Van Groningen and Covenant Theological Seminary, students will study the concepts of:

The Biblical Training website hosts this seminary-level course from Westminster Theological Seminary. Biblical Theology is taught by Dr. Greg Beal and takes approximately 22.5 hours. The course consists of 22 lectures on such topics as:

A Biblical View of Wealth and Poverty is a free online theology course offered by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In total, the course contains 30 lecture videos that provide biblical and theological explorations of ethical issues related to wealth and poverty.

Augustine Institute Short Courses

Building Your Theology is another free online theology course offered by Third Millennium Ministries through Our Daily Bread University. Recognizing that theology can seem complex to many, this course helps students build their own theology on a solid foundation of Scripture, with pathos and practical application. Taught by Vincent Bacot, Ph.D., this online class takes about four hours.

Because Dallas Theological Seminary believes “that all 66 books of the Bible are inerrant and are “beneficial for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16),” they offer this interesting online theology course for free. The class covers the history of the Bible, how it was canonized, and whether it can be trusted as the inerrant Word of God.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s free online Christian Theology course consists of 25 video lectures, each approximately 18 minutes long. During the class, participants will explore the basics of the Christian faith by learning what the Bible says, discussing why sound theology matters, and embracing personal growth.

Online Course Theology

Harvard University’s free online theology course Christianity Through Scripture is a good course choice for those who are new to theology or want to learn more about Christianity. Over the course of four weeks, students will study how the Christian scriptures have been interpreted over the past 2,000 years.

The Church’s Mission In The World: An Online Global Missions Course From Candler School Of Theology

Led by Dr. John Piper, Desiring God is a simple four-hour course presented by and available on the Biblical Training website. Over the course of five lessons, participants will get to know a variety of interesting ideas. They include:

Ephesians in the context of Paul’s theology is another free audio course available through iTunes. The class spans 46 lectures, and learning areas include a core structure:

Dr. Paul House of Beeson Theological Seminary teaches this three-hour course called Foundations of Old Testament Theology. The introductory course offers students a glimpse into the main themes of the Old Testament. Lectures include:

Foundations of Systematic Theology is an ideal course for those new to the study of theology. This free online course from Our Daily Bread University covers the basics of all major areas of systematic theology. The course consists of 24 lessons, each of which lasts an average of 40 minutes.

Ite (i): Islamic Theology For Muslim Educators

For those who want to develop their skills in reading and interpreting Scripture, The Gospel of John is an excellent online course choice. This free theology course from Dallas Theological Seminary is emailed to students at the rate of one lesson per week. The course lasts eight weeks, and each session consists of a video lecture, questions for reflection, and recommended reading for further study.

A Guide to Christian Theology is a free online seminar offered by Western Seminary through the Biblical Training website. Dr. Jerry Breshears teaches a 15-hour course that includes audio and video lectures. By the end of the course, students will understand the basic components of systematic theology, beginning with what we know about God. Special attention is paid to such topics as:

The Historical Jesus is a free audio theology course available through iTunes. Presented by the Stanford Continuing Education Program, this 11-lecture class focuses on the life of Jesus Christ as a historical figure. Students will research the things he said and did and then compare those things to what early Christians believe he said and did.

Online Course Theology

Dr. Howard Hendricks was one of the most beloved teachers at Dallas Theological Seminary. This free online course presents one of his best lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to read the Bible like a seminary professor. During four weeks, students will learn more about:

Kuliah Online

The purpose of this course from Beeson Divinity School (via the Biblical Training website) is to present “the basic theological message of the New Testament both in its diversity of expression and in its fundamental conceptual unity.” During approximately 15 hours, students:

Old Testament Theology is an ideal companion course to the aforementioned New Testament Theology class. In this free online course from Beeson Divinity School and Biblical Training, students will study theological topics from throughout the Old Testament. 20 lectures include:

Those looking to refresh their knowledge or familiarize themselves with the New Testament will likely find what they are looking for in the New Testament Review. This free online theology course from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary guides students through a basic understanding of the New Testament so “they can better understand the Word as they study.” The course consists of 32 video lectures, each lasting an average of 20 minutes.

Dallas Theological Seminary offers its popular Revelation course as a free online theology class. Upon completion of the course, students will gain insight into the social and political conditions of John’s day, learn to interpret the prophecies presented in the book of Revelation, and explore what Revelation tells us about Christ’s return.

Accredited Tuition Free Online Seminary Degrees In 2023

The Bible is composed of many styles of writing, including poetry, letters, history, wisdom, and psalms. This free online theology course from Dallas Theological Seminary invites students to look at the Bible from a different perspective and explain how style and language affect our understanding of it.

Survey of Church History is a free online theology course from the University of Our Daily Bread website. Taught by Garth M. Rosell, Ph.D., the class explores the evolution of the Christian church from Pentecost to the present day, pointing out key figures and events along the way. The course consists of 25 lessons, the duration of each of which is about 45 minutes.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers this 26-lecture class called Theology and Culture. The free course explores various areas of culture, including art, sports, business and politics. Participants are invited to consider the ways in which God cares for all aspects of life and how we can interact with different aspects of culture in a way that pleases God.

Online Course Theology

Those interested in the Protestant Reformation will find this course from Beeson Divinity School and Biblical Training worthwhile. The 15-hour advanced course examines the leaders of the Reformation, as well as the scholars and the works that inspired them.

School Of Theology

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary offers Theology of World Missions as a free online course through the Biblical Training website. The advanced course provides an engaging foundation for the theology of world missions based on a biblical worldview. The course consists of 19 audio lectures and takes about 20 hours.

Understanding God’s Covenants is a free online course offered by Dallas Theological Seminary. Over the course of six weeks, students will study key promises that God has made to His people.

Taught by distinguished New Testament professor Dr. Craig Blomberg, Unlocking the Parables of Jesus is a free online theology course offered by Denver Seminary. During the lesson, students will read and discuss more than a dozen parables of Jesus. They will explore different interpretations and how they apply to our everyday lives. The Bible is the most influential text ever written. This is a fascinating book full of wisdom and everyone should study it, even those who

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