Online Course To Learn Japanese

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Online Course To Learn Japanese – In recent years, more and more people are interested in learning Japanese. Some because they dream of living in Japan one day, others because they like Japanese pop culture like anime, manga or video games, and others simply because of work. The truth is that there are many and varied reasons why people want to learn Japanese, and all of them are good because wanting to learn new things like a language is always a positive thing.

Although for some years we have been using new technologies in our daily lives to facilitate work and studies, it seems that the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 has accelerated the process of change, pushing many companies to modernize or adapt to these new times. Many workers have seen their companies switch to remote work and many students have also started taking classes online.

Online Course To Learn Japanese

Online Course To Learn Japanese

In Japan, many Japanese academies held online classes during the state of emergency and have recently started offering online courses for those students who have been unable to travel to Japan due to access restrictions, but also they are extending it to anyone who is interested. Some Japanese academies in other countries are doing similar things. But some companies and individuals have been offering online Japanese lessons for years and have extensive experience in this area. Here is the list of recommended online Japanese courses so you can learn from home safely.

Best Japanese Classes & Courses

Akira is a new online Japanese school that has been offering private lessons worldwide since January 2019. With a scientific approach based on research on second language acquisition (SLA), it helps Japanese students improve their skills conversational Japanese faster and smarter. Akira Fujisaki, who is CEO, says, “It’s important to learn how to learn efficiently before you start learning.”

Akira’s certified teachers who offer English lessons ask students to prepare vocabulary and grammar topics to use English materials and focus on training results in live lessons. This new type of learning style is called ‘flipped learning’. As you understand, this is a very efficient way to improve your speaking skills. Watch the actual 50-minute live lessons here.

Before you decide to take classes at Akira, you can try out for free. Through an interview, level check and 2 tests, the Akira teachers tell you what your problem is and how they solve it according to SLA. They then provide a personalized strategic curriculum for you and coordinate preparation, lessons and revision entirely.

Akira offers a variety of Japanese language courses to suit various needs, including business and everyday conversations and JLPT preparation at all levels. You can take a course once a week available from 8:00am to 9:50pm on weekdays (JST). Students who want to learn seriously are a great match for Akira. Learn Japanese effectively with Akira’s cutting-edge programs!

What Do You Learn In Kids Course?

TCJ, also known as Tokyo Central Japanese Language School, has been providing reliable Japanese classes to people around the world for over 30 years. According to the individual needs of the students, it produces about 300 graduates every year.

Located in central Tokyo, the reliable Japanese school has recently been chosen by many international Japanese learners for their online Japanese classes. There are now students from around 60 countries in Japanese classes for residents in Japan, one of TCJ’s most popular courses.

TCJ creates a flexible curriculum that fits your convenience, allowing you to join classes both on-the-go and online. It provides the programming of seven different courses, including Business Class (night) to master superior skills for business; Standard class (day time) to learn the four basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening; Private lesson with a skilled teacher individually.

Online Course To Learn Japanese

You can choose a perfect class for your different purposes like entrance exams, JLPT, job search etc. in a flexible learning style at TCJ.

The 7 Best Online Courses To Learn Japanese Successfully

TCJ will be starting the “Day Class/Evening Class for ‘Complete Beginners'” on January 10. They also have a special offer for those who sign up for one of the complete beginner classes, but it’s only available to the first 3 applicants!¥20,000 will be refunded from the first payment.

Period: 12/20/2022 ~ 01/09/2023 (Note: The following offer is limited to those enrolled in the full beginner class, starting January 10th.)

Limited to students enrolled in Japanese classes for foreigners residing in Japan and online Japanese classes.

Both in my student years and now, I have spoken with many Japanese students (classmates, friends, etc.). One of the most widespread complaints is that the teaching system in many schools is outdated and impractical. At Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute they use a completely different method, called the Ezoe Method. With over 40 years of experience, his method has proven to be very effective and has helped hundreds of students improve their Japanese (you can read more about this method on his website).

How To Learn Japanese: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Now at Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute they have adapted their classes to the online format and offer new courses frequently. Other Japanese language schools in Japan are charging almost the same price for their online courses as for their face-to-face courses, which is not very fair. But Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute is offering a course starting in April for ¥49,500 (tax included) for 30 hours, which is very reasonably priced!

Although Japan has finally opened its borders, not everyone can come now, so in the meantime, you can take this 30-hour course to learn some Japanese and come with a minimum language level and you can also check if you like the school system. , and if you like them they will be happy to have you as a face-to-face student when you can come. It is also useful for those who are in Japan for work and need to learn the language but do not have time to go to school. And now JW Magazine readers get 5% off! Enter the code JWMAG5 and get your 5% discount.

By the way, they also have trial classes if you want to try before paying for the course. Contact them if you want more information or have doubts, they will be happy to help you!

Online Course To Learn Japanese

Coto Japanese Academy is a Japanese school based in Tokyo with several school locations. Before, they only held face-to-face classes, but they knew how to anticipate covid-19 and months ago they also launched online classes. So, unlike other schools that have had to jump into online classes in a hurry, at Coto Academy they already have experience and everything was scheduled and well organized.

How To Learn Japanese Online For Free

Coto Academy is also a highly rated Japanese language school from which I personally have always heard very good feedback from happy and satisfied students. They also have a blog where they have been teaching Japanese for years and offer free material to get started with the language, as well as interesting things about Japanese culture or life in Japan, and recently they have also become more active on their YouTube channel .

Nihongo Master is one of the best online academies out there for learning Japanese. Unlike other academies, these are not virtual classes but self-taught learning materials. And it’s ideal for people with busy lives and little time as you only need to spend 15 minutes every day!

His learning method is very simple but comprehensive. You have lessons (of different levels, from beginner to advanced) and at the end of each lesson, you have a practice test. There are audios so you can hear the correct pronunciation of what you’re learning, and one thing I find really cool is that you can record yourself to listen later and improve. You can also practice writing. In addition, they have a dictionary and discussion groups where they can talk to other students. And it has a system of points or rewards that motivate you to improve. But one of the things I liked the most is that they have a lot of podcasts with Japanese lessons so you can study even on the train, at the gym, walking or wherever you want.

There’s a lot you can do in Nihongo Master, but I recommend you see for yourself and give it a try! You have a free 7-day trial and if you don’t like it, you can cancel at no charge.

Rocket Japanese Review (2022)

Nihongo Master – One of the Best Ways to Learn Japanese Online An easy and fun way to learn Japanese, with manga-style lessons! is a kind of online academy, where you can take private Japanese lessons online in a virtual classroom. Instead of the typical online class where the student or teacher has to read the book aloud without any other support, in Nihongo. -Professional teachers guide you as if you were in a real classroom, using additional personalized lesson material and writing on the virtual classroom whiteboard.

Classes are customized to your goals, so

Online Course To Learn Japanese

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